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  • A Zildjian 15'' New Beat Hi-Hats - Pair
    Item # CYM0136
    | Mfg # A0136
    | UPC # 642388103128
    A Zildjian cymbals are the most versatile and popular cymbals ever produced. The generally high bow accentuates the mid-range and higher frequencies which creates a full-bodied sound with a wealth of tonal colors. A Zildjian cymbals are appropriate in any musical setting. Solid Beat. Perfect all-purpose combination of stick and
    $369.95 | SAVE 41%
  • K Zildjian K0923 Light 15" Hi Hat Cymbals
    Item # CYM0923
    | Mfg # K0923
    | UPC # 642388299630
    Based on requests from players for a lighter weight version of Zildjian's heralded K Hi Hats, these K Light Hi Hats have a medium thin top paired with a medium bottom to give them a dark and slightly delicate feel with a light blend of overtones. Good for most applications including rock, pop, country and jazz.
    $459.95 | SAVE 42%
  • Meinl Generation-X Benny Greb Series 12"/14" Trash Hi Hat Cymbals
    Item # CYMGX1214TH
    | Mfg # GX1214TH
    | UPC # 840553005462
    Meinl's innovative and award winning Generation X cymbals pave the way to a completely new world of revolutionary cymbals. These cymbals have sounds which are consciously different and aimed towards advanced, experimental and unconventional drummers who are motivated to explore new sound territories. Meinl's Generation X cymbals offer contemporary and modern sounds which were designed in cooperation with some of today's most remarkable drummers. ...
    $219.99 | SAVE 44%
  • Paiste Giant Beat 14" Medium Hi-Hat Cymbals
    Item # CYM1013714
    | Mfg # 1013714
    | UPC # 697643104884
    Weight: medium thin top / medium heavy bottom Volume: soft to medium loud Stick Sound: defined Intensity: medium lively Sustain: medium Chick Sound: soft, tight Sound Character: Mellow, warm, yet brilliant with a hissing shimmer. Medium range and fairly clean mix. Warm, light and woody open sound, paired with a well defined, soft chick-sound. A very classic hi-hat for multi-purpose application in different musical genres
    $383.00 | SAVE 38%
  • Sabian HHX Evolution 14" Hi-Hat Cymbals - Pair
    Item # CYM11402XEB
    | Mfg # 11402XEB
    | UPC # 622537031663
    Sabian HHX Evolution cymbals are designed to reflect the playing of Dave Weckl... with groove, power, dynamics and touch. HHX Evolution has an innovative Total Response design that allows the cymbals to practically play themselves. With the HHX Evolution, you don't have to think, you just play. Bright and crisp pairing with open-sound top and tight, heavy bottom for boosted Tone Projection.
    $449.00 | SAVE 40%
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  • Wuhan Western Style 14" Hi Hat Cymbals
    Item # CYMWUHH14
    | Mfg # WUHH14
    | UPC # 660181142168
    Wuhan Western Style 14" Hi Hat Cymbals Wuhan cymbals don't presume to challenge the sound quality, variety, and reputation of the fine professional-level cymbals on today's market. Wuhan cymbals instead give you quality with a price that won't empty your wallet. Generally, "affordable" cymbals are made of less-expensive "sheet" alloys, using short-cut manufacturing methods and finishing steps in order to keep the cost do...
    $157.00 | SAVE 41%
  • Zildjian ZHT Mastersound 15" Hi Hat Cymbals - Pair
    Item # CYMZHT15MPR
    | Mfg # ZHT15MPR
    | UPC # 642388304020
    The ZHT line with its 12% Tin / 88% copper alloy, has established itself as a serious performer while providing excellent value. The top of the new 15" Mastersound HiHat is a medium weight cymbal that provides plenty of volume while the bottom is a heavy weight with the rippled Mastersound edge feature for loads of presence and foot chick. Coupled together, they provide a very clean and powerful set of HiHats.
    $199.95 | SAVE 44%
  • Dream BHH13 Bliss Series 13" Hi Hat Cymbals
    Item # CYMBHH13
    | Mfg # BHH13
    | UPC # 609722093576
    Bliss Cymbals are the flagship line from Dream. Bliss Series are vintage style cymbals with a personality all their own. Offered in even sizes, they are totally hand hammered, microlathed plates with a low bridge, small but clear bells and are quite thin. They are exceptionally resilient and slightly soft on the stick. The undertones are warm and rich but never overpower the stick sound. The separation between stick and overtones is clear and the...
    $193.00 | SAVE 35%
  • Dream Energy Series 14" Hi Hat Cymbals
    Item # CYMEHH14
    | Mfg # EHH14
    | UPC # 609722094412
    The Energy series offers a modern sound palette in a machine-hammered cymbal. This bright, hard-hitting line meets the needs of anyone playing primarily in an amplified setting. The sound is loud, bright, but with great detail, perfect for modern, technically challenging music where detail is everything!
    $203.00 | SAVE 34%
  • Meinl B13SH Byzance 13" Spectrum Serpent Hi Hat Cymbals - Dark Finish
    Item # CYMB13SH
    | Mfg # B13SH
    | UPC # 840553006834
    Meinl Byzance cymbals are completely hand hammered into shape and satisfy the highest demands. Every Byzance cymbal is a piece of art and has its own unique sound characteristics which can never be duplicated. These hats offer a unique pairing, designed with Rodney Holmes's personal inspirations in mind. They have a solid, strong chick sound with tight stick response and plenty of presence. Features: B20 Bronze Alloy Hand hammered into shape ...
    $329.99 | SAVE 45%
  • Paiste 14" PST 8 Reflector Medium Hi-Hat Cymbals
    Item # CYM1803714
    | Mfg # 1803714
    | UPC # 697643110748
    PST 8 cymbals are crafted from the legendary 2002 bronze, refined through traditional hand hammering and perfected with the unique handmade Reflector finish. These hallmarks of Swiss workmanship make these cymbals pure Paiste instruments, yet they are as attractively priced as the other successful Paiste Sound Technology series. Refined and warm with a deep touch. Fairly wide range, clean mix. Balanced feel. Rich, controllable open sound with a ...
    $169.00 | SAVE 44%
  • Paiste 2002 Classic 14'' Medium Hi-Hats - Pair
    Item # CYM1063714
    | Mfg # 1063714
    | UPC # 697643100411
    Introduced in 1971, Paiste 2002 was Paiste?s top quality cymbal featuring sounds for the new electrified music styles. The original 2002 line became legendary, creating a rich heritage of jazz, rock, fusion and country. In more recent years, the 2002 line has been expanded to accommodate changing music trends. With the introduction of the new Dimensions line, the expansion 2002 cymbals become sonically obsolete and have been discontinued. The ori...
    $383.00 | SAVE 38%
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