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  • These cymbals are all hand-picked and sonically matched in the Sabian cymbal vault by Sabian cymbal makers. This is a perfect set of cymbals for the drummer who's getting back into drumming and wants a quality, well-matched cymbal set-up. This handy box set of one of Sabian's most popular cymbal lines, the AAX, includes a pair of 14" Stage Hi Hats, 16" X-Plosion Crash, 20" Stage Ride, and a FREE 18" X-Plosion Crash Cymbal.
    $699.00 | SAVE 46%
  • Meinl Classic Custom Cymbal Set w/ FREE 18" Crash Cymbal
    Item # CYMCC14162018
    | Mfg # CC141620+18
    | UPC # 840553006407
    MEINL Classics series cymbals prove their worth with matched sounds and outstanding quality. But moreover, Classics cymbals are unparalleled in the semi-professional range with regard to their extensive selection of different models. B8 Bronze Alloy Excellent craftmanship Outstanding sound characteristics Package includes 14" hi hats, 16" crash cymbal, 20" ride, including a FREE 18" crash cymbal
    $499.99 | SAVE 46%
    Includes a FREE Crash Cymbal
  • Meinl HCS 14" Hi Hats & 18" Crash Ride Cymbal Set
    Item # CYMHCS1418
    | Mfg # HCS1418
    | UPC # 840553005950
    The Meinl HCS cymbal setups and individual cymbals are entry level cymbal lines that combine quality and value. They are made from MS63 alloy for a warm, harmonic and balanced sound. They offer the best possible sounds at an affordable price. This is a versatile medium weight hi hat that offers warm, clean sound and an articulate open hi hat. The crash ride has clean stick response. It offers a full bodied and warm sound with a washy ping a...
    $129.99 | SAVE 47%
  • Sabian - B8 Series 7 Cymbal Super Set w/ FREE 18" Thin Crash & 10" Splash
    Item # CYM45007S
    | Mfg # 45007S
    | UPC # 622537052866
    Bronze is the ultimate cymbal metal. For prices that make it easier to build the kit of your dreams, B8 offers a full range of precision crafted bronze cymbals. Fully hammered and totally lathed to capture the bright, focused, and penetrating sounds of more expensive cymbals, B8 delivers the sound and value of Sabian bronze quality at the lowest possible prices.This Sabian super set includes 14" Hi Hat Cymbals, 14" Thin Crash, 16" ...
    $359.00 | SAVE 56%
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Meinl Byzance Vintage Benny Greb Sand Cymbal Pack
    Item # CYMBV141820SA
    | Mfg # BV141820SA
    | UPC # 840553012545
    Meinl announces the expansion of the highly popular Byzance Vintage Series.  Designed and developed in close cooperation with internationally famous drum artist Benny Greb, three new Sand Cymbal Models are now introduced.  "After the huge success of Benny's Sand Rides and Hats, we got together with him and started to develop these new models,"  explains Meinl's product manager Stefan Mueller.  "We had a clear vision of what we...
    $999.99 | SAVE 47%
  • Sabian AAX Mix 6-Pack Brilliant Cymbal Pack
    Item # CYM25005XBGB9
    | Mfg # 25005XBGB9
    | UPC # 622537062230
    Modern Bright AAX delivers pure, bright shimmering tones. Like stainless steel, AAX is cool, modern, and extremely efficient. Tap with your finger or thrash with a stick, Auto-Focus Response maximizes sensitivity, equalizes high- and low-pitch levels, and purifies sounds by filtering out conflicting overtones. Includes: 8" AAX Splash Cymbal 13" AAX X-Celerator Hi Hat Cymbals 15" AAX Studio Crash Cymbal 19" AAX Studio Crash Cy...
    $722.00 | SAVE 55%
  • Get into Xs20 with "Sonically Matched" pre-packs and feel good knowing your cymbals have been selected by the specialists in the SABIAN Vault. Includes 14" Hats, 16" Crash and 20" Ride.Style: VintageMetal: B20Sound: Bright14" Xs20 Hi Hat CymbalsWith a highly responsive medium-weight top for accurate sticking response, and a heavy bottom boosting clarity and cut, this pairing is very versatile.16" Xs20 Crash CymbalWith a large bell and increased m...
    $479.00 | SAVE 40%
  • Paiste PST3 Effects Cymbal Set
    Item # CYM063FXPK
    | Mfg # 063FXPK
    | UPC # 697643302044
    PST3 cymbals are made from a selected and especially sonorous brass copper based alloy. Thanks to the new production methods, these especially affordable cymbals achieve a new dimension in sound and quality. Click the image for a closer look. Set includes a 10" Splash and an 18" China
    $112.00 | SAVE 44%
  • Sabian B8 2-Pack Cymbal Set w/ FREE 14" Thin Crash Cymbal
    Item # CYM4500214
    | Mfg # 4500214
    | UPC # 622537067754
    Sonically Matched in the SABIAN Vault, this Performance Set includes crisp and lively 14" H-Hats; a great multi-purpose 18" B8 Crash Ride; and a FREE fast, punchy, bright 14" B8 Thin Crash. Precision formed, hammered and lathed for pure, tonally tight sounds, B8 is the bright, cutting sound of pure Bronze … at a low price that makes your first move into this precious metal an easy one.Includes: 14" Hi Hat Cymbals 18" Crash Ride ...
    $199.00 | SAVE 47%
  • Sabian B8 Performance Cymbal Set w/ FREE 14" Thin Crash Cymbal
    Item # CYM4500314
    | Mfg # 4500314
    | UPC # 622537067747
    Sonically Matched in the SABIAN Vault, this Performance Set includes crisp and lively 14" H-Hats; a fast, punchy and bright 16” B8 Thin Crash plus a FREE 14” B8 Thin Crash; and the versatile 20" B8 Ride. Precision formed, hammered and lathed for pure, tonally tight sounds, B8 is the bright, cutting sound of pure Bronze … at a low price that makes your first move into this precious metal an easy one. Features: 14" Hi-Hat...
    $279.00 | SAVE 49%
  • Sabian B8 Performance Pack Plus 4-Piece Cymbal Holiday Box Set
    Item # CYM45003G
    | Mfg # 45003G
    | UPC # 622537052941
    This Sabian B8 Holiday Cymbal box set is an affordable way to dress your kit with cymbals.  Bright, focused, and extremely vibrant, these Sabian B8 cymbals are great for anything from rock to jazz. Available for the Holiday season!Includes: 14" B8 Hi-Hat Cymbals 16" B8 Thin Crash Cymbals 18" B8 Thin Crash Cymbals 20" B8 Ride Cymbals
    $299.00 | SAVE 60%
  • Sabian Gig Mix Cymbal Package
    Item # CYMPX5003
    | Mfg # PX5003
    | UPC # 622537064753
    Sabian breaks the mold on box sets with the introduction of The Mix! The Mix is a refreshing change after decades of single series cymbal packs. The Mix box sets focus on the perfect sonic combination - not series designation. Because Sabian knows that most drummers mix up their cymbals to get the perfect sound, Sabian introduces The Mix, sonically matched in the Sabian Vault. Includes: 14 inch B8 Pro Medium Hats 16 inch Xs20 Medium-Th...
    $499.00 | SAVE 48%
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