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  • Sabian Brass SBr Performance Set Cymbal Package
    Item # CYMSBR5003
    | Mfg # SBR5003
    | UPC # 622537061325
    Pure brass cymbals with a great look and sound. Your very first step into cymbals is a big one. But SBr makes it easy. With its hammered and lathed surface and tightly focused sounds of pure brass, SBr comes at a very nice price. Stamped with the SABIAN logo, the looks and sounds of this series put it in a class of its own. SBr is brass cymbals at their finest. Included in this set: 14" Hi Hats, 16" Crash, 20" Ride
    $169.98 | SAVE 49%
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  • Zildjian ZBT 3 Sheet Cymbal Box Set
    Item # CYMZBTS3P9
    | Mfg # ZBTS3P-9
    | UPC # 642388303443
    Revolutionary new manufacturing techniques developed by the Zildjian Sound Lab release a fast, bright, high-volume sound from the power-packed ZBT alloy. They make an ideal first set of Zildjians for any school marching and concert band.Includes: 13" ZBT Hi Hats 18" ZBT Crash Ride 14" ZBT Crash Cymbal13" ZBT Hi HatsSharp and focused. Excellent bright "chick" sound18" ZBT Crash RideCutting ride sound with good crash qualities.14" ZBT Cra...
    $199.95 | SAVE 56%
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  • Sabian SR2 Performance Cymbal Set w/ Free Bag
    Item # CYMSR5003
    | Mfg # SR5003
    | UPC #
    SR2 cymbals are SABIAN B20 cast cymbal returns from trade shows, artist loaners, store displays, and more. After a thorough inspection process, qualifying models are refurbished and sold as SR2 - where they’re available to you at a great price! Includes: 14" Hi Hat Cymbal 16" Crash Cymbal 20" Medium Ride FREE Cymbal Bag
    $299.00 | SAVE 57%
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  • Wuhan Western Style Cymbal Set w/ FREE Cymbal Bag
    Item # CYMWUTBSU
    | Mfg # WUTBSU
    | UPC # 660181143196
    This Wuhan Cymbal Package includes the Western Style 14" Hi Hats, 16" Crash, and 20" Ride. Wuhan cymbals don't presume to challenge the sound quality, variety, and reputation of the fine professional-level cymbals on today's market. Wuhan cymbals instead give you quality with a price that won't empty your wallet. Generally, "affordable" cymbals are made of less-expensive "sheet" alloys, using short-cut manufact...
    $239.00 | SAVE 52%
    Includes a FREE Cymbal Bag
  • Meinl HCS 14" Hi Hats / 16" Crash / 20" Ride Cymbal Set
    Item # CYMHCS141620
    | Mfg # HCS141620
    | UPC # 840553004984
    The Meinl HCS cymbal setups and individual cymbals are an entry level cymbal line that combine quality and value. They are made from MS63 alloy for a warm, harmonic and balanced sound. They offer the best possible sounds at an affordable price. This is a versatile medium weight hi hat that offers warm, clean sound and an articulate open hi hat. The crash has a smooth attack with a medium sustain and complex spread with a warm feel. These...
    $199.99 | SAVE 47%
  • Zildjian ZBT 4 Box Cymbal Set
    Item # CYMZBTX390
    | Mfg # ZBTX390
    | UPC #
    Your introduction to the Zildjian family of cymbals. With innovative manufacturing techniques developed in the Zildjian Sound Lab, ZBT delivers a bright, intense sound that cuts through the mix. Also featuring extensive lathing with a traditional finish.ZBT Pack Includes: 14" ZBT Hi Hats 17" ZBT Crash Cymbal 22" ZBT RIde Cymbal14" ZBT Hi HatsSharp and focused. Excellent, bright "chick" sound. 17" ZBT Crash CymbalA loud, bold crash with m...
    $239.00 | SAVE 60%
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  • Zildjian ZBT 5 Cymbal Box Set w/ FREE 14" Crash Cymbal
    Item # CYMZBTP390F
    | Mfg # ZBTP390F
    | UPC # 642388310526
    The ZBT 5 Box Set features a bright, intense sound that cuts through the mix. This pack includes 14” ZBT HiHats, a 16” ZBT Crash, a 20” ZBT Ride, and an added value 14” ZBT Crash. This Pre-Matched Set-Up Features: 20" ZBT Ride 16" ZBT Crash 14" ZBT HiHats 14" ZBT Crash - Value Added 
    $299.95 | SAVE 54%
  • Meinl MCS+ Cymbal Prepack w/ 14" Hats/16" Crash/20" Ride + FREE 16" China
    Item # CYMMCSCH
    | Mfg # MCS+C16CH
    | UPC # 840553005554
    The Meinl MCS cymbal setup is the standard for today's ambitious drummer. This Cymbal Setup contains 14" Medium Hi Hats, 16" Medium Crash, 20" Medium Ride, and a FREE 16" China Cymbal. All cymbals are harmonically matched for the most musical sound and are ready to rock right out of the box.
    $269.99 | SAVE 47%
    Includes a FREE China Cymbal
  • Paiste PST3 Essential Cymbal Set w/ 14" Hi Hats
    Item # CYM063ES14
    | Mfg # 063ES14
    | UPC # 697643302020
    PST 3 cymbals are made from a selected and especially sonorous brass copper based alloy. Thanks to the new production methods, these especially affordable cymbals achieve a new dimension in sound and quality. Click the image for a closer look. Set includes 14" Hi-Hats, and an 18" Crash/Ride.
    $171.00 | SAVE 44%
  • Paiste PST5 Universal Cymbal Set w/ FREE 18" Crash
    Item # CYM065US18
    | Mfg # 065US18
    | UPC #
    Modern drummers are required to be masters of a dizzying variety of genres. Any drummer worth their salt will be expected to be able to roll out rock, swing, latin, bebop, hip hop, funk, metal...maybe even polka grooves! Because of these expectations, drummers should equip themselves with gear that sounds good across the board. They need cymbals with strong enough projection for their rock songs but a light enough touch for jazz...No fear, Paiste...
    $299.00 | SAVE 47%
    Includes a FREE Crash Cymbal
  • Paiste PST7 Effects Cymbal Pack
    Item # CYM170FXPK
    | Mfg # 170FXPK
    | UPC # 697643112087
    Paiste Sound Technology stands for first-class manufactured cymbals and high quality sound design at an affordable price. PST7 adds an affordable line for drummers who like a traditional sound, look and feel. PST7’s base is CuSn8 bronze which stems from the legendary 2002 series. The cymbals are lathed by our Swiss hand craftsmen to achieve their distinctive traditional look and finish. The result of Paiste’s precise Swiss manufacturi...
    $177.00 | SAVE 40%
  • Sabian AAX V-Crash 2-Cymbal Pack - Brilliant Finish
    Item # CYM25004XBV
    | Mfg # 25004XBV
    | UPC # 622537068515
    Modern Bright - Its 'Dynamic Focus' design delivers the ultimate modern bright sound. The bright sound of this cymbal - powered by silver in its B20 Bronze - slices through the music around it. Includes: 16" Sabian AAX V-Crash Cymbal 18" Sabian AAX V-Crash CymbalFeatures: Style: Modern Metal: B20 Sound: Bright Weight: Thin
    $299.00 | SAVE 48%
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