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  • Sabian Brass SBr 13" Hi Hat Cymbals - Pair
    Item # CYMSBR1302
    | Mfg # SBR1302
    | UPC # 622537061219
    This pairing delivers tight, clean sounds when closed, and loud fullness when open. Your very first step into cymbals is a big one. But SBr makes it easy. With its hammered and lathed surface and tightly focused sounds of pure brass, SBr comes at a very nice price. Stamped with the SABIAN logo, the looks and sounds of this series put it in a class of its own. SBr is brass cymbals at their finest.
    $56.98 | SAVE 47%
  • Paiste 2002 Classic 20'' Crash Cymbal
    Item # CYM1061420
    | Mfg # 1061420
    | UPC # 697643100084
    Introduced in 1971, Paiste 2002 was Paiste's top quality cymbal featuring sounds for the new electrified music styles. The original 2002 line became legendary, creating a rich heritage of jazz, rock, fusion and country. In more recent years, the 2002 line has been expanded to accommodate changing music trends. With the introduction of the new Dimensions line, the expansion 2002 cymbals become sonically obsolete and have been discontinued. The ori...
    $318.00 | SAVE 38%
  • Zildjian ZHT15FC ZHT 15" Fast Crash Cymbal
    Item # CYMZHT15FC
    | Mfg # ZHT15FC
    | UPC # 642388296851
    These bright and responsive Crash cymbals are perfect for providing clean accents. Exceptionally quick and sensitive response from this lighter weight cymbal. New from Zildjian is the most advanced and musical Sheet Bronze cymbals that Zildjian has ever crafted. All ZHT Cymbals are created from a bronze alloy. Increasing the percentage of tin in the sheet alloy from 8% to 12% creates significantly more balanced frequency response, lush overtones ...
    $69.00 | SAVE 61%
  • Meinl HCS 14" Crash Cymbal
    Item # CYMHCS14C
    | Mfg # HCS14C
    | UPC # 840553005042
    The Meinl HCS cymbal setups and individual cymbals are an entry level cymbal line that combine quality and value. They are made from MS63 alloy for a warm, harmonic and balanced sound. They offer the best possible sounds at an affordable price. The crash has a smooth attack with a medium sustain and complex spread with a warm feel. All Meinl cymbals come with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.
    $36.99 | SAVE 43%
  • Paiste 0665016 PST 5 Marching Band 16" Hand Cymbal Pair
    Item # CYM0665016
    | Mfg # 0665016
    | UPC # 697643304352
    PST 5 Band Cymbals are designed for universal contemporary concert, band and marching applications. They feature Paiste quality and consistency with proper sound and function, yet are affordable enough to fit any budget. PST or "Paiste Sound Technology" cymbals are crafted utilizing the transfer of extensive Swiss-based know-how and the essence of hand manufacturing principles into Paiste's modern, hi-tech production. They are available...
    $129.99 | SAVE 57%
  • Zildjian A Custom Rezo Pack with Free 18" Crash and Cymbal Bag
    Item # CYMA20846
    | Mfg # A20846
    | UPC # 642388305461
    It's tough to top the unmistakable and reliable sound of A Zildjians for almost any playing situation, but the award-winning A Customs are an irresistible alternative. Developed with the assistance of drumming icon Vinnie Colaiuta, A Customs utilize radical rotary hammering techniques, thin to medium weights and a striking Brilliant finish for a crisp, sweet, sophisticated A Zildjian sound. Not too dark, not too bright cymbals that are just right...
  • Zildjian ZBT 3 Sheet Cymbal Box Set
    Item # CYMZBTS3P9
    | Mfg # ZBTS3P-9
    | UPC # 642388303443
    Revolutionary new manufacturing techniques developed by the Zildjian Sound Lab release a fast, bright, high-volume sound from the power-packed ZBT alloy. They make an ideal first set of Zildjians for any school marching and concert band.Includes: 13" ZBT Hi Hats 18" ZBT Crash Ride 14" ZBT Crash Cymbal13" ZBT Hi HatsSharp and focused. Excellent bright "chick" sound18" ZBT Crash RideCutting ride sound with good crash qualities.14" ZBT Cra...
    $199.95 | SAVE 56%
  • Evans Sound Off SO12 12" Tom Tom Drum Silencer Mute
    Item # PA81112
    | Mfg # SO12
    | UPC # 619987200046
    SoundOff™ drum mutes are the most popular line of volume control products available. The mutes provide a significant volume reduction to keep practice noise to a minimum. SoundOff™drum mutes feature a durable construction that can withstandand frequent practicing.
    $7.98 | SAVE 33%
  • A Custom Zildjian 14'' Crash
    Item # CYM20525
    | Mfg # A20525
    | UPC # 642388107232
    Radical, innovative rotary hammering techniques, along with special thin weights, create an unusually fast, bright, pure sound. Fast on its way to becoming a modern classic.
  • Paiste 18" Giant Beat Crash Ride Multi Cymbals
    Item # CYM1018518
    | Mfg # 1018518
    | UPC # 697643106406
    Paiste announces a major reorganization to its professional class of cymbals as the company undertakes a considerable expansion of the 2002 series, withdraws the Dimensions series from the market and re-launches the legendary Giant Beat series, the predecessor of the 2002 series that was first introduced in 1967. With its big yet sensitive sound, unique looks, and decidedly vintage character, this 18" Crash Ride is sure to arouse considerabl...
    $277.00 | SAVE 38%
  • Rhythm Band - Brass Finger Cymbal (Set of 4)
    Item # EM007
    | Mfg # RB784
    | UPC #
    These Rhythm Band Brass Cymbals with Knobs are crafted from the finestquality bell brass. Use them to produce crash effects when bangedtogether. The 5" cymbals are sized for easy play by children.
    $9.08 | SAVE 15%
  • Evans Sound Off SOCYM 16"-22" Cymbal Silencer Drum Muffler Mute
    Item # PA811CYM
    | Mfg # SOCYM
    | UPC # 619987200190
    SoundOff™ drum mutes are the most popular line of volume control products available. The mutes provide a significant volume reduction to keep practice noise to a minimum. SoundOff™drum mutes feature a durable construction that can withstandand frequent practicing.
    $7.68 | SAVE 30%