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  • With a deep-drawn, seamless kettle for excellent tone and resonance, Balanced Action floor pedal for smooth and effortless tuning and even head pressure, a Standard Timpani easily meets the musical demands of the professional. Its attractive price and long list of practical features - like tuning mechanism securely enclosed in the kettle - have made it very popular among colleges and school systems as well. These timpani come equipped with Ensemb...
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  • Yamaha Studio Xylophones feature bars that are tuned with their exclusive tuning method to ensure true pitch and a full sound. They also feature a silver matte finish that produces a warm sound. The durable height adjustable frame and oversized pedal allow comfortable playing positions for all players while the lower crossbar support and horizontal leg supports maintain stability and therefore the playability of the instrument. The silent motor f...
    $4,058.90 | SAVE 49%
  • Adams BK3003C Symphonic Series Chrome Plated Chimes w/ Frame
    Item # CHIBK3003CF
    | Mfg # BK3003CF
    | UPC # 633816327810
    Adams Chimes are considered by many to be the finest sounding, truly "in tune" chimes available. Their beautiful tonal quality and unmistakable sound, is the direct result of Adams' exclusive proprietary brass alloy. Adams chimes are available in three distinct series and are designed to offer the finest sound and construction available within its respective price range.Symphonic Series Chimes feature Adams' exclusive custom brass alloy for optim...
    $4,245.90 | SAVE 48%
  • Adams MAHC43 Artist Classic Series 4.3 Octave Marimba
    Item # MARMAHC43
    | Mfg # MAHC43
    | UPC # 633816123399
    The Adams Artist Marimbas are made from the best materials and is the first choice for any marimba player. After many years of research, Adams Instruments proudly present new marimba bars. While nothing visually has changed, the sound and ease of playing from these bars has been drastically improved. Eight years ago, Adams began to purchase a higher quality rosewood than was previously ever available. Mr. Andre Adams and Mr. Frans Swinkels visite...
    $6,539.90 | SAVE 42%
  • Adams Professional Gen II Hammered Copper Timpani Set - 23", 26", 29", 32"
    Item # TYMP2KHSET4
    | Mfg # P2KHSET4
    | UPC # 633816436949
    The slogan "Sound of Quality" perfectly reflects where Adams stands for. Brand values which can be found back in the complete organization. Adams continuously applies developments which lead to improvements in sound, but also in durability. It may be clear that Adams, with all those developments, had big influence on the evolution of the timpani. With the introduction of the Professional GenII, Adams once again sets the standard in tech...
    $11,417.90 | SAVE 48%
  • Adams XSKF35 Soloist Series Synthetic 3.5 Octave Xylophone w/ Endurance Frame
    Item # XYLXSKF35
    | Mfg # XSKF35
    | UPC # 633816167003
    Adams Soloist Xylophones start with a 3 octave desktop model with full size bars in light rosewood. The following models are either 3 1/2 octave or 4 octave, both available in octave and quint tuning. The octave tuned instrument has a clear and brilliant sound and is mostly used in European countries. An octave tuned instrument has the first overtone 2 octaves above the fundamental. The quint tuned instrument has a quint tuned in between the fund...
    $2,219.90 | SAVE 48%
  • The touring professionals choice of vibraphones, the 3 octave Pro-Vibe was designed for peak performance and easy portability. Hand tuned bars and seamless arched and mitered resonators produce a rich and resonate tone. Adjustable, swiveling sustain pedal offers precise feel, and the variable speed motor is insulated for quiet operation. An adjustable damper bar and Musser distortion-free suspension system assure exact control. Available in durab...
    $4,665.90 | SAVE 46%
  • Musser Symphonic Chimes offer outstanding performance and contemporary attractive features. Superbly crafted 1.5 Octave chimes are chrome plated or brass polished to deliver outstanding resonance and carrying power. Each seamless tube is suspended by its own stainless steel cable and has a full 1 1/2" outside diameter, extra wall thickness and special hardened cap to produce rich, full tone and exceptional volume. Exclusive Musser self-equal...
    $4,900.00 | SAVE 49%
  • The next generation of Yamaha timpani includes a completely redesigned frame that enables maximum sustain from the suspended bowl or kettle and ensures reliable long term operation. Special attention was given to the bowl design to improve consistency and give each new series a deep rich tone. A new wheel design and improved pedal mechanics allow vast position options and smooth reliable pedal operation. The tuning gauge is now movable, allowing ...
    $2,319.90 | SAVE 49%
  • The Yamaha TP6304CL is a 23",26",29",32" set of 4 intermediate series timpani with a smooth polished copper bowl. These drums come standard with fiber head covers, long drop covers, and a timpani key. The next generation of Yamaha timpani includes a completely redesigned frame that enables maximum sustain from the suspended bowl or kettle and ensures reliable long term operation. Special attention was given to the bowl design to improve consisten...
    $10,815.90 | SAVE 50%
  • The Symphonic series timpani have been significantly redesigned for unrivaled performance. Yamaha has addressed factors from the design of the Pedal Adjustment Clutch to the look of the hardware small changes that make a big difference in sound and playability. The PAC is a Yamaha-exclusive feature that allows an artist to change the resistance of the pedal to accommodate individual playing style. It has been streamlined on the new model and is n...
    $12,896.90 | SAVE 49%
  • Yamaha YMT2400 Acoustalon 4 1/3 Octave Marimba w/ Cover & Tough Terrain Frame
    Item # MARYMT2400C
    | Mfg # YMT2400C
    | UPC # 086792360195
    This 4 1/3 octave marimba with Tough Terrain Frame is efficient for transporting both instruments and accessories. Height adjustment and oversized swivel pedal ensure playing comfort. Sonic Tone Hole bar design produces a remarkably wood like, less glassy sound. Acoustalon bars are produced from fiberglass reinforced plastic in a one-step manufacturing process to provide exceptional durability and a pure tone. Silent pause and slider control does...
    $5,858.90 | SAVE 42%
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