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  • Mapex Voyager Standard 5-Piece Drum Set w/ Cymbals & Hardware - Dark Red
    Item # DRSVR5254TDRZZ
    | Mfg # VR5254TDRZZ
    | UPC #
    The Voyager Standard Rock Set, complete with stands, throne, cymbals and pedals is ideal for first time players wanting a full-sized kit with a big sound. The all-poplar shells have plenty of tone and the 22" kick drum delivers apunchy low end. FEATURES: The Standard Kit includes 12" and 13" bass-mounted rack toms, a 16" floor tom, a 14" snare drum and a 22" bass drum. The full size drums deliver a big sound ideal for rock-n-roll. The kit c...
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  • Pearl 14"x5" Beaded Steel SensiTone Snare Drum
    Item # DRSSTA1450S
    | Mfg # STA1450S
    | UPC # 633816520266
    Pearl is proud to reintroduce their line of SensiTone and SensiTone Premium Series Snare Drums, breathing new life into these highly practical drums with redesigned hardware components and shell compositions. The SensiTone Series is outfitted with Pearl’s SR-150 snare strainer, featuring a Gladstone-style throwoff with Pearl’s Click-Lock technology which “locks” the snare lever and tension adjuster to retain your settings ...
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  • Pearl Crystal Beat CRB524FPC 4-Piece Drum Shell Pack - Ultra Clear
    Item # DRSCRB524PC730
    | Mfg # CRB524PC730
    | UPC # 633816533235
    The Original Seamless Acrylic Drum Set. Not just another transparent trap kit for the hipster set, Crystal Beat's original seamless shell is back, upgraded, and fortified for today's power player. In 1973, Pearl set a benchmark in the drumming world with the introduction of Crystal Beat. A stunning combination of visual appeal and powerful sonic attack, Crystal Beat's revolutionary seamless construction was molded -not rolled- creating a strong...
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  • Pearl Export EXX725S 5-Piece Drum Kit - Electric Blue Sparkle
    Item # DRSEXX725SC702
    | Mfg # EXX725SC702
    | UPC # 633816505683
    Introducing the best selling drumset of all time... Export Series returns. Export Series now incorporates Pearl’s S.S.T. Superior Shell Technology, Opti-Loc tom mounts, all-new 830 Series Hardware with a P-930 Demonator Pedal, and a choice of five amazing stocking finishes. Let’s face it, most entry-level drum sets are plain vanilla with no regard to sound. But not Export. Taking its cue from Pearl’s award-winning Reference S...
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  • Yamaha GM2F56BLG Gigmaker Standard 5 Piece Drum Set with Hardware - Black Glitter
    Item # DRSGM2F56BLG
    | Mfg # GM2F56BLG
    | UPC # 086792319124
    The new Yamaha GigMaker set utilizes all Yamaha hardware featuring hex tom ball joints with five new eye-catching glitter wrap finishes. Unlike most drum sets at this price point, the GigMaker features matching wood bass drum hoops for superior tone and playability and both a 20" and 22" configuration. Available as a shell pack, with hardware, or packaged with Wuhan cymbals. This model includes: 22"x16" Bass Drum 16"x16" Floor Tom 1...
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  • Ddrum Hybrid_CK Compact Kit 5-Piece Acoustic Kit with Triggers
    | Mfg # HYBRIDCK
    | UPC # 819998115722
    A fully functional acoustic drum set that has been augmented with our industry-standard Acoustic Pro triggers - shock mounted to the interior of the drum, with your cable plugging into the shells' integrated XLR connections. This allows you to take full advantage of electronic options for sound reinforcement and replacement.Features: basswood shells internal Pro Series triggers triple flange hoops shell-mounted XLR inputsinternal Pro ...
    $599.00 | SAVE 35%
    FREE Bass Drum Pedal with Mail-in-Rebate!
  • Ddrum SE Flyer Bop Kit 4-Piece Acoustic Drum Kit - White Pearl Finish
    | Mfg # SEFLYERWP
    | UPC # 819998180591
    Whether you're playing burning jazz, or are short on space, the new SE Flyer can get you where you're going! Premium basswood shells provide a warm, focused tone. Low mass hardware allows for minimal shell contact, while the bass drum lift allows for a truly versatile tone from the 18" kick. Includes bass drum mounted tom holder for minimal set up footprint. All at a price as small as the risers in an NY club!Features/Specs: Configuration: 8x1...
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  • Ludwig LS403MXTSWM 6.5" x 14" Classic Maple Twisted Salesman Snare Drum
    Item # DRSLS403MXTSWM
    | Mfg # LS403MXTSWM
    | UPC # 641064855450
    The Ludwig LS403MXTSWM Classic Maple 6.5" x 14" Twisted Salesman Snare Drum harkens back to the '50s and '60s, when a traveling drum salesman would use a sample like this to feature the different finishes that were available on a drum.Features: 7 Ply Maple Shell Classic Style P86 Strainer Brass Keystone Ludwig Badge Triple-Flanged Hoops Vintage-Style Lugs Ludwig's wood snares have remained popular throughout the company's nearly 10...
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  • Mapex MPBW4350CDK MPX 14"x3.5" Poplar Piccolo Snare - Black
    Item # DRSMPBW4350CDK
    | Mfg # MPBW4350CDK
    | UPC #
    This Mapex MPBW4350CDK MPX 14"x3.5" Poplar Snare is a sharp-toned, piccolo sized drum with pleasing undertones and a 1mm shell. The drum has capped low-mass lugs, chrome hardware, adjustable throw-off and Remo drumheads.
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  • Mapex MPX 14x5.5 Hammered Steel Snare Drum
    Item # DRSMPST4558H
    | Mfg # MPST4558H
    | UPC # 635464764849
    The Mapex MPX Hammered Steel Snare Drum is well-equipped to stand out in any playing situation. The drum's unique looking hammered, 1.0 millimeter steel shell provides bright crisp highs, punchy focused mids, and full-bodied lows. The snare drum shell is adorned with chrome hardware and low-mass lugs. Mapex delivers the MPX Hammered Steel Snare Drum with fully adjustable throw-off and Remo UX drumheads. Features: 1.0 millimeter steel shell ...
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  • Mapex Voyager Rock 5-Piece Drum Set w/ Cymbals & Hardware - Black
    Item # DRSVR5295TDKZZ
    | Mfg # VR5295TDKZZ
    | UPC #
    The Mapex Voyager Rock set is the best complete drum set perfect for the first time player needing a set with all of the hardware and cymbals included. The all poplar Mapex Shells have plenty of tone and the 22" bass drum delivers a punchy low end. All of the hardware is double braced and along with the drums boast one of the best warranties in the business. FEATURES: The 5-Piece Rock Kit includes 10" and 12" bass-mounted rack toms, a 14" snar...
    $699.00 | SAVE 40%
  • Pacific Main Stage Drum 5-pc Shell Pack w/ Hardware & Sabian Cymbals - White
    Item # DRSMA22K8WH
    | Mfg # PDMA22K8WH
    | UPC # 647139226538
    The all-new Mainstage is a pre-configured entry level kit that includes drums, pedals,hardware, cymbals and even a throne. The drums feature hardwood construction in a durablewrapped finish. Sabian cymbals and a full middle weight hardware pack complete the rig. Drum sizes are8x10" & 9x12" toms, 14x16" floor tom, 18x22" bass drum and 5x14" matching snare. Thehardware pack includes a cymbal boom stand, straight cymbal stand, snarestand, hi-ha...
    $699.99 | SAVE 40%