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  • Gemeinhardt 2SP Flute - Straight Headjoint
    Item # FLU2SP
    | Mfg # 2SP
    | UPC # 845377000044
    The 2SP has been a standard and reliable instrument choice for decades and remains the most popular instrument selected by dealers and educators for beginning flutists. With an unprecedented level of quality control including two tiers of professional magnehelic bench testing, the 2SP provides a solid foundation for student musicians to build on.Features: Plateau model (closed hole) Offset G key Triple coated silver plated finish ...
    $479.00 | SAVE 51%
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Condition: This is a Demo model which may have been played by customers in our store, but is in Like NEW condition! We are so confident that you will be satisfied with this Demo model, we will allow you to return this item for a new one for only the cost of shipping. Factory Warranty Included Floor Model & Demo Model Products: Cascio Interstate Music is an Authorized Dealer, and our trained technicians inspect each item to make sure it is u...
    $425.00 | SAVE 56%
  • Le'Var LV100 Student Flute
    Item # FLULV100
    | Mfg # FLULV100
    | UPC # 894492002921
    Why rent, when you can buy?  Le'Var has the perfect instrument for the flute student.Play contemporary jazz or classical sheet music with this silver flute. It features a durable nickel-plated body with plastic resonators and undercut tone holes. Includes a polishing cloth and a cleaning rod.Features: Woodwind Features: Ergonomic Key Shapes, Adjustment Screws, Offset G, French Pointed Arms Key Features: Offset Trill Keys Key (tuned)...
    $149.00 | SAVE 66%
  • Ravel by Gemeinhardt 202SP Flute
    Item # FLU202SP
    | Mfg # 202SP
    | UPC # 845377039297
    Ravel is proud to offer the new 202SP flute - a reliable choice and strong foundation for the beginning student or intermediate player. This outstanding new flute offers you the Quality and Sound Value you expect from Ravel, combined with the Tradition and Expertise from the industry-leading manufacturer of the World's Best-Selling Flute, Gemeinhardt of Elkhart, Indiana. Meticulous Quality Control includes two tiers of professional Magnehelic Tes...
    $299.00 | SAVE 62%
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Ravel Student Flute RFL102
    Item # FLURFL102
    | Mfg # RFL102
    | UPC # 894492002754
    Ravel's student flute RFL102 offers the young band student or older beginner a reliable, quality instrument featuring a warm sound with good projection, suitable for both the concert stage and the marching field. It's an affordable yet durably constructed instrument, making it a popular choice for many directors and individuals.   On this flute, the Offset G Key allows a more comfortable, natural hand position for the G keys, plus stability ...
    $219.00 | SAVE 56%
  • Gemeinhardt 3SHB Flute w/ Inline G & B Foot
    Item # FLU3SHB
    | Mfg # 3SHB
    | UPC # 845377028490
    The 3SHB models offer the resonance and tone quality of a solid silver headjoint combined with the French key mechanism (open hole keys) often requested on an intermediate student instruments. They offer specifications many teachers recommend for a step-up student flute. With open tone holes, a silver headjoint and a B footjoint, the model 3SHB flute is one of the most desired step-up flutes offered today. The B footjoint provides a longer tube ...
    $1,025.00 | SAVE 31%
  • Prelude FL711 Student Flute
    Item # FLUFL711
    | Mfg # FL711
    | UPC # 641064784569
    The FL711 flute provides the beginning player with ease of sound production, allowing for a focused and centeredsound. Ribbed construction provides durability as well as stability. The ergonomic key design enables correct and comfortable hand position. The Prelude Series...Designed as an affordable option for beginning band students, the Prelude series of entry-level instruments combines value and performance. All instruments are built to stringe...
    $349.00 | SAVE 20%
  • Yamaha YFL-221 Student Flute, Silver-plated
    Item # FLUYFL221S
    | Mfg # YFL221P
    | UPC # 086792986364
    Yamaha standard flutes have become a favorite among teachers because of the open sound and easy playability. The headjoint, body, and footjoint are silver plated. Neoprene bumpers are used rather than cork to increase the durability and achieve a maximum fit against the body. Recent improvements include a stronger post design to prevent bending of the posts, easily accessible adjustment screws, and improved adjustment screw material and body mark...
  • Gemeinhardt 3 Flute
    Item # FLU3
    | Mfg # 3
    | UPC # 845377028530
    Gemeinhardt flutes are great because they are known for their durability. The Geimenhardt 3 is the same as the Geimenhardt 2S, except it is open holed. Open hole keys are a great way to start students out with perfect hand position. The Gemeinhardt 3 is an open hole flute with a silver plated headjoint, body, footjoint and keys. Great for the beginner who would like an open hole flute. The Gemeinhardt 3 model is an open hole flute with a solid s...
    $565.00 | SAVE 47%
  • Gemeinhardt 2SH Conservatory Model Flute
    Item # FLU2SH
    | Mfg # 2SH
    | UPC # 845377028581
    The Gemeinhardt 2SH offers the resonance and tone quality of a solid silver headjoint combined with the durability of a plated body and the ease of a plateau mechanism. The 2SH is available with inline or offset G key. The "J1" standard wall Gemeinhardt headjoint is the standard headjoint choice offered with the 2SH flute. Plateau model (closed hole) Solid silver headjoint Silver plated body and mechanism C footjoint ...
    $745.00 | SAVE 41%
  • Jupiter 511S Deluxe Standard Flute
    Item # FLU511S
    | Mfg # 511S
    | UPC # 635464250182
    Key of C. Plateau model, C foot, offset G, ribbed construction, hidden adjustment screws, stainless steel springs, silver-plated nickel silver body. Includes molded case. Features:  Key of C Plateau model Offset G Ribbed construction Silver-plated nickel silver body Unrivaled sound, feel, and craftsmanship Ribbed construction Silverplated nickel silver body Plateau keys Hidden adjustment screws Stainless...
  • Gemeinhardt 3OSH Flute w/ Offset G
    Item # FLU3OSH
    | Mfg # 3OSH
    | UPC # 845377036050
    The 3SH models offer the resonance and tone quality of a solid silver headjoint combined with the French key mechanism (open hole keys) often requested on an intermediate student instruments. They feature stainless steel springs that are durable yet toleranced to offer a light, smooth feel to developing players. French key mechanism (open hole) Solid silver headjoint Silver plated body and key mechanism C footjoint Professional...
    $799.00 | SAVE 42%
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