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  • Yamaha YPC32 Piccolo
    Item # PICYPC32
    | Mfg # YPC32
    | UPC # 086792503028
    Yamaha standard piccolos feature a quality tone, perfect for performance situations. Concave contoured keys provide an excellent feel and finger position, and a ribbed key post construction increases body strength and accurate key action. The YPC32 features a ABS resin body that provides excellent durability and resistance to damage. It also has a conical bore providing an even tone and accurate intonation with less shrillness. It has a special d...
  • Buffet Crampon E12F Bb Clarinet
    Item # BCLBC2512F20
    | Mfg # BC2512F20
    | UPC # 666605010501
    Features: Semi-professional model Key of Bb unstained African blackwood silver-plated keys leather pads undercut tone holes poly-cylindrical bore threaded posts no bell ring adjustable thumb hook with neck strap ring 65mm barrel backpack style case
    $1,830.00 | SAVE 25%
  • Jupiter 669GN Alto Saxophone
    Item # EAS669GN
    | Mfg # JAS710GN
    | UPC #
    The Jupiter 669GN alto saxophone is a beginner to intermediate instrument with advanced features that will take a student through his or her secondary studies. It is built to withstand the rigors of student ownership, and has a satisfying sound and reliable, well-built mechanics. It comes with a quality wood frame case. mouthpiece and ligature.Features: Eb Alto Lacquered Brass Body Nickel-Plated Keys Tilting G# - Bb Table Keys Meta...
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Jupiter 767GL Eb Alto Saxophone - Gold Lacquer
    Item # EAS767GL
    | Mfg # 767GL
    | UPC # 635464372235
    Eb Alto Gold-Lacquered Body And Keys High F# Front F Tilting G# - Bb Table Keys Metal Tone Boosters Wood-Frame Case From beginner to pro, Jupiter saxes provide the most advanced features possible to ensure optimized comfort and performance.
    $1,530.00 | SAVE 35%
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Ravel Bb Bass Clarinet
    Item # BBCRBC102
    | Mfg # RBC102
    | UPC # 816627010663
    Distinctive rich, dark tone that bass clarinets are known and loved for. It incorporates features found on the best student bass clarinets such as nickel-plated keys, neck, and bell, Italian leather pads, and superior blue steel springs. An adjustable support peg takes the instrument weight off the player. A weather resistant hard rubber body has a rich, warm tone, and makes the Ravel bass clarinet at home on the marching field or the concert sta...
    $1,249.99 | SAVE 33%
  • Gemeinhardt 4S Piccolo
    Item # PIC4S
    | Mfg # 4S
    | UPC # 000000002039
    These Gemeinhardt piccolos were designed to fulfill the requirements of the youngest student to the most experienced professional. This instrument is the same as the 4SH, except this model has a solid silver body. This piccolo features a conical bore. The conical bore, as opposed to a cyndrical bore, has a gentle taper along the entire length of the body, providing an even tone and accurate intonation with less shrillness. This model is available...
    $1,389.00 | SAVE 31%
  • SonarĂ© PS-601 600 Series Flute w/ B Footjoint
    Item # FLUSF61BEF
    | Mfg # PS61BEF
    | UPC # 721990710648
    Sonaré flutes offer a range of instruments which allow flutists toperform at top, professional levels. By partnering with one of theworld's top flute makers, Verne Q. Powell Flutes, Sonaré is able tooffer professional quality at affordable prices. Through thesepartnerships, Sonaré obtains high value, handmade instrument componentsthat are critical for acoustical quality. Thus, Sonaré flutes featurebodies made at Powell...
    $2,195.00 | SAVE 26%
  • Yamaha YFL-281 Flute
    Item # FLUYFL281
    | Mfg # YFL281Y
    | UPC # 086792986388
    The YFL281 is a standard flute that has become a favorite among teachers because of the open sound and easy playability. The headjoint, body, and footjoint are made of durable nickel silver. Neoprene bumpers are used rather than cork to increase the durability and achieve a maximum fit against the body. The YFL281 features open hole keys which give this standard model flute a professional look and feel. The Yamaha YFL281 is an open hole flute wi...
  • Gemeinhardt Model M Solid Silver Headjoint, Floor Model
    Item # RP107M
    | Mfg # 10904
    | UPC # 845377005872
    The "M" headjoint produces a full, warm sound that is color-balanced throughout all registers without sacrificing quickness of articulation in the lower register. Gemeinhardt custom headjoints incorporate the most advanced innovations in design and construction to offer flutists a variety of tone colors and resistance levels. Crafted by skilled artisans, these headjoints promise outstanding performance when paired with Gemeinhardt flu...
  • Jupiter 675N Bb Bass Clainet
    Item # BBC675N
    | Mfg # JBC1000N
    | UPC # 635464267869
    The newest bass clarinet offering from Jupiter is sure to be a favorite among band directors. It has the same features as the 673BN only with the low Eb key on the body instead of the bell. The Jupiter 675N Bass Clarinet is a solid well-constructed instrument that is at home in a school's band orchestra jazz ensemble or a recording studio. It offers rich harmony to woodwind sections or a unique alternative for the improvising soloist. 
    $2,038.00 | SAVE 16%
  • Jupiter 711RBSO Flutes (Sterling Silver Deluxe Standard Series)
    Item # FLU711RBSO
    | Mfg # 711RBSO
    | UPC # 635464251271
    The 711 series flute is the ideal flute for the developing performer. This open holed flute has a beautiful hand detailed embouchure hole. It also has a solid sterling silver head, body and footjoint. The keys are silver plated. The gizmo key allows easy and accurate fingering to achieve high notes. This flute is the same as the 711RBS, except for the prescence of the offset G. This flute features the offset G, which makes it easier for players w...
    $1,389.00 | SAVE 38%
  • Sonare PS-501 Silver-Plated Flute - Open Hole w/ C Footjoint
    Item # FLUSF51CEF
    | Mfg # PS51CEF
    | UPC # 721990710556
    The Powell Sonaré flute retains some of the handmade instrument components that are critical for acoustical quality from the Verne Q. Powell Signature flute. Thus, Powell Sonaré flutes feature bodies made at Powell Flutes using the new patented Zinki technology and handmade Powell Signature headjoints. Both the body and the headjoint are made at Powell's Massachusetts workshop.Every Sonaré instrument goes through a strict qua...
    $1,439.00 | SAVE 26%
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