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  • Selmer 2947 Alto, Bass, or Contra-bass Clarinet Swab (Dri Bore)
    Item # WA387
    | Mfg # 2947
    | UPC # 641064066641
    Alto, Bass, or Contra-bass Clarinet Swab (Dri Bore)
  • Grover Tenor Recorder Swab
    Item # EM554T
    | Mfg # 8492
    | UPC # 082562082762
    Grover Tenor Recorder Swab
    $2.99 | SAVE 39%
  • HW Products Alto Sax Pad-Saver De-Moisturizer
    Item # WA003
    | Mfg # HALT
    | UPC # 792940000010
    Proven the #1 selling woodwind swab for over 25 years, the Original H.W. Pad-Saver de-moisturizer is the woodwind player's best friend in instrument maintenance. Designed to be left in the instrument while not being played, these swabs draw and dissipate moisture from the bore, toneholes, and pads, extending the life of the pads and saving money on frequent repairs. These swabs are made from a proprietary ultra wicking micro-fiber material that w...
    $14.59 | SAVE 42%
  • Yamaha YAC-1056P Saxophone swab; with brush
    Item # WA3851056P
    | Mfg # YAC1056P
    | UPC # 086792529936
    Yamaha maintenance accessories are made with the highest quality materials to ensure proper care of your instrument.
    $6.49 | SAVE 18%
  • Hodge Silk Oboe Swabs
    Item # WA391OB
    | Mfg # OBOESWAB
    | UPC # 688567000666
    All Hodge silk swabs are made from 100% China silk. Silk soaks up water in instruments better than any material on the market, and silk's ability to be compressed makes it possible to pull through instruments with large variations in bore size.
    $7.29 | SAVE 30%
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • HW Pad-Saver - Flute Set
    Item # WA001SET
    | Mfg # HFSM
    | UPC # 792940000096
    This two piece set includes the exclusive sponge head-joint cleaner which is specially shaped to polish the entire surface of the face-plate. It helps keep the head-joint playing consistently by preventing build-up in hard to reach corners. The ultra-wicking fiber effectively removes damaging moisture and minerals from the bore, tone holes and pads then lets it quickly evaporate. This easy to use product is a must for flute players wanting the ul...
    $12.89 | SAVE 22%
  • Alto Clarinet Swab
    Item # WA080A
    | Mfg # 1011
    | UPC #
    Alto Clarinet Swab
    $2.28 | SAVE 50%
  • La Voz Gooseneck Saxophone Neck Saver for Tenor Saxophone Necks
    Item # WA213T
    | Mfg # RNSTSX01
    | UPC # 046716576194
    Designed to help in the cleaning of tenor saxophone necks, this gooseneck sax neck saver removes moisture from the chamber and prevents mineral buildup.
    $7.29 | SAVE 36%
  • Hodge Silk Bari Sax Swab
    Item # WA391BS
    | UPC # 688567000383
    The silk bari-sax swabs are perfect for both professionals and students alike. The silk fabric and the swab’s shape make it virtually impossible for the swab to get stuck in the instrument. This offers a great advantage over traditional swabs.
    $16.89 | SAVE 47%
  • Yamaha Alto Saxophone Monster Swab
    Item # WA525AS
    | Mfg # YACASMS
    | UPC # 086792993058
    Specially designed to scrub the entire interior of any soprano, alto, tenor or baritone saxophone, Monster Swabs eliminate moisture and clean the instrument. Each Monster Swab features a padded insert that fills up the entire bore of an instrument as it is pulled through, removing any moisture that could harm the instrument. Targeted to saxophone players at every level, Yamaha Monster Swabs feature weighted strings for easy guidance and are machi...
    $20.99 | SAVE 38%
  • The Original Swab SC1 Clarinet/Saxophone Neck Swab
    Item # OP328
    | Mfg # SC1
    | UPC # 857923001030
    The Original swab made of 100% cotton is available for all of your brass and woodwind instruments... Features: 100% Cotton (very absorbent) Rubber Coated Weight (no damage to horn) Sturdy pull cord Machine Washable Long Lasting
    $8.89 | SAVE 32%
  • Yamaha - YAC1063P Flute Swab
    Item # WA3861063P
    | Mfg # YAC1063P
    | UPC # 086792530048
    This simple yet effective Yamaha cotton flute swab will help you keeping your instrument clean.
    $4.19 | SAVE 40%
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