Woodwind Instrument Care and Cleaning

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  • Hodge Silk Bassoon Bocal Swab
    Item # WA391BO
    | UPC # 688567000253
    Hodge Silk Bassoon Bocal Swab
    $5.97 | SAVE 20%
  • Leblanc 3292B Polishing Cloth, for Silver
    Item # OP215
    | Mfg # 3292B
    | UPC # 641064540196
    Polishing Cloth, for Silver
    $10.49 | SAVE 4%
  • Selmer 2942 Tuning Slide and Cork Grease, Individual Bottle
    Item # OP021EA
    | Mfg # 2942SG
    | UPC # 641064052859
    Clean, neat, and effective. Restores neglected tuning slides and corks, makes for smoother operation and easier assembly of instrument parts. 1-1/2 oz. bottles.
    $5.88 | SAVE 2%
  • Herco No. HE53 Clarinet Handkerchief
    Item # WA082
    | Mfg # HE53
    | UPC # 710137010253
    The best system for cleaning a clarinet. Large white handkerchief with a sewn-on ribbon and metal weight.
    $6.99 | SAVE 26%
  • Alto Clarinet Swab
    Item # WA080A
    | Mfg # 1011
    | UPC #
    Alto Clarinet Swab
    $2.28 | SAVE 50%
  • Interstate Music 1012 Bass Clarinet Swab
    Item # WA080B
    | Mfg # 1012
    | UPC #
    Interstate Music 1012 Bass Clarinet Swab
    $2.28 | SAVE 50%
  • Alisyn Solvent/Cleaner, PN2390
    Item # OP147
    | Mfg # PN2390
    | UPC #
    The Alisyn Solvent Cleaner is the best way to maintain the performance of your instrument. This premium solvent blend makes short work of built up grime, crud, and deposits both inside and outside of the instrument. Just spray it on and wipe away foreign material.
    $3.79 | SAVE 23%
  • The Original Swab TS1 Tenor Saxophone Swab
    Item # OP089
    | Mfg # TS1
    | UPC # 857923001085
    The Original swab made of 100% cotton is available for all of your brass and woodwind instruments... Features: 100% Cotton (very absorbent) Rubber Coated Weight (no damage to horn) Sturdy pull cord Machine Washable Long Lasting
    $13.99 | SAVE 36%
  • Ann Hodge Silk Long Oboe Swab
    Item # WA391LOB
    | UPC #
    The oboe swabs clean the entire instrument fully assembled. This longversionis the length of the fully assembled instrument so one can pullthe swab backand forth. They have a safety cord on the back end, so thatif there were a knotin one and it got stuck, it could be pulled backout the way it went in. Alloboe swabs now use a straight weight ratherthan a ball chain.
    $8.00 | SAVE 33%
  • Blitz #304 Slide & Valve Care Cloth
    Item # OP065
    | Mfg # 304
    | UPC # 075549003041
    This care cloth was created to clean slides, valves, and tenons on any of the brass family of musical instruments. It is also appropriate wherever there are friction connections made of metal in a woodwind instrument you can use this product. The Blitz Slide and valve care cloth provides effective cleaning, extends time between cleanings, and helps make valve oil more effective by reducing tarnish build up. Its ingredients are non-toxic Take apar...
    $3.97 | SAVE 14%
  • For all wooden or padded instruments. Protects pads and bore from the injurious effects of moisture. Prevents pads from sticking or leaking air. Reduces cracking in wooden bores. Will not affect tone of instrument. This is NOT an oil.
    $9.47 | SAVE 9%
  • HW Products Tenor Sax Pad-Saver De-Moisturizer
    Item # WA004
    | Mfg # HTEN
    | UPC # 792940000027
    Proven the #1 selling woodwind swab for over 25 years, the Original H.W. Pad-Saver de-moisturizer is the woodwind player's best friend in instrument maintenance. Designed to be left in the instrument while not being played, these swabs draw and dissipate moisture from the bore, toneholes, and pads, extending the life of the pads and saving money on frequent repairs. These swabs are made from a proprietary ultra wicking micro-fiber material that w...
    $14.77 | SAVE 40%
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