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  • The abbreviation “MS” stands for Modular System, an integrated concept for Hohner’s harmonica design. MS-harmonicas benefit from innovations that improve the playing characteristics and also significantly facilitate maintenance and handling. All MS-parts (combs, reed plates and covers) can be combined individually. Simple screw connections allow for an easy assembly. This concept offers the possibility to the players to adjust t...
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  • Trophy Slide Whistle
    Item # PA115
    | Mfg # W10
    | UPC # 082562000100
    This chrome-plated slide whistle creates loud ascending and descending shrills, and can be played in any key.
    $16.78 | SAVE 26%
  • Yamaha P37D Pianica, Keyboard Wind Instrument - 37-Note
    Item # EN033P37D
    | Mfg # P37D
    | UPC # 086792895086
    Yamaha Band and Orchestral Division announces its new line of Pianicas. Available for the first time in the U.S., Pianicas are free-reed instruments similar to accordions and harmonicas. Pianicas are popular in Asian markets and are used primarily for general music education. The top choice for many educators and professional musicians, Yamaha Pianicas produce clear, full tones with solid projection and feature anti-corrosive reeds, providing ...
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  • Hohner Blues Harp MS Modular System Diatonic Harmonica, C-major
    Item # HARHH532C
    | Mfg # 532BXC
    | UPC # 048667327689
    Power and Punch Dig in deep and experience the raw power and grit of the blues. The Blues Harp is engineered for consistent volume and tone when used for intense blues playing. This harp can hang with the toughest players on their most serious gigs. Highly bendable with a dirty, dark hard rockin' sound, this harmonica is designed to emphasize all the best qualities of blues harmonica playing. It has a wood comb for full tone and is available in ...
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  • Feadog Irish Whistle - Key of D - Tin
    Item # EM490D
    | Mfg # IW10
    | UPC #
    A stylish Presentation Pack containing a Feadóg Brass Whistle in the Key of "D", with fingering chart and International instruction sheet with several songs to get you started. A perfect gift.
    $15.69 | SAVE 33%
  • Hohner 1501/7C Blues Band 7-Piece Harmonica Set
    Item # HAR1501/7C
    | Mfg # 15017C
    | UPC # 048667326323
    This set features our most popular keys of A, Bb, C, D, E, F and G and lets you keep them all in a red pro type hard shell case that's included at no charge. Give any musician the key they need to be a successful harp player.
    $35.99 | SAVE 33%
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Train Whistle
    Item # EM417
    | Mfg # 4218B
    | UPC # 082562078437
    Authentic four tone train whistle is made of solid wood and handcrafted in the USA.
    $5.88 | SAVE 9%
  • Acme 4688 Whistle, Drum Major Small Thunderer
    Item # PA142
    | Mfg # 601/2
    | UPC # 717668116058
    4688 Whistle, Drum Major Small Thunderer
    $10.79 | SAVE 46%
  • Grover Blue Grass Jaw Harp, No. 8037
    Item # EM387B
    | Mfg # 8037
    | UPC # 082562074712
    Nickel Plated Made of the highest quality level steel with spring steel tongue. Individually hand-tuned for authentic voicing and clear resonant tone. 12 harps per counter display box. Packaged with "How to Play" instructions. No. 8037 "Blue Grass" Jaw Harps
    $4.97 | SAVE 23%
  • Hohner Mini Diatonic Harmonica - 4-Hole - Key of C
    Item # HAR38C
    | Mfg # 38C
    | UPC # 048667002173
    These tiny (3.5 cm long) harmonicas are among the smallest commercially manufactured musical instruments in the world. All models have a range of one whole octave and are constructed according to the same exacting standards as the regular models. They are 100 % playable and make great gifts for any occasion.4-Hole - Key of C
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  • Hohner Blues Bender Harmonica - Key of C
    Item # HARBBBLC
    | Mfg # BBBXC
    | UPC # 048667330399
    Designed primarily to make playing and note bending easy for entry level players, the Blues Bender P.A.C. allows everybody access to the bluesy notes needed to make any riff complete. The Blues Bender P.A.C. features "Patented Acoustic Covers" from the Marine Band Harmonica, the all time favorite amongst serious players since 1896. Originally patented by Jacob Hohner in 1897, the special shape of the cover increases the volume of air...
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  • Hohner Kids PH81 - Harmonica Starter Package
    Item # EN070
    | Mfg # PH81
    | UPC # 048667800908
    Start playing the blues today! Includes one of the most popular Hohner harmonicas of all time, the Pocket Pal Hamonica. A 10-hole diatonic key of C model with a learn to play book and CD that will teach you how to play popular songs.
    $10.99 | SAVE 8%