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  • Hohner Piedmont Blues Harmonica Set - 7-Pack
    Item # HARPBH7
    | Mfg # PBH7
    | UPC # 048667321120
    Piedmont Blues or East Coast Blues was born in the American Southeast during the 1900s.  Out of its diverse influences arose some of Americas most well known blues harmonica players.The Piedmont Blues set presents the beginning harmonica player with an affordable way to sample playing in seven different keys (G, A, Bb, C, D, E, F).  Each harmonica has a matte black finish with gold trim and the entire set comes in a zippered case. ...
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  • Hohner Marine Band Diatonic Harmonica - Key of C Major
    Item # HAR1896C
    | Mfg # 1896BXC
    | UPC # 048667327146
    The one, the only, the original -- the harp that was there when harmonica blues was born. Made famous when played by every serious harmonica player from Little Walter to John Lennon, Paul Butterfield to Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young and many, many more. The result of over 100 years of tradition and German craftsmanship, it is still the number one choice of top professionals and the most recognizable model all over the world, known for its full to...
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  • Acme 4688 Whistle, Drum Major Small Thunderer
    Item # PA142
    | Mfg # 601/2
    | UPC # 717668116058
    Acme Thunderer Metal Whistle. High, shrill tone, Nickel-plated brass construction, Cork ball for reverberation and long-range sound. Key ring included.
    $11.99 | SAVE 41%
  • Grover Blue Grass Jaw Harp, No. 8037
    Item # EM387B
    | Mfg # 8037
    | UPC # 082562074712
    Nickel Plated Made of the highest quality level steel with spring steel tongue. Individually hand-tuned for authentic voicing and clear resonant tone. 12 harps per counter display box. Packaged with "How to Play" instructions. No. 8037 "Blue Grass" Jaw Harps
    $4.97 | SAVE 23%
  • Hohner Little Lady Mini Diatonic Harmonica w/ Keychain - Key of C
    Item # HAR109C
    | Mfg # 109C
    | UPC # 048667354944
    These tiny (3.5 cm long) harmonicas are among the smallest commercially manufactured musical instruments in the world. All models have a range of one whole octave and are constructed according to the same exacting standards as the regular models. They are 100 % playable and make great gifts for any occasion.Keychain attachedReeds: 8Reedplates: Brass; 0,9 mmComb: PearwoodLength: approx. 3,5 cmKey of C
    $20.99 | SAVE 27%
  • Trophy Slide Whistle
    Item # PA115
    | Mfg # W10
    | UPC # 082562000100
    This chrome-plated slide whistle creates loud ascending and descending shrills, and can be played in any key.
    $16.78 | SAVE 26%
  • Feadog Irish Whistle - Key of D - Tin
    Item # EM490D
    | Mfg # IW10
    | UPC # 5390500550019
    A stylish Presentation Pack containing a Feadóg Brass Whistle in the Key of "D", with fingering chart and International instruction sheet with several songs to get you started. A perfect gift.
    $15.69 | SAVE 33%
  • Suzuki STUDY-32 Alto Melodion w/Case, Black/Blue
    Item # EM855STUDY32
    | Mfg # STUDY32
    | UPC #
    The all new Study-32 with its hard wearing instrument gig-case is the perfect Students Melodion. Lightweight and easy to play the Study-32 is perfect for both solo and ensemble use.Included Accessories: Tough colourful carry case in Sky Blue Extension tube Standard Mouthpiece
    $28.20 | SAVE 4%
  • Hohner Pocket Pal Harmonica - Key of C
    Item # HAR81C
    | Mfg # 81BXC
    | UPC # 048667004184
    The Hohner Pocket Pal Harmonica is solidly made and sweetly tuned. This harp will serve you well rain or shine with its chromeplated covers and plastic body.  Throw it in the glove box or a coat pocket and you'll never be without a tune!Features: Key of C Plastic Case All Brass reeds 10 hole diatonic All Brass reeds, 10 hole diatonic Plastic Case, Key of C, 10 hole diatonic Featuring all brass reeds and a plastic molded ...
    $11.00 | SAVE 21%
  • Grover 3494 Austrian Jaw Harp - Tenor
    Item # EM431
    | Mfg # 3494
    | UPC # 082562342002
    In terms of musicology, a jaw harp is a plucked idiophone and bourdon instrument. Bourdon means that a ‘buzzing’ fundamental tone will always be heard, which forms the basis for numerous overtones. The better the jaw harp, the more overtones will be heard. The human mouth and throat are used as a resonator. By changing the shape of the mouth or moving the player’s tongue, as well as breathing techniques, different rhythms and me...
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  • Hohner Blues Bender Harmonica - Key of C
    Item # HARBBBLC
    | Mfg # BBBXC
    | UPC # 048667330399
    Designed primarily to make playing and note bending easy for entry level players, the Blues Bender P.A.C. allows everybody access to the bluesy notes needed to make any riff complete. The Blues Bender P.A.C. features "Patented Acoustic Covers" from the Marine Band Harmonica, the all time favorite amongst serious players since 1896. Originally patented by Jacob Hohner in 1897, the special shape of the cover increases the volume of air...
    $22.00 | SAVE 24%
  • Hohner D40 Concertina Accordion
    | Mfg # D40
    | UPC # 048667004863
    Concertinas play a strongly established role in the world of accordions. Because of their small size and low weight they have always been a hit among musicians who are often on the road. They are, of course, also very well established in family music at home, and it is impressive what great range of sounds these instruments can produce!We package all Concertinas carefully in a fitting padded bag, they love travelling and have to be adequately pro...
    $235.97 | SAVE 34%
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