Violin Pitchpipes and Tuners

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  • Standard Violin Pitchpipe
    Item # SA122VLN
    | Mfg # VPP10
    | UPC # 717070033967
    Standard Violin Pitchpipe
  • Master Key Pitchpipe - C
    Item # DS010C
    | Mfg # MK2BLACK
    | UPC #
    Master Key Pitchpipe - C
    $18.98 | SAVE 39%
  • Peterson StroboClip Clip-On Strobe Tuner
    Item # EA144O
    | Mfg # 403857
    | UPC # 805265500452
    The StroboClip? has the 1/10 cent accuracy of all Peterson strobes and also includes new Sweetened? Tunings and alternate temperaments for a wide variety of string and wind instruments. The StroboClip comes with its own carrying case. Features: Smallest Multi-Temperament Tuner 1/10 Cent Accurate Smooth, Real-Time Display Alternate Temperament Presets (Including Buzz Feiten Tuning System®) Includes Eastern Temperament Preset...
    $79.99 | SAVE 20%
  • Kratt SN Series Super Violin Pitchpipe, Key of G,D,A,E
    Item # SA168
    | Mfg # SN3
    | UPC # 400058185900
    Nickel tubes Bronze reeds Set in beautiful white plastic holder for easy note selection Individually boxed
    $11.99 | SAVE 41%
  • Master Key Pitchpipe - F
    Item # DS010F
    | Mfg # MK1BLACK
    | UPC #
    Master Key Pitchpipe - F
    $18.98 | SAVE 39%
  • Signal Flex MPU2 Matrix Tuning Pickup
    Item # ET349
    | Mfg # MPU2
    | UPC # 736021341494
    The MPU-2 is designed specifically for orchestra and band instruments. For string instruments (violin, viola, and cello), the pickup can be clipped onto the bridge to pick up the sound of the instrument for tuning. For band instruments, the pickup can also be clipped onto the instrument to pick up sound.This is a more reliable way of tuning these types of instruments because of the clip on mic. "Open Air" tuners are more susceptible to ambient so...
    $15.99 | SAVE 23%
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Korg OT120 Electronic Chromatic Orchestral Tuner
    Item # ET368OT120
    | Mfg # OT120
    | UPC # 4959112043985
    The Korg OT-120 chromatic tuner is intended for orchestral instruments, packing precise performance and sophisticated functionality in a vertical design that's easy to hold and operate. It features a dual display, an easy-to-see needle-type indicator and a backlit LCD screen that shows the battery life, sound output level, calibration, key and note name. Additional design features include a large dial that makes it easy to select the desired mode...
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Master Key Pitchpipe - C to C - S Series w/ Note Selector
    Item # DS115C
    | Mfg # MK2SBLACK
    | UPC #
    Master Key Pitchpipe - C to C - S Series w/ Note Selector
    $21.99 | SAVE 34%
  • Cherub WST-623 Universal Tuner
    Item # EA178WST623
    | Mfg # WST623
    | UPC # 885947100057
    WST-623 Universal Orchestral Tuner is a Chromatic/Just intonation/Five tone cadence tuner, with a 20ms response time, steady detection and accurate tuning. Features: Fan shaped head for an extra wide display New software with advanced algorithms ensures quick and accurate tuning. 3 temperaments ( Chromatic, Just intonation, Five tone cadence ) 4 joints (2x360° joints, 2x180°joints) allow any viewing angle. Dual-color ba...
    $16.79 | SAVE 39%
  • Kratt SN6 Viola/Cello Pitchpipe
    Item # SA169
    | Mfg # SN6
    | UPC #
    Tenor Banjo/Cello/Viola, key of C-G-D-A, Nickel tubes, bronze reeds.
    $11.39 | SAVE 46%
  • Peterson PitchGrabber Mobile Tuning Clip
    Item # EA242
    | Mfg # 403882
    | UPC #
    Pitch Grabber™ tuning pickup easily and safely clamps on to virtually any musical instrument, capture the pitch using a piezo pickup, and send it directly to your tuner. The PitchGrabber Mobile™ in an active pick-up using the headphone/mic input of your mobile device to help isolate the sound of your instrument and give the strongest signal possible to the device even in very noisy environments.Features: Active piezo pick-up Dir...
    $18.99 | SAVE 5%
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