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  • Manhasset "Regal" Conductor's Music Stand
    Item # ST625
    | Mfg # 5401
    | UPC # 706576054019
    Designed with the needs of conductors in mind, this "flag ship" of the Manhasset music stand line provides a stately and distinctive station for orchestra and band directors. This double-shafted stand has a wide and extremely stable base. The desk (32" wide by 15 12" high) is capable of holding the larger scores. With its built-in accessory ledge and storage pocket (behind the desk), the "Regal" provides the optimum ...
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  • Manhasset #84 Symphony Music Stand
    Item # ST0084
    | Mfg # 8406
    | UPC # 706576084016
    The MANHASSET® Model 84 is essentially a variation of the Model #48 Symphony Stand. Designed to be an extremely long lasting and durable music stand, it features a rugged, high impact, commercial quality ABS plastic desk. Its shaft and base are powder coated with high quality Polyester. The stand has a glare-free, black textured finish, which resists scratches and chipping.The desk dimensions are essentially identical to the Symphony Stand (2...
    $54.99 | SAVE 36%
  • Manhasset – 3200-M Microphone Stand iPad Mount
    Item # MS571M
    | Mfg # 3200M
    | UPC # 706576032109
    The MANHASSET® iPad Mount is changing the way musicians work and play by providing convenient music solutions for the Apple iPad. Works with professional software that transforms a MANHASSET® Mic Stand with standard 5/8-27 female microphone threads to a digital music stand – bringing music and technology together.  If you don’t have MANHASSET® mic stand that you can remove the desk for this purpose, you can purchase a...
  • Manhasset – 3200 Music Stand iPad Mount
    Item # MS571
    | Mfg # 3200
    | UPC # 706576032000
    The MANHASSET® iPad Mount is changing the way musicians work and play by providing convenient music solutions for the Apple iPad.  Works with professional software that transforms a MANHASSET® music stand shaft/base unit (sold separately) to a digital music stand – bringing music and technology together.  If you don’t have MANHASSET® music stand that you can remove the desk for this purpose, you can purchase a MA...
  • Manhasset #53DW Drummer Stand - Wide Model
    Item # ST042DRUMWIDE
    | Mfg # 53DW
    | UPC # 706576053609
    The NEW Drummer Stand (Model #53DW) is designed specifically for the drummer and percussionist and features our most popular full-size desk. The Drummer Stand's dual clamp/dual swivel mounting system and its 16-inch shaft enable the device to be connected to all varieties of drumset tom mount hardware, hi-hat/cymbal stands and percussion equipment racks. This allows the desk to be positioned with unlimited variations exactly where the drumme...
    $54.99 | SAVE 50%
  • Manhasset Model #2000 Acoustic Shield, Clear Lexan Polycarbonate
    Item # MS02000
    | Mfg # 2000
    | UPC # 706576020007
    The 22" high by 26" wide shield is made of clear, durable Lexan polycarbonate. It is designed to effectively provide hearing protection to the musician stationed in front of other musicians, yet not causing impaired vision for the musician behind. The unit's height adjustment range will afford protection for the musician while sitting and, since, when extended, it has a height of 66 inches, it can also provide hearing protection to the...
    $88.88 | SAVE 43%
  • Harmony Stand #81 Concertino ModelThe Harmony Stand is designed for impressive functionality and, with its floor stacking base, amazingly convenient storage. The Harmony Stands' "V-shaped" bases conveniently stack in an incredibly small amount of floor space. For example, since their bases stack together so tightly, it takes only six feet to store 25 stands, and 50 stands can be stored in about 10 linear feet of space. The Harmony stand comes wit...
    $57.88 | SAVE 38%
  • Manhasset #52C Voyager Concertino Short Shaft Music Stand
    Item # ST895
    | Mfg # 52C
    | UPC # 706576052114
    A shorter version of the Voyager Stand, with a vertical extension of 16" to 28" (lip to floor) with a maximum overall height of 40 1/2 inches. Ideal for stage bands, guitarists, cellists, chamber ensembles, and seated musicians on the go.Designed for the musician demanding portability without sacrificing any Manhasset quality. This highly portable concert style music stand sports the same built-in features that have made Manhasset famou...
    $54.99 | SAVE 41%
  • Portastand Portable Music Stand - Black Cover
    Item # SS183BK
    | Mfg # PASTBBK
    | UPC #
    This portable music stand is constructed of non-corrosive metal and is height adjustable from 58" down to 23", with a shelf that measures 14"x22". It is light enough to carry, yet sturdy enough to display the heaviest of standard books comfortably. Portastand's desk has a perfectly tailored cover made of beautiful weatherproof nylon cordura fabric, giving it a very classy look. The fabric cover has an inner lining made of a so...
    $64.99 | SAVE 18%
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  • Hamilton, Classic - KB90 Traveler II Music Stand and Bag
    Item # SS19090
    | Mfg # KB90
    | UPC # 677523090018
    The Traveler II is a combination of the KB990BK portable music stand and the KB14 carrying bag Value priced portable folding stand and bag KB990BL Black Symphonic Stand - wide tripod base and full-sized tilting desk Full featured KB14 embroidered carrying bag with pocket for sheet music
    $59.99 | SAVE 29%
  • Humes & Berg E-Z Fold Director's Music Stand
    Item # ST333
    | Mfg # 302
    | UPC #
    Our Humes and Berg Music Stands allow you to dress up your band. Give your band the professional look with our durable stands.
  • Hamilton, Classic - KB1F "The Trigger" Symphonic Music Stand
    Item # ST149F
    | Mfg # KB1F
    | UPC # 677523000185
    KB1F - For over127 years, Hamilton has created the most reliable, feature-rich standsin the industry. That tradition continues today with no less than fourinnovations that make the Hamilton symphonic stand the only sensiblechoice for your program.Patented trigger lock for extremelysmooth, one-handed height adjustment; holds up to 10 lbs; 19.75"x13.75"desk; 29"-50" height adjustment; chrome plated telescoping tube; blackepoxy finish on desk/base/o...
    $66.99 | SAVE 24%
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