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  • Blessing BM-301 Marching Baritone, Lacquer
    Item # MBHBM301
    | Mfg # BM301
    | UPC #
    The BM-301 Blessing Marching Baritone is new from the ground up! Our goal was to design an instrument that provides a big sound with less effort. At the same time, we responded to requests to lighten the weight a bit to help reduce the fatigue those young marching band players experience while dancing, jumping, and strutting their stuff. The new BM-301 is 25% lighter in overall weight yet still every bit as tough and resilient as its predecessor ...
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  • Blessing BM-400 Marching French Horn, Silver-plated
    Item # MFHBM400S
    | Mfg # BM400S
    | UPC # 647759030409
    Our principal crafts people and artisans handcraft all Blessing Marching Brasswinds in Elkhart, Indiana. The time and care taken to produce these beautiful instruments is immediately appreciated in their sound and in the way they feel and play.Outfit includes: Marching French Horn in Bb, mouthpiece, case and valve oil. .460" bore 11" bell Monel pistons Complete with Blessing No. 11 French horn mouthpiece Striking wooden ha...
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  • Ravel BBb Brass Sousaphone
    Item # SOURSH402
    | Mfg # RSH402
    | UPC # 816627010335
    The Ravel BBb Sousaphone is a full BRASS Sousaphone for those who prefer the sound superiority and might of a brass instrument. This is a very powerful 3 piston valve sousaphone that will hold its sound under all volumes. This sousaphone is built to last and has superb projection and response. It features a .750 bore and a 26-inch bell. Comes complete with mouthpiece and deluxe lightweight case. 3 Piston Valves .750" Bore All Bras...
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  • Yamaha YBB-201M Marching Tuba Outfit, Clear Lacquer
    Item # MTUYBB201MWC
    | Mfg # YBB201MWC
    | UPC # 086792500324
    Yamaha marching instruments are designed for easy-to-play rugged durability. The consistent quality and ability to produce big, exciting sounds have made them a popular feature on football fields and in parades everywhere. Each model is designed to be durable at traditionally vulnerable points and to be well balanced for easy holding while marching. This marching tuba is used by all types of marching ensembles, including the 2002 DCI world champi...
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  • Jupiter JEP700 Bb Euphonium - Lacquered Finish
    Item # EUP468L
    | Mfg # JEP700
    | UPC # 635464133065
    For a three valve euphonium that will be easy to take care of, look no further than the Jupiter 468. This series is designed to allow the student player to produce a true euphonium sound, while being an affordable and durable instrument that parents and band programs like. Upright Bell Lacquered Brass Body removable valve section 3 top action stainless steel pistons .570" bore 11" bell ABS molded case.
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  • Jupiter JEP700S Bb Euphonium - Bright Silver-Plate Finish
    Item # EUP468S
    | Mfg # JEP700S
    | UPC # 635464133089
    The Jupiter JEP700S silver-plated 3-Valve Euphonium has a warm, deep sound but it is also built to be durable. It features a .570" bore with an 11" yellow brass upright bell. Its 3 stainless steel valves are part of a removable valve section for easy care and maintenance.
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  • King Model 1121SP Marching Mellophone, Silver-Plated
    Item # MMP1121SP
    | Mfg # 1121SP
    | UPC # 641064439308
    A highly responsive instrument for both solo and section work. This highly responsive instrument provides a powerful solo voice. Equally proficient in section work, it produces a full rich sound that blends extremely well. Key of F, .468 bore, 10-1/2 bell, nickel-plated pistons, 1st slide saddle with new redesigned first slide, adjustable third slide, silver plated finish, 3.5 lbs., Mello 6 mouthpiece, horn mouthpiece adapter, heavy-duty plastic...
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  • The "Coliseum" Model. With a large .470" bore, this model is well-suited for outdoor performance. The sound is full and rich with excellent projection, intonation and response.Features: Hand Hammered, One Piece Bell Hand Lapped Pistons Top Sprung Pistons Lyre Holder On 3rd Slide Adjustable 3rd Slide Ring Fixed 3rd Slide StopSpecs: Key: Bb Bore: .470" Bell: 5 1/16" Diameter Mouthpipe: No. 25 Valves: Monel Valve ...
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  • Yamaha YBH-301M Marching Baritone Horn, Clear Lacquer
    Item # MBHYBH301M
    | Mfg # YBH301M
    | UPC # 086792500492
    Featuring a large bore for a deep and warm sound, the YBH-301M is ideal for DCI style marching ensembles which have no trombones. It can add a unique voice to your band, darker than a trombone yet brighter than a euphonium--a very rich and strong sound. In addition, the 301M is a well-balanced instrument, making it easier to play, and easier to maneuver with in formations.Honed valvesThe precise fit between valve casings and pistons after honing ...
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  • Yamaha YEP-202MS Marching Euphonium, Silver-Plated
    Item # MBHYEP202MS
    | Mfg # YEP202MS
    | UPC # 086792289229
    New marching only instrument offers improved feel, resonance and quality of sound preferred by groups such as the 8 time DCI world champion Cadets.New configuration The new marching-only configuration offers optimal balance while improving projection and creating a deep toneLarge bell throat A large bell throat allows for a greater amount of airflow while producting a large, deep tone1st valve slide thumb hook The valve slide thumb hook allows fo...
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  • Yamaha YHR-302M Marching French Horn, Silver-plated
    Item # MFHYHR302MS
    | Mfg # YHR302MS
    | UPC # 086792502700
    Yamaha is one of the world's leading manufacturers of French horns, and the YHR-302M shares many of the same warm tonal colors as our concert models. But more than a traditional French horn, the 302M has been designed to project its rich tonal colors across the marching field; we've added strength to the natural beauty of its sound. The YHR-302M marching French horn is available with a silver-plated finish (YHR-302MS). Nickel silver inner and out...
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  • Yamaha YSH-411WC Brass Sousaphone, Clear Lacquer with Case
    Item # SOUYSH411WC
    | Mfg # YSH411WC
    | UPC # 886830541032
    A powerfull sousaphone that will hold the sound together at all volumes. Hand-lapped valves and slides Hand-lapping is a time-consuming finishing process which results in an airtight valve/piston fit for noiseless, responsive action. Well-balanced The YSH-411 is well-balanced, so it is easy to hold while marching. Heavy bracing throughout Because the sousaphone is used in marching band, it has heavy bracing throughout the instrument ...
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