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  • The Drumming System - Drum DVD Set
    Item # DD8918
    | Mfg # MM
    | UPC #
    Do you want to play the drums but don't know where to start? How would you like to learn on your own time, in the comfort of your home? How are over 3168 drummers learning to play the drums in 70 countries? The answer is?.The Drumming System! The Drumming System was created in 2009 by Mike Michalkow. With all the gaps in other training systems on the market, Mike wanted to make this package as complete as possible. With over 30 hours of video ...
    $110.00 | SAVE 55%
  • Bass Drum Secrets Set of 2 Books + DVD
    Item # DD8913
    | Mfg # BASS
    | UPC #
    This book and DVD set was created for drummers interested in taking their single and double bass drumming to the next level. It teaches unique techniques for improving speed, power, and control with minimal effort based on the "conservation of motion" principle. Includes two great books plus over 70 minutes of video content in DVD format.
    $28.46 | SAVE 39%
  • Drum Gear Buyers Guide, DVD
    Item # DD0611
    | Mfg # DRUM
    | UPC #
    The Drum Gear Buyers Guide features Mike Michalkow (professional drummer and instructor) touring a local music store with Dean "Schroeder" Reimer (gear specialist). This unique video gives you an inside look at how professional musicians pick and choose their drum gear. Some highlights include tips for purchasing new sticks, pedals, cymbals, drumheads, and popular accessories. Drummers of all skill levels can benefit from the money-s...
    $24.95 | SAVE 7%
  • Drum Play Along System, by Railroad Media
    Item # DD8917
    | Mfg # DRUM
    | UPC #
    The simple fact is... IF you want to get more enjoyment out of the drums, this is the solution for you. For less than the price of a decent cymbal, you can dramatically change the way you play the drums with the complete Drum Play-Along System! This pack includes 50 play-along songs in DVD format, detailed sheet music, as well as all the songs with the drum tracks removed so you can put your creative mind to work on these awesome tracks! Fo...
    $77.00 | SAVE 20%
  • There's never been such a comprehensive training system that details ALL 40 drum rudiments. Goes through Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced rudiments and show you how to incorporate them into your everyday playing. The Drum Rudiment System has been in development for over a year now, and features six jam-packed DVDs, three PDF workbooks, and special bonus content that you will not find anywhere else! Format: DVD Video (All Regions) Run ...
    $174.00 | SAVE $0.95
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