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  • Yamaha YSL-446G Tenor Trombone w/ F-Rotor
    Item # FBOYSL446G
    | Mfg # YSL446GC
    | UPC # 086792934686
    The 400 series trombones are the perfect blend of professional features at an intermediate proce. High quality gold brass bell material and a seamless bell construction make the 400 series trombones an excellent value. Professional features and sound without the cost - with the added flexibility of an added F-attachment. More Information On This Product Inner slideThe chrome-plated nickel-silver drawn inner slide is...
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  • Getzen 907S Eterna Proteus Bb Trumpet - Silver
    Item # BTR907S
    | Mfg # 907S
    | UPC # 889406645752
    In 1962, the Getzen Company set the trumpet world abuzz with the introduction of the first 900 Eterna trumpet.  In 2001, after decades of design changes, that legendary trumpet was returned in the form of the 900 Eterna Classic.  Then, in 2004, the Eterna line was enhanced yet again with the introduction of the 900SB Eterna Sterling trumpet.  Now the historic Eterna trumpet line is being expanded further with the exciting addition ...
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  • Ravel 3/4-Size Tuba (3-Valve) BB102
    Item # TUBRBB102
    | Mfg # RBB102
    | UPC # 816627010793
    Features: Key of Bb Gloss Lacquer finish 3-Valve 3/4 front action .630" bore 15" yellow brass bell Nickel silver lead pipe Nickel silver tuning pipe Nickel pistons with plastic valve guidesIncludes: Mouthpiece Polishing cloth Pair of white marching gloves Ravel lightweight protective case with wheels
    $1,599.99 | SAVE 35%
  • Blessing BM-301 Marching Baritone, Silver-Plated
    Item # MBHBM301S
    | Mfg # BM301S
    | UPC #
    The BM-301 Blessing Marching Baritone is new from the ground up! Our goal was to design an instrument that provides a big sound with less effort. At the same time, we responded to requests to lighten the weight a bit to help reduce the fatigue those young marching band players experience while dancing, jumping, and strutting their stuff. The new BM-301 is 25% lighter in overall weight yet still every bit as tough and resilient as its predecessor ...
    $1,599.99 | SAVE 40%
  • Jupiter - 1102RS Bb Trumpet - Silver Plated Yellow Brass
    Item # BTR1102RS
    | Mfg # JTR1110S
    | UPC # 805232343921
    Medium Weight, Silver-Plated yellow brass, Standard leadpipe, Monel pistons, 1st valve slide thumb saddle, 3rd valve slide throw ring and stop, .460" bore, Custom B1 bead 4.8" bell, Wood-frame caseFeatures: Medium Weight Silver-Plated yellow brass Standard leadpipe Monel pistons 1st valve slide thumb saddle 3rd valve slide throw ring and stop .460" bore Custom B1 bead 4.8" bell Wood-frame case
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  • Yamaha YMP204M Marching Mellophone - Lacquer Finish
    Item # MMPYMP204M
    | Mfg # YMP204M
    | UPC # 086792840581
    The Yamaha YMP204M Marching Mellophone is a finely crafted instrument with durability and a bright, exciting sound. This instrument is perfect for football fields, drum corps competitions, and parades. Features: Key of F, 3 nickel-plated pistons, .462" bore, 10" yellow brass bell, Improved balance, 1st valve slide thumbhook, MPC-203M case, MP-14F4 mellophone mouthpiece
    $1,576.99 | SAVE 33%
  • ll "B&S" Challenger professional Bb-Trumpets with piston valves are equipped with boxed springs, monel pistons, handhammered one piece bell, gold brass leadpipe, nickel silver outer slides, ring and educational stop on 3rd valve slide, saddle on 1st valve slide, waterkey on 3rd valve slide and on main tuning slide.Features: 11,66mm/0.459" ML bore 122mm/4.782" bell "standard" clear lacquered light weight soft pack
    $2,199.00 | SAVE 24%
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  • Our principal crafts people and artisans handcraft all Blessing Artist Trombones in Elkhart, Indiana. The time and care taken to produce these beautiful instruments is immediately appreciated in their sound and in the way they feel and play. The BTB-88O Bb Artist Trombone has an F rotor attachment and modern style linkage for the rotar mechanism. It has an open wrap which enhances instrument responsiveness. Outfit includes: BTB-88O, mouthpiece,...
    $1,289.99 | SAVE 49%
  • Capri Trumpets are built for the next generation of great players. With their ease of playability and standard professional quality features they truly are fun to play. For more than thirty years Capri Trumpets have proven to be both affordable and dependable and will continue to be there with young players, easing the transition from practice room to on stage performance.Features/Specs: Bore Size: .460" Slides: Hand lapped nickel silver ...
    $1,215.00 | SAVE 29%
  • Jupiter 528L Bb Valve Trombone
    Item # VBO528L
    | Mfg # 528L
    | UPC # 635464124001
    Jupiter 528L Deluxe Bb Flat Valve Trombone Outfit. Whetherperforming as a jazz musician or in any other ensemble, these horns are aperfect fit and perfectly priced. A very easy playing valve trombone.Good for both the professional or the amateur. Great choice for thedoubler. The 528L Deluxe Trombone Outfit features a key of Bb valvetrombone with.482" bore, 8" bell, nickel silver main outer slide,hand-lapped nickel silver valves, and wood-frame ha...
    $1,239.00 | SAVE 36%
  • Jupiter 536L Bb Trombone with F Attachment
    Item # FBO536L
    | Mfg # 536L
    | UPC # 635464120294
    The 536L is in the kye of Bb with F attachment and features a lacquered brass body, .525" medium bore, chromed inner slides, nickel silver outer slides, modified open wrap, direct pull trigger, tapered rotor bearing shaft with nylon sockets, 8.1" bell and all comes in a wood frame case. Bb w/F Attachment Lacquered Brass Body .525" Medium Bore Nickel Silver Outer Slide Chromed Inner Slides Modified Open Wrap ...
    $1,457.00 | SAVE 26%
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  • Ravel Paris 4/4 Tuba (4-rotary Valve) BB404
    Item # TUBRBB404
    | Mfg # RBB404
    | UPC # 816627010342
    Features: Key of Bb Gloss Lacquer finish 4/4 front action .630" bore 15" yellow brass bell Nickel silver lead pipe Nickel silver tuning pipeIncludes: Mouthpiece Polishing cloth Pair of white marching gloves Ravel lightweight protective case with wheels
    $2,359.99 | SAVE 39%