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  • Blessing French Horn Mouthpiece - 11
    Item # MP08411
    | Mfg # MPC11FR
    | UPC # 647759026464
    Blessing French Horn Mouthpiece - 11
    $24.69 | SAVE 42%
  • Blessing Trumpet Mouthpiece - 10.5C
    Item # MP08110.5C
    | Mfg # MPC105CTR
    | UPC # 647759026334
    Blessing Trumpet Mouthpiece - 10.5C
    $24.69 | SAVE 42%
  • CS626BTR Ravel Lightweight Trumpet Case
    Item # CS626BTR
    | Mfg # CS626BTR
    | UPC # 816627010595
    Ravel lightweight cases are a great buy for anyone looking for a lightweight case. Each is made from materials that offer the best protection and are not too heavy. Every lightweight case features a fabric covered outer shell with a plush lined poly-foam interior.
    $37.97 | SAVE 60%
  • Roche-Thomas Mi-T-Mist - 2oz
    Item # OP119
    | Mfg # RT15
    | UPC # 787772000154
    Mi-T-Mist is a topical antimicrobial designed to cleanse the mouthpiece and provide a refreshing agent that will remove residue build-up from the instrument. Easy to use: apply the fine mist spray to mouthpiece and let evaporate (about 45 seconds). To freshen and clean the inside of the instrument, spray liberally into the instrument and immediately swab. Mi-T-Mist evaporates quickly and assists in eliminating moisture. This product comes in a 2o...
    $3.89 | SAVE 21%
  • Bach Small Shank Trombone, Baritone and Euphonium Mouthpiece, 7
    Item # MP0567
    | Mfg # 3507
    | UPC # 641064004377
    Bach mouthpieces are designed to meet every conceivable playing need and have for nearly three quarters of a century. A Bach mouthpiece can make a good instrument play better. Volume and excellent intonation; ease of response in the high and low register; rich, uniform timbre throughout the range; resistance calculated to increase the player's endurance - these characteristics explain why the best professional artists choose Bach. Model No. - Rim...
    $71.00 | SAVE 33%
  • Bach Trumpet Mouthpiece, 5C
    Item # MP0545C
    | Mfg # 3515C
    | UPC # 641064004988
    Rim shape is described for each individual model. Model numbers progress numerically from model #1 with the largest cup diameter, to model #20C with the smallest cup diameter. Cup depths are notated with letters. "A" cups are the deepest; standard cups have no letter designation; progressively shallower cups are marked B through F. "A" Models have very deep cups, #24 backbores, and emit a large, dark sound. Models with n...
    $56.00 | SAVE 33%
  • LeBlanc - Twist Tube Cork Grease - Single Tube
    Item # OP028EA
    | Mfg # INTERNAL
    | UPC #
    High quality, pure-white cork grease in an easy to use, no-mess dispenser. 4.2 gram tube.Features: A high quality lubricant for corks and flute headjoints. Cork grease comes in a lipstick-like container which allows application without contacting your fingers.
    $1.79 | SAVE 12%
  • Ravel OP050 - Slide Oil, 1.4oz Bottle
    Item # OP050EA
    | Mfg # INTERNAL
    | UPC #
    Ravel oils and grease are made with the band program in mind. The quality is as good as anything out there at a price that cannot be beat!
    $1.39 | SAVE 31%
  • Blessing Trombone Mouthpiece - 12C
    Item # MP08212C
    | Mfg # MPC12CTRB
    | UPC # 647759026419
    Blessing Trombone Mouthpiece - 12C
    $33.88 | SAVE 45%
  • Denis Wick Adjustable Cup Trumpet Mute
    Item # BA160
    | Mfg # DW5531
    | UPC # 812759000251
    Denis Wick offers a range of mutes to suit all players and playing situations. British-made Denis Wick mutes are acclaimed worldwide for their sound quality, intonation in all dynamic ranges and superb workmanship.
    $46.97 | SAVE 50%
  • Ravel OP338 - Slide Grease, Single
    Item # OP338EA
    | Mfg # INTERNAL
    | UPC #
    Ravel oils and grease are made with the band program in mind. The quality is as good as anything out there at a price that cannot be beat!
    $1.25 | SAVE 45%
  • Slide-O-Mix 337 Trombone Lubrication System
    Item # OP185
    | Mfg # 337
    | UPC # 648023101528
    Advanced lubrication system for trombone slides. Used by professional trombone artists worldwide. Long-lasting formula requires only a minimal amount for maximum speed and action. Apply directly from bottle - no mess; no oily hands. Developed in Europe and endorsed by trombone professionals worldwide, Slide-O-Mix is a two part system which results in the finest slide action available. The combination of treatment and catalyst is easily applied. ...
    $9.97 | SAVE 47%
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