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  • Yamaha - SB7XC Silent Brass System for Trumpet
    Item # BA39579X
    | Mfg # SB7XC
    | UPC # 086792334141
    Brass instruments can be loud, but Yamaha devised a way for horn players to practice while listening to hi-fidelity sound that is only audible to the performer. The innovative, award-winning SILENT Brass systems provide musicians with the ultimate practice tool, ideal for use in any silent practice or warm-up situation. The popular SILENT Brass systems have evolved through innovative advances in sound technology and construction. The systems offe...
    $179.99 | SAVE 21%
    *****5 of 5 (2 Reviews)
  • DEG Trombone Mouthpiece Pouch
    Item # BA019
    | Mfg # A06SR300
    | UPC # 754865001374
    DEG Trombone Mouthpiece Pouch
    *****5 of 5 (2 Reviews)
  • ChopSaver Natural Lipbalm & Lip Moisturizer
    Item # BA140
    | Mfg # CHOPSAVER
    | UPC # 182740000172
    Chopsaver - For Musicians with Lips ! Brass and Woodwind players who depend on their lips everyday for producing a quality sound from their instrument will love this healing, smooth lipbalm. Maintaining healthy lips is needed to performing your best and mandatory for creating a consistent sound from your instrument. ChopSaver uses 100% natural ingredients including shea butter, mango butter and other moisturizers to protect your lips from the el...
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Bach 1826 Embouchure Visualizer for Both Trumpet and Trombone
    Item # MP067
    | Mfg # 1826
    | UPC # 641064066535
    Embouchure Visualizer for Trombone mouthpiece Every brass instrument teacher should use a visualizer to help set a pupil's embouchure correctly during the very first lesson. It shows at a glance when the mouthpiece is too high or too low on the lips, whether the lower jaw recedes, whether the tongue protrudes during the attack, and many other embouchure faults.
    $31.29 | SAVE 25%
  • Badger Zippered Vinyl Small Mouthpiece Pouch
    Item # BA011
    | Mfg # 55
    | UPC # 816627015637
    Badger Zippered Vinyl Small Mouthpiece Pouch
    $4.99 | SAVE 7%
  • Ingles - SA301 - Trumpet Holder for Slatwall
    Item # RD004
    | Mfg # SA301
    | UPC # 736021396241
    This holder displays the instrument in the playing position. Display multiple horns, all at the same angle, to make a very dramatic display. Fits most trumpets, coronets, flugelhorns and even bugles. Protective pads at all contact points. Holder becomes almost transparent behind the horn. Fits slatwall or slat-style grid.
    $21.50 | SAVE 25%
  • DEG Collar Protector
    Item # BA002
    | Mfg # A08SS2
    | UPC # 754865001497
    DEG Collar Protector
    $3.19 | SAVE 19%
  • DEG A08TSP Trombone Slide Bow Protector - Black
    Item # BA423
    | Mfg # A08TSP
    | UPC # 754865013421
    Just A Great New Item That Every Student Horn On Rent Should Have - Think Of The Repairs It Will Save. Also, Think Of The Marching Band-- Colorful Addition To The Trombone Section. Trombone Slide Bow Protector Protects Slide Bow From Nicks And Dents. Simply Place The Protector Over The Trombone Bow. Protector Can Remain On The Slide When Instrument Is Cases. Fits All Student Trombones.
    $4.79 | SAVE 19%
  • DEG Set of 2 Slide Savers
    Item # BA068
    | Mfg # A08SS1
    | UPC # 754865001480
    DEG Set of 2 Slide Savers
    $5.59 | SAVE 37%
  • Rovner Mouthpiece Manager
    Item # WA618
    | Mfg # MPM16
    | UPC # 689802251119
    Mouthpieces Are Serious Business. Get Yourself A Manager! Finally! An easy way to store and display your collection of mouthpieces.  Who needs it? Anybody desiring an easy, tidy solution to organizing a box, bag or drawer full of mouthpieces and ligatures. Store them upright...spend less time looking and more time playing. Great for the mouthpiece "collector," band director, store owner, or instrument repair shop.Features: Manages all siz...
    $16.99 | SAVE 31%
  • D'Andrea Leather Hand Grip w/ Velcro - Trumpet Accessories
    Item # BA102
    | Mfg # 805LV
    | UPC # 643876306632
    D'Andrea Leather Hand Grip w/ Velcro - Trumpet. If you play trumpet, don't dump it! Buy these trusty trumpet gloves and man-handle your brass like a true champ! These gloves will significantly reduce your chances of trumpet droppage.
    $8.79 | SAVE 46%
  • D'Andrea Leather Hand Grip w/ Ties - Trumpet Accessories
    Item # BA103
    | Mfg # 805LT
    | UPC # 643876306618
    D'Andrea Leather Hand Grip w/ Ties - Trumpet
    $7.29 | SAVE 41%
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