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  • Boomwhackers Boomophone XTS Whack Pack
    Item # EM757
    | Mfg # BPXS
    | UPC # 674362000116
    Boomwhackers & Tuned Percussion Tubes, C Maj Scale - Set of 8 Tubes Everything you need for a new way to play Boomwhackers--like a xylophone! Includes: 8-note Diatonic Set of Boomwhackers, Xylotote tube holder, pair of Boomwhacker Whacker Mallets, one Octavator tube cap, and the Whack-a-Doodle-Doo songbook (19 familiar children's songs and one original song, with notes colored to match the tube colors).
    $39.99 | SAVE 32%
  • Hohner Kids MS4001 - Toddler Music Band
    Item # EN074
    | Mfg # MS4001
    | UPC #
    Five-piece band will get all the little ones involved in the fun of making music. Set includes three musical sound shapes, mini-wave drum, and a toddler glockenspiel with safe mallet. This set comes in an attractive storage box with carrying handle.
    $34.99 | SAVE 20%
  • Hohner Kids UC102B - Toy Accordion - Blue
    Item # EN076B
    | Mfg # UC102B
    | UPC # 048667800946
    A scaled down version for kids of our larger models. This child sized accordion includes seven treble and two chord buttons. Includes songbook and playing instructions.
    $29.99 | SAVE 14%
  • The original version of Rock Scienceallows you to explore decades of rock history with your friends. Fromsolid game mechanics down to the details of the packaging, this boardgame is pure rock! With 1,600 questions on hundreds of artists from the'60s through today, compete by placing bets on other players' rockknowledge and by choosing the difficulty level of each trivia question.Select from 6 question categories about songs, albums, rockers, andm...
  • Meinl NINO Square Glockenspiel
    Item # PC060N902
    | Mfg # NINO902
    | UPC # 840553067415
    The NINO® Glockenspiel is a compact, child-friendly instrument that is great for learning the musical fundamentals. The NINO® Glockenspiel has a scale from c3 to f4. It also has a b-flat3 and an f-sharp3 key mounted on the side, as supplemental notes that complete the C major scale. The keys may be removed for simplicity and later replaced as the young player develops confidence. Mallets are included.
    $49.99 | SAVE 40%
  • Hohner Kids HRM6 - 6-Piece Rhythm Instrument Set
    Item # EN086
    | Mfg # HRM6
    | UPC #
    Strike up the band! All you need to have your own rhythm band party is included in this set. Includes; 6" tambourine, rhythm sticks, nylon wrist bell, wood sounder, 5" triangle with striker. Includes songs and activities to use with all the instruments. Comes with a canvas carry and storage bag.
    $38.99 | SAVE 13%
  • Meinl Nino Red ABS Tambourine
    Item # PC060NINO24R
    | Mfg # NINO24R
    | UPC # 840553042054
    The NINO® ABS Tambourines offer enhanced sound options due to attached jingle pairs. Synthetic Heads. Nickelsilver Jingles. Includes wood beater.
    $26.99 | SAVE 40%
  • Meinl NINO Shake'N Play Memory Game
    Item # PC060NINO526
    | Mfg # NINO526
    | UPC # 840553042535
    The NINO® shake'n Play is a sound-based memory game for two to four children ages three years and up, and fun for the entire family. sixteen identical shakers make eight matched pairs. the object of the game is to find the pairs by remembering the sounds and positions on the board. Shake'n Play is a good development game and certified childproof by the LGA. Features: 16 shakers (8 pairs) Game guide (in 8 languages) Wooden base ...
    $39.99 | SAVE 41%
  • Meinl NINOSET1 Nino Kids Percussion Set 1
    Item # PC060NINOSET1
    | Mfg # NINOSET1
    | UPC # 840553042252
    NINO® Instruments have been designed to meet the demands of early childhood education and are perfectly suitable for the use in kindergartens, schools, music therapy and musical activities in the family. Available are two different NiNO® Percussion collections which come in a durable nylon Harlekin® design bag. It's the perfect activity for small groups of up to 8 children.Includes: Wood Shaker, large Skin Maracas pair, small...
    $49.99 | SAVE 39%
  • RBI Rhythm Band RB108 Kidsplay 8-Note Handbell Set
    Item # EM559
    | Mfg # RB108
    | UPC # 037728506002
    Top quality construction and accurate intonation make this 8 Note Handbell Set the best value available. C-c range, each of the 8 metal bells are marked with the proper note and number to help children learn the musical scale. Five inches tall, the long handles enable players to grasp the bells securely.
    $38.99 | SAVE 22%
  • RBI Rhythm Band RB559C Kidsplay Handbell Set
    Item # EM559C
    | Mfg # RB108C
    | UPC #
    For those who already own RB108 Diatonic 8 Note Handbell Set. Includes C#, D#, G#, F#, A#
    $32.99 | SAVE 21%
  • Meinl Nino 10" Sea Drum
    Item # DRSNINO34
    | Mfg # NINO34
    | UPC # 840553067330
    The NINO® Sea Drum has hundreds of tiny metal balls enclosed between two clear mylar heads. By holding the drum horizontally and gently rolling it, you create the sounds of the ocean surf. Two Synthetic Heads. Natural Finish
    $34.99 | SAVE 41%
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