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  • Hohner Kids MP-200 8" Mini Rainmaker
    Item # EN144
    | Mfg # MP200
    | UPC # 7290002582564
    Shorter, 8" long, clear plastic rainstick, with colorful plastic beads. Special prisms in the walls of the instrument create a rainbow of colors as the beads cascade through the tube. Two rubber rings help to give an easy grip when used as a shaker. The combination of sound and color makes this product a delight for children.
    $11.99 | SAVE 14%
  • Boomwhackers Treble Extension Set
    Item # EM970BWEG
    | Mfg # BWEG
    | UPC # 674362000239
    This 7 note set starts where the C Major Diatonic Set leaves off. It contains high C#", D", D#", E", F", F#", and G".
    $12.99 | SAVE 23%
  • RBI Rhythm Band 8 Note Glockenspiel
    Item # EM6018
    | Mfg # RB2304
    | UPC # 037728508198
    Each brightly colored bar has note name indicated. C-C range.
    $14.99 | SAVE 14%
  • Remo Kid's 6" Lollipop Drum
    Item # EM5176
    | Mfg # ET710600
    | UPC # 757242158906
    Designed and shaped like a lollipop, kids will love to play with this pretuned graphic drumhead. Mallets are also included. Lollipop drums are an easy to play frame drum that is based on a simple drum design that has been around since mankind's earliest days. They are available in three sizes, 6", 8" & 10" with relative pitch high to low. FUN, FUN, FUN!
    $16.49 | SAVE 42%
  • Hohner Kids Toddler Tambourine
    Item # EN134
    | Mfg # MT608
    | UPC # 7290006631510
    Quality Tambourine, new attractive and safe design, lightweight and durable construction. 4 pairs of jingles create an excellent sound. Safe for young music makers +12 months. Due to ongoing product color changes, we can not guarantee exactly which color tambourine you will receive.
    $11.99 | SAVE 14%
  • Hohner Green Tones Stirring Xylophone
    Item # EN203
    | Mfg # 3727
    | UPC # 048667351585
    5.5" Rubberwood stirring xylophone. Wooden mallet stirred inside xylophone creates soothing soft sounds. All wood construction made from environmentally friendly Rubberwood with a non-toxic clear coat finish and water based VOC free paint.
    $12.99 | SAVE 13%
  • Hohner Kids PL-106 - Learn to Play Harmonica Package
    Item # EN081
    | Mfg # PL106
    | UPC # 048667800847
    Award winning harmonica instruction package features our easy to play 4-hole plastic harmonica along with an instructional guide. One of the easiest methods to learn songs! For ages +3 years.
    $12.99 | SAVE 7%
  • Hohner Green Tones Train Whistle
    Item # EN192
    | Mfg # 3776
    | UPC # 048667351677
    6" Rubberwood Train Whistle. Multi-play product - play as a toy train or as a whistle. Easy to play as whistle with a pleasing sound. All wood construction made from environmentally friendly Rubberwood with a non-toxic clear coat finish and water based VOC free paint.
    $12.99 | SAVE 13%
  • Hohner Kids MT-705 - Hand Drum
    Item # EN077
    | Mfg # MT705
    | UPC # 7290006631398
    Produce great sound with this easy to grip hand drum. Includes a child safe mallet which attaches to the side of the drum. Available in assorted primary colors. Safe for ages +3 years. Due to ongoing product color changes and supply, we can not guarantee exactly which color you will receive.
    $11.99 | SAVE 7%
  • Chord Dice - Key of C Major
    Item # QTT342796
    | Mfg # 113749
    | UPC # 859179003011
    Destroy writer's block! Let fate decide your next chord progression with a roll of the Chord Dice. Five, eight-sided dice display all seven chords of a diatonic major key plus one wildcard. Have fun teaching (or learning) songwriting and a chord's relationship to the root key in thiscolor coded method that helps you play thousands of new songs.
  • Hohner Kids 8" Mini Rainmaker
    Item # EN072
    | Mfg # SRM08
    | UPC # 048667800861
    Simply turn this colorful, plastic rainmaker over to watch and hear the "rain" fall. Safe for ages +6. A perennial best seller. Makes a great gift! County of Origin Israel.
    $11.99 | SAVE 7%
  • Meinl Nino Mini Guiros - Red
    Item # PC060NINO581R
    | Mfg # NINO581R
    | UPC # 840553041064
    The NINO Mini Guiros are made from high quality material. The sound is achieved by scratching the different surfaces of the guiro.
    $11.99 | SAVE 39%
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