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  • Vater Mike Johnston Signature Hickory Drum Sticks
    Item # SM054HW
    | Mfg # VHMJ2451
    | UPC # 641652868015
    Johnston's 2451 is a great all-around design that can be used in any musical style. It has a grip size between a 5A and 5B with a gradual taper to a barrel tip for ride cymbal definition. The gradual taper gives the model a fantastic and quick feel around the kit. The 2451 model is available in both Hickory and Sugar Maple. The Sugar Maple version is perfect for lower volume and lesson room type settings, while the Hickory version is the right ...
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  • Vic Firth Ney Rosauro Signature Symphonic Drum Sticks
    Item # SM021SNR
    | Mfg # SNR
    | UPC # 750795014637
    This is a versatile, multi-purpose snare drum stick featuring an elongated tip with increased surface area for enhanced sound quality. A long taper provides excellent rebound, while a slight taper towards the butt enhances the balance. These sticks are excellent for concert playing as well as for drum set. They are available in hickory with a length of 16.56" and a .6" diameter.
    $8.38 | SAVE 51%
  • Vic Firth 5B Chopout Drumsticks
    Item # SM3985BCO
    | Mfg # 5BCO
    | UPC # 750795017140
    The 5B Chop Out by Vic Firth features a a rubber tip with an elongated taper to simulate the balance of the 5B. Great for practicing or warming up before the gig without the need for a practice pad.
    $8.58 | SAVE 51%
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  • Vic Firth Akira Jimbo Signature Drumsticks
    Item # SM021AJ
    | Mfg # SAJ
    | UPC # 750795000906
    Akira has been a leading figure in the Japanese music scene for more than 15 years. He is best known for his work with the band Casiopea, where he became recognized for his unique playing style and intricate techniques. His stick has a tear drop tip with a tapered butt for better cymbal definition. Length: 16? Diameter: .565?
    $8.38 | SAVE 51%
  • Vic Firth SNM Nicko McBrain Signature Wood Tip Drumsticks
    Item # SM021NM
    | Mfg # SNM
    | UPC # 750795015290
    Known as the drummer for heavy metal band Iron Maiden, Nicko designed a stick which features a 5B shaft with a beefed up neck and tip. This is a medium sized stick that produces plenty of sound. Length: 16" Diameter: .595"
    $8.38 | SAVE 51%
  • Zildjian ASBS Bill Stewart Signature Series Wood Tip Drumsticks
    Item # SM006BS
    | Mfg # ASBS
    | UPC # 642388122501
    These drumsticks are derived from each artist's individual style, crafted under their direction from the finest hardwoods, and produced using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. Contemporary styled jazz stick. Super-Thin neck provides an extremely lively response, extra rebound and sensitivity.
    $7.88 | SAVE 54%
  • Designed by one today's Jazz greats, John's U.S. Select Hickory drum stick features an angular tip for unsurpassed articulate tones and incredible balance for control.
    $7.88 | SAVE 54%
  • Vater VHDRW Derek Roddy Wood Tip Drumsticks
    Item # SM054DRW
    | Mfg # VHDRW
    | UPC # 641652737014
    Derek's model is in between a 5A and 5B in the grip. The stick features a really quick taper to a small acorn tip for warm but defined cymbal tones. A great stick for a variety of musical applications. Length: 16 1/4" Diameter: .590"
    $8.48 | SAVE 50%
  • Vic Firth David Garibaldi Signature Drumsticks
    Item # SM021JM
    | Mfg # JM
    | UPC # 750795000678
    David Garibaldi's Signature Stick features a barrel tip and extra long taper for great cymbal and rim shot response. Length: 16 7/16? Diameter: .560? Available on iTunes: Tower of Power
    $8.38 | SAVE 51%
  • Vic Firth Joe Porcaro Diamond Tip Drumsticks
    Item # SM310H5A
    | Mfg # JPH5A
    | UPC # 750795013173
    As one of the world's most soughtafter studio percussionists and teachers, Joe Porcarohas developed the Diamond Tip Drumstick asthe perfect complement to conventional sticks. Theexclusive diamond shaped tip is designed to provideincreased articulation, greater technical facilityand a cleaner, brighter sound from the drums, cymbalsand hi-hats in any playing situation. A great choicefor drum set players as well as studio and orchestralpercussionist...
    $8.38 | SAVE 51%
  • Vic Firth Matt Cameron Signature Drumsticks
    Item # SM021MC
    | Mfg # SMC
    | UPC # 750795000883
    Matt's redesigned stick reflects his most current approach to playing the drums. "My original signature stick was beginning to feel long and heavy for my current state of playing," states Matt. "These new sticks allow me to explore more of a dynamic range and produce a great quality of sound on the ride cymbal." The stick features a 5B style shaft with an elongated taper. The barrel tip produces a full and satisfying cymbal so...
    $8.38 | SAVE 51%
  • Vic Firth Tony Royster Jr. Drumsticks
    Item # SM021TR
    | Mfg # STR
    | UPC # 750795007288
    Tony?s stick is a take off on the SD4 Combo. The stick is crafted in hickory which gives the design of this model extra weight and durability. The barrel tip assures sensitive drum and cymbal sounds. And with added length, the Tony Royster Jr. model is a great choice for jazz, rock, Latin and funk. Length= 16 1/8? Diameter= .547?
    $8.38 | SAVE 51%
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