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  • Vater VHSCSTD Stewart Copeland Signature Standard Drumsticks
    Item # SM054SCW
    | Mfg # VHSCSTD
    | UPC # 641652173010
    Stewart's stick features a rounded oval style bead that provides crisp, clear, articulate tones on cymbals and full-body tones from drums combined with superb balance and rebound, making this a great feeling stick. Hickory. Length: 16? Diamter: .555?
    $8.88 | SAVE 50%
  • Vic Firth SHM3 Harvey Mason Drum Stick
    Item # SM021HM3
    | Mfg # SHM3
    | UPC # 750795017850
    Designed to navigate a variety of musical styles. Subtle barrel tip for articulate cymbal quality and full drum sounds.Length = 16-3/8"Diameter = .540" 
    $8.38 | SAVE 51%
  • Vater Mike Johnston Signature Hickory Drum Sticks
    Item # SM054HW
    | Mfg # VHMJ2451
    | UPC # 641652868015
    Johnston's 2451 is a great all-around design that can be used in any musical style. It has a grip size between a 5A and 5B with a gradual taper to a barrel tip for ride cymbal definition. The gradual taper gives the model a fantastic and quick feel around the kit. The 2451 model is available in both Hickory and Sugar Maple. The Sugar Maple version is perfect for lower volume and lesson room type settings, while the Hickory version is the right ...
    $8.88 | SAVE 50%
  • Vic Firth American Classic Kinetic Force 5B Drum Sticks
    Item # SM3805BW
    | Mfg # 5BKF
    | UPC # 750795016716
    Kinetic energy is a function of mass and speed. By adding a more dense material to the butt end of the sticks they can be played longer and harder with less fatigue. They can also help you play faster!
    $11.18 | SAVE 50%
  • Vic Firth Dave Weckl Evolution Nylon Tip Drumstick
    Item # SM021SDW2N
    | Mfg # SDW2N
    | UPC # 750795014439
    Dave Weckl Evolution (SDW2N) - A short tear drop tip on a 5A shaft. Provides superior cymbal definition with excellent rebound. In hickory. L = 16", Dia. = .563" For durability and the brightest cymbal sounds, nylon tips are the answer. These­ new American Classic®, American Custom® and Signature nylon tip sticks are a perfect reflection of their very popular wood tip counterparts, so players can switch from the richness o...
    $8.68 | SAVE 51%
  • Vic Firth Kenny Aronoff Signature Drumsticks
    Item # SM021KA
    | Mfg # PP
    | UPC #
    An Extreme 5B shaft with the neck and tip of a Rock. Plenty of weight for heavy hitting, yet thin enough to play with finesse. Length= 16 1/2? Diameter= .595?
    $8.38 | SAVE 51%
  • Promark Joey Jordison OAK Autograph Model Drumsticks
    Item # SM009515W
    | Mfg # PW515W
    | UPC # 616022127122
    The 515 was designed by Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison. It features a classic 5A diameter, a slim neck for fast precise rebound and a full round bead for great articulation and projection. The “blood red ink” also contains Joey’s actual blood! Not only can you own a stick with Joey’s signature, you can own a piece of Joey himself!Features: Shira Kashi™ Oak is a dense and heavy wood providing a sturdy feel in your ...
    $10.58 | SAVE 49%
  • Short taper and a slightly oversized oval shape wood tip for added projection and durability. The 757 was designed by Ray Luzier of the rock band Korn. This medium-tapered stick features a 5B diameter and oval tip for power and balance.Features: Hickory is the most popular wood choice for drumsticks due to its resilience, responsiveness, durability, and classic feel Diameter: .590" Length: 16-1/8" Oval wood tip provides a dark, warm tone...
    $8.88 | SAVE 50%
  • Vic Firth Ney Rosauro Signature Symphonic Drum Sticks
    Item # SM021SNR
    | Mfg # SNR
    | UPC # 750795014637
    This is a versatile, multi-purpose snare drum stick featuring an elongated tip with increased surface area for enhanced sound quality. A long taper provides excellent rebound, while a slight taper towards the butt enhances the balance. These sticks are excellent for concert playing as well as for drum set. They are available in hickory with a length of 16.56" and a .6" diameter.
    $8.38 | SAVE 51%
  • Zildjian ASHB Hal Blaine Signature Series Wood Tip Drumsticks
    Item # SM006HB
    | Mfg # ASHB
    | UPC # 642388298527
    These drumsticks are derived from each artist's individual style, crafted under their direction from the finest hardwoods, and produced using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. Our most compact stick offers a delicate, controlled response. Designed for the studio by a king of the studio. U.S. Select Hickory.
    $7.98 | SAVE 53%
  • Zildjian Ringo Starr Signature Drumsticks
    Item # SM006RS
    | Mfg # ASRS
    | UPC # 642388308653
    Zildjian is honoured to announce its recent collaboration with the incomparable Ringo Starr to create an all-new Zildjian Artist Series Drumstick in 2013.  Ringo helped Zildjian design a very versatile stick with 5A type dimensions, an elongated oval tip, and Zildjian's exclusive DIP coating in a vibrant purple colour.  The stick is imprinted with Ringo's signature and trademark star.L=16"; DIAMETER=.545"
    $8.28 | SAVE 53%
  • Vater VHDRW Derek Roddy Wood Tip Drumsticks
    Item # SM054DRW
    | Mfg # VHDRW
    | UPC # 641652737014
    Derek's model is in between a 5A and 5B in the grip. The stick features a really quick taper to a small acorn tip for warm but defined cymbal tones. A great stick for a variety of musical applications. Length: 16 1/4" Diameter: .590"
    $8.88 | SAVE 50%
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