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  • Vic Firth Zoro Signature Drumsticks
    Item # SM021SZ
    | Mfg # SZ
    | UPC # 750795013012
    An enlarged SD4 with a barrel tip for great tone while grooving on the cymbals and hi-hat. Length = 16 3/8", Diameter =.555" / Length = 41.59cm, Diameter = 1.41cm
    $8.38 | SAVE 51%
  • Promark Pro Grip Anton Fig Signature Stick
    Item # SM338AFW
    | Mfg # TXAFW
    | UPC # 616022130733
    Promark introduces the Anton Fig signature drumstick. This drumstick has a short taper making this a forward-heavy stick that generates a lot of sound. The stick is made of hickory, and features a large wooden barrel tip. The handle of the stick is treated with our Pro-Grip solution for a secure grip. Length: 16.75”Diameter: .595"
    $10.98 | SAVE 49%
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Innovative Percussion Joey Waronker Standard Hickory Drum Sticks
    Item # SM344JW1
    | Mfg # JW1
    | UPC # 819148007099
    The Joey Waronker model features a quick taper with an elongated bead.  JW-1 Features: Hickory Elongated Bead Length: 16 1/8" Diameter: .540"  
    $8.28 | SAVE 49%
  • Vic Firth Tony Royster Jr. Drumsticks
    Item # SM021TR
    | Mfg # STR
    | UPC # 750795007288
    Tony?s stick is a take off on the SD4 Combo. The stick is crafted in hickory which gives the design of this model extra weight and durability. The barrel tip assures sensitive drum and cymbal sounds. And with added length, the Tony Royster Jr. model is a great choice for jazz, rock, Latin and funk. Length= 16 1/8? Diameter= .547?
    $8.38 | SAVE 51%
  • Vic Firth SDW2 Dave Weckl Signature Series Evolution Wood Tip Drumsticks
    Item # SM021WECKLEV
    | Mfg # SDW2
    | UPC # 750795000999
    These SDW2 Dave Weckl Evolution Wood Tip Drumsticks have a short tear drop tip on a 5A shaft for superior cymbal definition with excellent rebound. Length: 16" Diameter: .563"
    $8.38 | SAVE 51%
  • Vic Firth Joe Porcaro Diamond Tip Drumsticks
    Item # SM310H5A
    | Mfg # JPH5A
    | UPC # 750795013173
    As one of the world's most soughtafter studio percussionists and teachers, Joe Porcarohas developed the Diamond Tip Drumstick asthe perfect complement to conventional sticks. Theexclusive diamond shaped tip is designed to provideincreased articulation, greater technical facilityand a cleaner, brighter sound from the drums, cymbalsand hi-hats in any playing situation. A great choicefor drum set players as well as studio and orchestralpercussionist...
    $8.38 | SAVE 51%
  • Vic Firth STI Tommy Igoe Groove Essentials Signature Drumsticks
    Item # SM021TI
    | Mfg # STI
    | UPC # 750795016433
    Tommy's new Groove Essentials Signature Stick features a "Taj Mahal" tip that is ideal for sensitive cymbal work. The extended taper and length add leverage for great feel and power when needed. Length: 16 1/8" Diameter: .555"
    $8.38 | SAVE 51%
  • Vic Firth SAS Aaron Spears Signature Series Drumsticks
    Item # SM021AS
    | Mfg # SAS
    | UPC # 750795016280
    Vic Firth's SAS Aaron Spears Signature Drumsticks feature a medium shaft with a long smooth taper into the neck and then to the tip. The longer taper creates a well balanced stick with great rebound. Length: 16 1/2" Diameter: .585" Wood Tip: Smooth Barrel
    $8.38 | SAVE 51%
    *****4 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Vic Firth Dave Weckl Evolution Nylon Tip Drumstick
    Item # SM021SDW2N
    | Mfg # SDW2N
    | UPC # 750795014439
    Dave Weckl Evolution (SDW2N) - A short tear drop tip on a 5A shaft. Provides superior cymbal definition with excellent rebound. In hickory. L = 16", Dia. = .563" For durability and the brightest cymbal sounds, nylon tips are the answer. These­ new American Classic®, American Custom® and Signature nylon tip sticks are a perfect reflection of their very popular wood tip counterparts, so players can switch from the richness o...
    $8.68 | SAVE 51%
  • Promark SD4W Bill Bruford Signature Series Maple Wood Tip Drumsticks
    Item # SM110SD4W
    | Mfg # SD4W
    | UPC # 616022106509
    A gifted writer and arranger with eclectic tastes and a distinct drumming style. Length: 15 7/8" Diameter: 0.531"
    $8.98 | SAVE 50%
  • Vic Firth David Garibaldi Signature Drumsticks
    Item # SM021JM
    | Mfg # JM
    | UPC # 750795000678
    David Garibaldi's Signature Stick features a barrel tip and extra long taper for great cymbal and rim shot response. Length: 16 7/16? Diameter: .560? Available on iTunes: Tower of Power
    $8.38 | SAVE 51%
  • Vater VHBFMW Brian Frasier-Moore Wood Tip Drumsticks
    Item # SM054BFMW
    | Mfg # VHBFMW
    | UPC # 641652738011
    This stick design comes from one of the most in demand drummers of today. Brian's stick design is just under a 5A in the grip but with some extra length for added reach. The gradual taper to the medium sized barrel tip makes it a nicely balanced and versatile stick. Length: 16 1/2" Diameter: .565"
    $8.48 | SAVE 50%
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