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  • This set contains 5 blades: Slot .055", .070", .080", .100" & Awl. 4" overall length and a steel handle. A must for all band directors and professional musicians.
    $9.21 | SAVE 12%
  • Blazer Pencil Torch PT-4000, Portable Hand Torch
    Item # RT129B
    | Mfg # 1894000
    | UPC # 085244000214
    This unique looking hand torch features a slim design allowing for easy portability. Ignites instantly with a press of the Quick-Start ignition ball located at the rear of the torch. Slim pencil design allows for a familiar and comfortable grip. Flame adjustment switch provides precise control of flame length. This completely portable, self contained unit will meet all your repair shop, field work and professional needs. Available in a m...
    $44.95 | SAVE 21%
  • Ferree's H70 Quick-Dry Cork Cement
    Item # RP910
    | Mfg # H70
    | UPC #
    Ferree' s H70 Quick-Dry Cork Cement resists oils and greases, dries instantly and gives an excellent, lasting bond. Installs all types of tenon corks, key corks, felts and water key corks. Many other uses. IMPORTANT: Keep the can tightly capped to prevent evaporation. If after a period of time, the cement gets thicker, refill with H70S Solvent and mix it well. Do not buy more than one bottle of solvent at a time.
  • Blazer Brand Triple Refined Butane Gas, 150g
    Item # RT122
    | Mfg # 1893000
    | UPC # 085244000023
    Triple Refined for Triple the Protection - Help ensure a long life for all your Blazer products. Our triple refined premium grade butane gas is specially designed for use with all Blazer products (as well as other product brands) The triple refining process won't clog your tool with dirt and grime like other brands may. Each long lasting canister of RF-300 Butane gas contains 150 grams of this premium grade butane gas. A must have item to keep...
    $8.99 | SAVE 30%
  • Blazer PB 207 Pocket Micro Torch, Clear
    Item # RT121
    | Mfg # 1892072
    | UPC # 085244000054
    The original BLAZER Pocket Micro Torch! Featuring our industry first state-of-the-art piezo quartz crystal instant ignition system, a powerful wind resistant 2500°F flame and all the portability you'll ever need in a unique and powerful package. A record of unsurpassed quality and reliability will have you reaching for this handy tool time and again! Side panel locking switch locks on the powerful 2500°F flame for longer jobs. Use the ...
    $41.95 | SAVE 30%
  • Blazer Hot Shot MT-3000 Lightweight Torch - Yellow
    Item # RT130Y
    | Mfg # 1893002
    | UPC #
    The lightweight Hot Shot MT-3000 torch is the perfect tool for those quick touch up jobs. The powerful 2500°F blue torch flame and unique ridged grip body are just 2 of the great features of this tool. Flame adjustment dial on the top and quick ignition button on the side provides quick and precise control of flame length. This completely portable, lightweight tool will meet all your light repair shop needs.Conveniently located air flow dia...
    $28.95 | SAVE 17%
  • Valentino Deluxe Repair Kit
    Item # RP180
    | Mfg # 700001
    | UPC # 046716220004
    Valentino's most popular kit for Band Directors and Educational Reps is the Valentino Deluxe Repair Kit which contains over 600 items. The top section is a Brass Repair Kit, Valentino woodwind and brasswind repair kits are valued highly by educators, educational reps, musicians, small stores and studios containing stuck slide tools, mouthpiece truing tool, a mouthpiece puller, and an assortment of water key seals and valve washers to service bras...
    $388.00 | SAVE 35%
  • Blazer Products Excalibur Soldering Kit
    Item # RT203
    | Mfg # 1891004
    | UPC #
    A self igniting and cordless Soldering Iron, Hot Air Blower and Butane Torch complete in 1 great tool  The Piezo Electric instant ignition system provides a quick start-up in any mode. Includes a wide range of tips, wrench, sponge and a tube of solder for all your needs.Electronic system repair, Automotive, Industrial, Woodworking, Lapidary, Optical repair, General maintenance and Professional repair jobs. A versatile kit that should be in e...
    $59.95 | SAVE 40%
  • Ferree's Flute Gauge
    Item # RT021
    | Mfg # E61
    | UPC #
    Special gauge for adjusting flute pad cup opening and leveling. Small step is for trills and upper C# key. Middle step is for mainline keys on the body and the third step is for the foot joint keys.
    $7.98 | SAVE 11%
  • Ferree's Saxophone Spring Hook
    Item # RT034
    | Mfg # D1B
    | UPC #
    Ferree's Saxophone Spring Hook
    $10.95 | SAVE 27%
  • Ferree's Tools H53A Replacement Wick for Alcohol Lamp
    $0.99 | SAVE 1%
  • Valentino 700006 Emergency Care Clarinet Repair Kit
    Item # RP183
    | Mfg # 700006
    | UPC #
    This repair kit is designed to fit into most clarinet cases. Contains 12 Assorted pads (11 White & 1 Cork Color Register Key), 25 Key Corks, 1 Black Thumb Rest Cushion, Elastic Key Clamp, Pad Leveling Tool, 2 Key Cork Swatches, 1 Pad Pin and Slick, 2 Joint Corks w/ Build Up Strips, 1 Spring Hook Scraper Tool, and a Pocket Screwdriver. Fix it right on the gig if necessary.
    $36.77 | SAVE 34%
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