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  • Vic Firth SJOR Steve Jordan Signature Series Wood Tip Drumsticks
    Item # SM021SJOR
    | Mfg # SJOR
    | UPC # 750795014071
    Steve Jordan is well known as a multi-instrumentalist, musical director, producer and a writer of exceptional quality. His most recent projects involve performing with the John Mayer Trio and Sonny Rollins, while in the past he has collaborated with countless super stars including Billy Joel, Bruce Springsteen, Alicia Keys, Stevie Nicks, Luther Vandross, Neil Young, Sheryl Crow, B.B. King, Bob Dylan, James Taylor and David Sanborn. His new Signa...
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  • Vic Firth Gavin Harrison Signature Drumsticks
    Item # SM021HAR
    | Mfg # SHAR
    | UPC # 750795017843
    Gavin’s new signature stick is crafted in hickory and features an elongated ROCK shaft with a blended taper and tip, delivering an ideal combination of power and playability. Striking this balance was key to unlocking the raw energy, finesse and musicality for which Gavin is so well known. “Although large”, Gavin states, “My new signature sticks are extremely balanced and versatile enough to be played at all dynamics.&rdqu...
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  • Promark TX747W Hickory Wood Tip 747 Drumsticks
    Item # SM010747W
    | Mfg # TX747W
    | UPC # 616022105496
    Promark's premium, hand selected hickory is hand finished in the USA. Diameter: .551" Length: 16 1/4"
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  • Vic Firth SPE Peter Erskine Signature Wood Tip Drumsticks
    Item # SM021ERSKINE
    | Mfg # SPE
    | UPC # 750795000456
    Light and fast with a piccolo tip for pinpoint articulation on cymbals.Length: 16" Diameter: .525"
    $8.38 | SAVE 51%
  • Vic Firth American Classic Metal Drumsticks - Wood Tip
    Item # SM021CMW
    | Mfg # CM
    | UPC # 750795000364
    The American Classic® line combines tradition and Vic Firth style. With bold designs for fuller sound, the Classics are turned from select hickory ? a dense wood with little flex for a more pronounced sound. Hickory is also capable of withstanding a great deal of shock, making it highly durable. Oval tip. Offers extra reach and power. Length: 17? Diameter: .635?
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  • On-Stage 2B Nylon Tip Drumsticks - One Pair
    Item # SM329H2BN
    | Mfg # HN2B
    | UPC # 659814355457
    To play with lightning speed you need sticks that are stronger, straighter, and last longer. These sticks are made from wood found deep in the forests of China that is perfect for just that. On-Stage drum sticks have been logged, air kiln dried, shaped, sanded, sealed and are ready to make some thunder! These are great hickory sticks with a nice weight and finish.
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  • Vic Firth Ralph Hardimon Hammer Nylon Tip
    Item # SM021RH2
    | Mfg # SRH2
    | UPC # 750795017126
    Vic Firth SRH Ralph Hardimon Corpsmaster Marching Snare Drumsticks have been field tested and proven for many years. The Vic Firth Ralph Hardimon SRH Drumsticks feature a unique barrel tip and long taper for quick rebound and added control. The Vic Firth SRH are turned in hickory for strength and power. Wood tip. Length: 17" Diameter = .710"
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  • Innovative Percussion MS1 Student Marching Seconds Wood Tip Drumsticks
    Item # SM269MS1
    | Mfg # MS1/FSBK/A4S-2NDS
    | UPC #
    Very nice quality sticks are perfect for practice, elementary school, students, and more. Sticks may only have a slight blemish, or are slightly mismatched in weight or pitch. Other than that, they are good straight solid sticks.
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  • Promark SD1W American Maple Wood Tip SD1 Drumsticks
    Item # SM110SD1W
    | Mfg # SD1W
    | UPC # 616022103331
    More and more drummers who prefer maple sticks are switching to Promark American maple. These sticks are rock solid, yet lightweight. They are ideal for studio, jazz, concert or symphonic performance. Tough enough for rockers who want a lighter weight stick. Diameter: .630" Length: 16 3/8"
    $7.38 | SAVE 51%
  • Promark PW2BN Japanese White Oak Nylon Tip 2B Drumsticks
    Item # SM0092BN
    | Mfg # PW2BN
    | UPC # 616022102921
    Promark's Shira Kashi White Oak Drumsticks are the most preferred oak sticks in the world. Each stick is hand finished and hand inspected. No other white oak stick can match the fullness of sound, superior craftsmanship and durability. Diameter: .630" Length: 16"
    $9.88 | SAVE 50%
  • Regal Tip 105NT Hickory 5A Nylon Tip Drumsticks
    Item # SM0275A
    | Mfg # RN105NT
    | UPC # 653382001051
    Nylon tip sticks from Regal Tip are iconic. They were invented and perfected by the Calato family nearly 50 years ago. Made in the USA from American Hickory, these sticks are where it all began! Play a nylon tipped stick from Regal Tip and never look back. Play harder and longer with Regal Tip's Wide Series Nylon Tip drumsticks. Available in 5A, 5B, 7A, and Jazz models, the wider taper allows players to play their style, and have a durable stick ...
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  • Vic Firth American Custom Driver Drumsticks
    Item # SM021SD9
    | Mfg # SD9
    | UPC # 750795000098
    The American Custom® line consists of a variety of models conceived and engineered by Vic Firth ? performer and teacher. The first manufacturer to apply the concept of a round striking surface to drumstick design, Vic developed the other originals that complete the line with jazz players in mind. Oval tip. A favorite for jazz. Length= 16 1/4? Diameter= .610?
    $7.38 | SAVE 51%