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  • Galaxy Audio Checkmate CM-140 SPL Meter
    Item # MICCM140
    | Mfg # CM140
    | UPC # 691281410000
    The CM-140 is small in size, low cost high performance and features a MAX/MIN function, level range display, AC signal output, resolution 0.1 dB, IEC 651 Type II, ANSI S1.4 TypeII, Electret condenser microphone, Accuracy: ±1.5 dB ( ref 94dB @1KHz ), Level Range: Lo = 35 ~ 80 dB Med = 50 ~ 100 dB Hi = 80 ~ 130 d, A, C frequency weighting, fast, slow time weighting, AC signal output, 50dB dynamic range, 9V battery life of 70 hours, has dimen...
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  • Korg - Electribe Music Creation and Performance Sampling Workstation
    | Mfg # ELECTRIBES
    | UPC #
    The new Korg Electribe Sampler puts the power of sample-based production into your hands. Electribe Sampler is a powerhouse of sampling, functionality, and hands-on  features geared towards the creation numerous genres of music. A whopping 16 parts/samples are available per pattern, and users can choose from an expansive  ollection of built-in samples, create and manipulate their own, and mix and match for the ultimate productions. Crea...
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  • Korg SQ-1 CV Sequencer For Any Analog Synth
    Item # SYSSQ1
    | Mfg # SQ1
    | UPC #
    CV sequencer supporting Hz/V ad V/Oct Works with ANY analog product Two sets of CV and GATE; run one analog product for 16 steps or two for 8 steps Audio (volca, electribe), MIDI, and littleBits sync USB for power and MIDI connectivity; optional battery power
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  • Arturia’s BeatStep offers a new degree of functionality and performance for a portable pad controller.BeatStep is highly versatile, capable of triggering clips in such applications as Ableton Live, it also allows you to play drums in conjunction with such applications as BFD or EZDrummer.BeatStep is also a 16-step analog sequencer for creating all kinds of musical phrases to be sent to analog synthesizers, MIDI drum machines, MIDI keyboard ...
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  • Zoom - EXH-6 Dual XLR-TRS Input Capsule for H6 Recorder
    Item # MICEXH6
    | Mfg # EXH6
    | UPC # 884354012328
    If you need more inputs, simply plug in the optional EXH-6 Dual XLR/TRS Combo capsule. It allows you to connect up to six discrete signals from external microphones, instruments, mixers or portable music players, making the H6 the smallest six-track recorder on the planet! Both EXH-6 inputs are combo jacks that accept either XLR or ¼" balanced (TRS) or unbalanced (TS) connectors. They can handle both mic- and line-level signals, which mean...
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  • Hosa "Sidekick" Passive Direct Box
    Item # EFFDIB443
    | Mfg # DIB443
    | UPC # 728736033511
    The Hosa Sidekick Passive Direct Box is a no-brainer for any gigging musician. A straightforward solution to sending a guitar or bass signal into a mixing board, the Sidekick will preserve the signal while reducing unwanted noise as well. No battery required.
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  • Korg Volca Keys - Analog Lead Synthesizer
    | Mfg # VOLCAKEYS
    | UPC #
    Volca keys is an analog lead synthesizer that provides carefully selected parameters that allow the user to create a diverse array of fat sounds that can be obtained only from an analog synthesizer. Volca keys come equipped with a loop sequencer for intuitively generating phrase performances. Multiple units can be used in tandem, or together with your DAW software. Battery operation and built-in speakers mean that users can conveniently play anyw...
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  • Radial StageBug SB-2 Passive DI - Passive Direct Box for Bass and Keys
    | Mfg # R8000120
    | UPC # 676101040650
    The StageBug SB-2 is a passive direct box designed for high output instruments like active basses, keyboards and drum machines along with other buffered sources like DJ mixers, computers and CD players. It features an instrument input, a thru-put to feed an onstage amp or personal monitoring system plus a transformer isolated output. The custom made Eclipse transformer performs the balancing and impedance matching for optimal signal transfer. And...
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  • Radial ProDI Mono Direct Box
    Item # EFFPRODI
    | Mfg # R8001100
    | UPC # 676101035847
    The Radial ProDI's are high-quality, full-range passive direct boxes equipped with custom made audio transformers for exceptional signal handling without saturation and with extremely low phase distortion in the critical bass and mid regions. The result is exceptional clarity and definition at an attractive price point. Ultra-compact and made of 14 gauge steel, both ProDI models feature internal I-beam construction with a 'book-end' outer shell f...
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  • TC Helicon VoiceTone Mic Mechanic - Vocal Effect/Control Pedal
    | Mfg # 996013005
    | UPC #
    Dead room? Flat mic? No sound guy? Call in Mic Mechanic – a complete vocal toolbox in a compact, easy-to-use pedal.As your personal sound engineer Mic Mechanic provides time-tested tone and effects you can take anywhere – and always sound your best.What every singer needsWith Mic Mechanic you get tried and true combinations of the Reverbs and Delays from our renowned VoiceLive series. These are classic sounds designed to enhance and c...
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  • Korg MS-20 Desktop Module and SQ-1 Sequencer
    Item # SYSMS20MSQ1
    | Mfg # MS20MSQ1
    | UPC #
    MS-20 Module + SQ-1 Desktop module version of the MS-20 in kit form plus one SQ-1 CV sequencer Limited edition (Approx. 300 for U.S.); allocation SQ-1 will also be available as a separate productMS-20 Module Additional junction matrix for interfacing with SQ-1 and other analog products New FM mode and filter select switch (both filter versions) right on the panel! New oscillator sync Wooden ends for more distinct...
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  • Radial Pro48 Active Direct Box
    Item # EFFPRO48
    | Mfg # R8001105
    | UPC # 676101036776
    The Radial Pro48 is a high-performance 48V phantom powered active direct box designed specifically for today's higher output instruments.Features: High resolution active direct box Increased dynamic range and headroom 48V phantom powered with digital switching Compact, rugged book-end design Ideal for active guitars and bassesThe Pro48's inovative digital switching power supply significantly increases headroom and allows for le...
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