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  • Audio-Technica ATH-M40x Professional Monitor Headphones
    Item # SRSATHM40X
    | Mfg # ATHM40X
    | UPC # 4961310125424
    The M-Series ATH-M40x professional monitor headphones are tuned flat for incredibly accurate audio monitoring across an extended frequency range. Your studio experience is enhanced with superior sound isolation and swiveling earcups for convenient one-ear monitoring. Engineered with pro-grade materials and robust construction, the M40x excels in professional studio tracking and mixing, as well as DJ monitoring. More About the M-Series Headphones ...
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    *****5 of 5 (2 Reviews)
  • Audio-Technica AT8451 Wire Hanger Adapter for Overhead Microphones
    Item # EA017
    | Mfg # AT8451
    | UPC # 042005310050
    Audio-Technica AT8451 Audio-Technica's AT8451 Wire Hanger Adapter for Overhead Microphones (Black) provides a unique way to position hanging microphones suspended by nothing more than their connecting cable. The Wire Hanger Adapter has two coiled ends: one that cradles your mic while the other end hugs your cable. In between is a flexible section that can be bent to any useful angle. This Wire Hanger has a black finish. Useful accessories includ...
    $13.49 | SAVE 20%
    *****5 of 5 (2 Reviews)
  • Audio-Technica ATGCW Instrument Wireless Cable
    Item # CD243
    | Mfg # ATGCW
    | UPC # 042005308200
    Instrument/Guitar Cable with 1/4" Phone Plug Wouldn't it be great to plug your guitar, or your instrument, into your wireless system? This cable lets you! AND it gives you great sound. Wireless Hi-Z instrument/guitar cable with 1/4" phone plug, terminated for use with the UniPak transmitter. Compatible with any of the UniPak Transmitters
    $20.48 | SAVE 14%
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardiod Condenser Microphone
    Item # MICAT2020
    | Mfg # AT2020
    | UPC # 4961310081348
    The price/performance standard in side-address studio condenser microphone technology. This mic is ideal for project/home-studio applications. Features a high SPL handling and wide dynamic range provide unmatched versatility , custom-engineered low-mass diaphragm provides extended frequency response and superior transient response, cardioid polar pattern reduces pickup of sounds from the sides and rear, improving isolation of desired sound source...
    $99.00 | SAVE 41%
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Audio-Technica ATH-E40 Professional In-Ear Monitor Headphones
    Item # SRSATHE40
    | Mfg # ATHE40
    | UPC # 4961310135577
    The proprietary dual phase push-pull driver design of the ATH-E40 professional in-ear monitor headphones provides improved fidelity and efficiency. These headphones deliver powerful bass along with balanced mid and high frequencies to convey the full emotion of the music from the stage to the street.The ATH-E40 features specially designed housings that provide incredible isolation. The isolation – and the comfort – are enhanced by the...
    $99.00 | SAVE 28%
  • Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Monitor Headphones - Black
    Item # SRSATHM50X
    | Mfg # ATHM50X
    | UPC # 4961310125431
    As the most critically acclaimed model in the M-Series line, the ATH-M50 is praised by top audio engineers and pro audio reviewers year after year. Now, the ATH-M50x professional monitor headphones feature the same coveted sonic signature, with the added feature of detachable cables. From the large aperture drivers, sound isolating earcups and robust construction, the M50x provides an unmatched experience for the most critical audio professionals...
    $169.00 | SAVE 29%
    *****5 of 5 (4 Reviews)
  • Audio-Technica AT4040 Cardioid Condenser Microphone
    Item # MICAT4040
    | Mfg # AT4040
    | UPC # 042005127955
    Designed for professional recording and critical applications in broadcast and live sound. The AT400 has a technically-advanced large diaphragm tensioned specifically to provide smooth, natural sonic characteristics. It offers great versatility due to its exceptionally low noise, wide dynamic range and high-SPL capability. The transformerless circuitry virtually eliminates low-frequency distortion and provides superior correlation of high-speed...
    $299.00 | SAVE 39%
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Audio-Technica ATH-E50 Professional In-Ear Monitor Headphones
    Item # SRSATHE50
    | Mfg # ATHE50
    | UPC # 4961310135560
    The ATH-E50 features specially designed housings that provide excellent isolation, ensuring confident, comfortable stage performance. To address the evolution of modern music production, this model also excels at providing a consistent reference in every sonic environment, making it the ideal choice for the producer on the road.The sound isolation and comfort offered by the ATH-E50 are enhanced by the four sizes of included silicone eartips (XS/S...
    $199.00 | SAVE 28%
  • Audio-Technica ATH-E70 Professional In-Ear Monitor Headphones
    Item # SRSATHE70
    | Mfg # ATHE70
    | UPC # 4961310135553
    The ATH-E70 is the flagship in-ear monitor model in the E-Series. Its accuracy and detail allow precise balancing of the mix, making it the perfect choice for monitoring on stage or mixing in the studio. Offering extended frequency response and an accurate sound stage, this model is designed for sound professionals who demand the best.The ATH-E70 features specially designed housings that provide incredible isolation. The isolation – and the...
    $399.00 | SAVE 28%
  • Audio-Technica ATH-M30x Professional Monitor Headphones
    Item # SRSATHM30X
    | Mfg # ATHM30X
    | UPC # 4961310125417
    The M-Series ATH-M30x professional monitor headphones combine modern engineering and high-quality materials to deliver a comfortable listening experience, with enhanced audio clarity and sound isolation. Tuned for highly detailed audio, with strong mid-range definition, these versatile monitoring headphones are ideal in a variety of situations. Designed primarily for studio tracking and mixing, they offer added features for increased portability,...
    $69.00 | SAVE 30%
  • Audio-Technica ATH-M70 Closed Back Monitor Headphones w/ 2 Black Cables
    Item # SRSATHM70X
    | Mfg # ATHM70X
    | UPC # 4961310125462
    The latest addition to the critically acclaimed M-Series line, the ATH-M70x professional monitor headphones feature proprietary 45 mm large-aperture drivers and are tuned to accurately reproduce extreme low and high frequencies (5 to 40,000 Hz) while maintaining perfect balance. They are ideal for studio mixing and tracking, FOH, DJing, mastering, post-production, audio forensics and personal listening. Crafted for lasting durability with a colla...
    $299.00 | SAVE 28%
  • Audio-Technica’s System 10 is a digital high-fidelity wireless system designed to provide performing musicians and presenters with advanced 24-bit operation, easy setup and clear, natural sound quality. Operating in the 2.4 GHz range, far from TV and DTV interference, System 10 offers extremely easy operation and instantaneous channel selection. Up to eight channels may be used together without any frequency coordination problems or group s...
    $299.95 | SAVE 42%
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)
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