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  • Celtic Women - A Christmas Celebration, DVD
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    Celtic Woman: A Christmas Celebration features traditional yuletide classics like "Away in a Manger," "Little Drummer Boy," "O Holy Night," and "Silent Night" sung by some of the genre's loveliest sirens and accompanied by the occasional harp, cello, violin, and keyboard. Fans of Enya and Clannad will find this relaxing collection to be a nice addition to their seasonal arsenal, while children between the a...
  • Abbey Road to Ziggy Stardust - Reference Book
    Item # QTT330413
    | Mfg # 37250
    | UPC # 038081415970
    Off the Record with The Beatles, Bowie, Elton & So Much MoreBy Ken Scott and Bobby OwsinskiItem: 00-37250UPC: 038081415970ISBN 10: 0739078585ISBN 13: 9780739078587Category: Textbook - GeneralFormat: Hardcover BookTurn on any classic rock station and you’ll soon hear a song that Ken Scott worked on. As one of the preeminent recording engineers and producers of the 20th century, Ken has garnered Gold, Platinum, and Diamond record sales aw...
  • Buddy Rich Jazz Legend DVD - 1917 - 1987
    Item # DD018
    | Mfg # 903792
    | UPC # 654979037927
    Previously sold only as two separate VHS tapes, this new DVD contains both parts I and II. Features extremely rare footage of Buddy with Artie Shaw, Harry James, Tommy Dorsey, and performances with his own band as well as TV specials, home movies and festivals. Many special features are also included on this DVD that are not on the VHS tapes.
  • Laura Story - Blessings (Folio)
    Item # QPC319199
    | Mfg # 75720167
    | UPC # 645757201678
    Consider it a great joy...whenever you experience various trials (James 1:2)What if your blessings come through raindrops? What if your healing comes through tears?There's no denying some of the blessings in Laura Story's life. As the songwriter of the #1 Worship Hit, “Indescribable,” recorded by Chris Tomlin in 2004, she married her high school sweetheart, Martin Elvington the following year. She then began working in music and women...
  • Shining Night: A Portrait of Composer Morten Lauridsen - Biographical DVD
    Item # DD1290
    | Mfg # 102062
    | UPC # 884088670962
    Shining Night: A Portrait of Composer Morten Lauridsen, the first episode of the Song Without Borders series, In Search of The Great Song, is also the first documentary about the artist considered to be one of the greatest living choral composers. A National Medal of Arts recipient, named an “American Choral Master” by the National Endowment for the Arts, Lauridsen has achieved the status of the most frequently performed modern choral...
  • This superb 2-DVD set takes an in-depth look at the endless capabilities of Roland Boss GT-8. Forget about spending hours reading through a manual you may never understand! This DVD clearly explains the many possibilities of th GT-8 including amp modeling, system set-ups and hundreds of effects parameters. The A to Z of performance possibilities of this amazing processor are explained concisely in an easy-to-understand manner.
  • Until the launch of the Flying V and Explorer in 1958, electric guitars were supposed to look Suddenly, Gibson turned conventional design upside down, almost literally, by using straight lines and angular body shapes, changing the way electrics could look and, in the process, creating a set of rare future collectables. Flying V, Explorer, Firebird tells the story of those first peculiar instruments and goes on to describe Gibso...
  • Gorden Campbell Presents Secrets of the Working Drummer - DVD
    Item # DD1338
    | Mfg # 114496
    | UPC # 884088873950
    Among the many useful topics addressed in this package are the basicrole of the drummer, the concept of pocket, learning basic song form,versatility (being able to play various styles), soloing in a musicalsituation, playing with a click, working with electronics, andconducting business professionally. These discussions are aimed atplayers of all levels who want to get more and better gigs. There arealso informative and useful sections dealing wi...
  • How to Play from a Real Book - Softcover
    Item # QIF324769
    | Mfg # 312097
    | UPC # 884088548186
    All musicians should be able to sit down at the keyboard and make sense of a tune. With that goal in mind, every instrumentalist and singer can profit from this book. It covers many techniques for exploring, understanding, and performing the songs found in real books. You will learn how to analyze the form and harmonic structure, insert an introduction, interpret the melody, improvise on the chords, construct bass lines, voice the chords, add sub...
  • How to Write a Fast & Easy Drum Chart - Book and CD
    Item # QTT336016
    | Mfg # 39097
    | UPC # 038081435275
    How to Write a Fast and Easy Drum Chartteaches an innovative and simple approach to drum chart writing thattakes almost no time to learn. Designed for drummers, composers, andstudents who need drum charts for the various songs they encounter, thismethod won’t require you to turn multiple pages and read bar after barof music. Instead, you will see the full form of a song on one piece ofpaper and only need to write a few measures of drum nota...
  • The Rickenbacker Electric Bass - 50 Years as Rock's Bottom - Softcover
    Item # QTT348910
    | Mfg # 333679
    | UPC # 884088651299
    With the introduction of the two-pickup 4001 model in 1961, theRickenbacker bass became a phenomenon. The Beatles' use of Rickenbackerinstruments was pivotal: teen groups everywhere wanted to have the sameinstruments The Beatles used so they could achieve the “right” sound.With its ultra-modern design that made the classic Fender Precision Basslook downright old-fashioned, the Rick quickly became a darling ofprogressive groups that lo...
  • The Strat in the Attic - Thrilling Stories of Guitar Archaeology - Hardcover
    Item # QTT349427
    | Mfg # 121132
    | UPC # 884088920869
    Guitar sleuth and music-history detective Deke Dickerson tells the truetales of 50 thrilling rare guitar finds that will make guitarists greenwith envy. A golden Fender Stratocaster hidden away in an attic for 30years. A sunburst Gibson Les Paul worth $100,000. Jimi Hendrix's Stratburned by the guitarist during a concert – and then mysteriously lostfor decades. The mint Fender Broadcaster forgotten under a bed in aneighbor's house. The 1960...