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  • The Older Beginner Piano Course - Level 1
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    This appealing course of study for beginners age 12 and up is designed functionally, allowing students to play and harmonize melodies from the beginning. A time-tested chord approach method that really works!Suggested Use of Materials: When the student reaches page 5, he is ready to begin Musicianship, Level 1 (WP34) When the student reaches page 14, he is ready to begin Music Flashcards (GP27) When the student reaches page 15, he is rea...
  • My First Piano Adventure - Lesson Book: A with CD
    Item # QKM248851
    | Mfg # 420259
    | UPC # 674398219551
    Written for ages 5 and 6, My First Piano Adventure® captures the child'splayful spirit. Fun-filled songs, rhythm games and technique activitiesdevelop beginning keyboard skills. Three distinguishing features of theLesson Book A make it unique and effective for the young 5-6 year oldbeginner. 1. A strong focus on technique embedded in the book throughplayful technique games, chants, and carefully-composed pieces thatgently lead the child into ...
  • Accelerated Piano Adventures for the Older Beginner - Lesson Book 1
    Item # QKM153378
    | Mfg # 420227
    | UPC # 674398202423
    Book 1 covers fundamental rhythms, all the notes of the grand staff, Cposition, G position. Contents include: Aloha Oe • Amazing Grace •Bagpipes • Bus Stop Boogie • Camptown Races • Chant of the Monk • Chantof the Monks • Chinese Dragon • Chord Crossings • Dreamscape • EineKleine Nachtmusik • English Minuet • Fife and Drums • Forest Drums •French Minuet.
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  • Major and minor pentascales; intervals through the 6th; C. G, and Fmajor scales. Contents include: Almost Like a Dream • America • AmericanFiddle Tune • Beach Party • Beethoven's Fifth Symphony Theme • BluesTrain • The Boogie Machine • Brahms' Lullaby • Can-Can • CathedralChimes • Chord Jumps • Classical Dance • Cross-Hand Arpeggios • ElMatado.
  • Technique & Artistry Book 2 combines “Technique Secrets” from levels2A and 2B with new exercises and “Artistry Magic” pieces that correlate with Accelerated Piano Adventures Lesson Book 2. These elegantly simple“technique secrets” build a solid technical foundation for the older beginner and are used as daily warm-ups throughout the book. Students are guided to produce a variety of pianistic motions always ...
  • My First Piano Adventure Lesson Book: C with CD
    Item # QKM254787
    | Mfg # 420263
    | UPC # 674398221219
    Book C of the Fabers' young beginner method continues the staff-readingadventure with the introduction of skips (3rds). Students first exploreskips aurally and kinesthetically across the full range of the keyboard.A delightful variety of songs follow which carefully and comfortablyguide the child toward line-line and space-space staff recognition. Thenew CD for Book C offers a unique listening experience with outstandingorchestrations and vocals....
  • My First Piano Adventure - Lesson Book B with CD
    Item # QKM250504
    | Mfg # 420261
    | UPC # 674398219575
    Book B of the Fabers' method for the young beginner moves the studentinto staff-reading. Music notation is explored through stepwisedirectional reading, pattern recognition, and changing hand positions,all in the context of engaging songs, games and creative exploration atthe piano. Maintaining the child-centered philosophy of the series, the“friends at the piano” from the A Books introduce students to the musicof two new composer fri...
  • Popular Repertoire - Level 3A - Lesson Book
    Item # QKM184612
    | Mfg # 420238
    | UPC # 674398206889
    The Popular Repertoire book provides popular hits paired withimaginative activity pages that explore rhythm, note reading, and theorybasics. Contents: Animaniacs (Main Title Theme) • From a Distance • ISwear • I Will Always Love You • The Pink Panther • Puff the MagicDragon • Superman (Theme) • That's the Way It Is • Tiny Toon Adventures(Theme Song).
  • Piano Adventures - Level 3B – Popular Repertoire Book
    Item # QKM189050
    | Mfg # 420241
    | UPC # 674398207732
    The Popular Repertoire Book provides popular hits paired withimaginative activity pages that explore rhythm, note reading, and theorybasics. Contents: Angel Eyes • Honky Cat • I Believe I Can Fly • I GotRhythm • I'll Be There fro You • Inspector Gadget (Main Theme) •Jeopardy Theme • The Rose • Sunrise, Sunset.
  • Premier Piano Course: Flash Cards, Level 2A
    Item # QKM242193
    | Mfg # 22367
    | UPC # 038081234748
    By Dennis Alexander, Gayle Kowalchyk, E. L. Lancaster, Victoria McArthur, and Martha Mier Flash Cards correlate with the Lesson Book and include two types of cards: Music Cards and Sight-Reading Cards. Music Cards include symbols, terms, note identification, rhythm patterns and keyboard layout. Sight-Reading Cards include staff-reading patterns based on the repertoire. Item: 00-22367 UPC: 038081234748 Series: Premier Piano Course Cate...
  • Play Piano Today! Book/CD - Level 1
    Item # QIU186279
    | Mfg # 842019
    | UPC # 073999561425
    The perfect series to get beginners playing today! This book/CD pack will teach the absolute beginner how to play the piano at their own pace, and in their own style. The CD includes audio instruction as well as accompaniment tracks. Composer: Warren Weigratz Length: 48 pages
  • Primer Level – Gold Star Performance - Book
    Item # QKM240015
    | Mfg # 420255
    | UPC # 674398218981
    An exciting collection for the elementary pianist that offersperformance pieces “with a challenge.” As the title “Gold Star”suggests, these pieces are especially appropriate for recitals and othermusical events. The long awaited addition to the Piano Adventures®series contains songs and pieces like: Pterodactyls, Really Neat •Cartoon Stories • Squinchy-Pinchy Shoes • Roller Skate Ride • and more.Inc...
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