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  • Piano Adventures - Primer Level - Lesson Book - 2nd Edition
    Item # QKM139908
    | Mfg # 420168
    | UPC # 674398201259
    The2nd Edition Primer Lesson Book introduces the keyboard, note values,and the grand staff. Students play in C 5-finger scale patterns, developrecognition of steps and skips, and learn letter names independent offinger number. Musicianship is built through the use of dynamics andcoloristic experimentation with the pedal. The book is organized intounits which represent the major concepts and skills. As new units areintroduced, earlier concepts and...
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  • Primer Level – Sightreading Book
    Item # QKM309142
    | Mfg # 420328
    | UPC # 884088564001
    This inventive sightreading course uses sets of exercises based onmelodic and rhythmic patterns from the 2nd Edition Primer Lesson Book.Students play one exercise a day, completing one set per week.Entertaining musical art helps guide the sightreading process and eachpage presents a new learning vignette in a spirit of fun.
  • Technique & Artistry Book 2 combines “Technique Secrets” from levels2A and 2B with new exercises and “Artistry Magic” pieces that correlate with Accelerated Piano Adventures Lesson Book 2. These elegantly simple“technique secrets” build a solid technical foundation for the older beginner and are used as daily warm-ups throughout the book. Students are guided to produce a variety of pianistic motions always ...
  • Correlated with the 12 units of the Lesson Book, this book providesvaluable reinforcement of theory, concepts through writing, sightreding,and ear training activities
  • ShowTime Popular - Level 2A - Softcover
    Item # QKM178230
    | Mfg # 420152
    | UPC # 674398200979
    Series: Faber Piano Adventures®Publisher: Faber Piano AdventureFormat: SoftcoverArrangers: Nancy Faber, Randall FabePiano Level: 2ANine perfectly-arranged pieces students will enjoy.Contents Including Happy Birthday to You It's a Small World Hedwig's Theme (from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone) Olympic Fanfare Over the Rainbow and more.  
  • Piano Adventures - Level 5 – Lesson Book
    Item # QKM140322
    | Mfg # 420186
    | UPC # 674398201433
    Level 5 continues to build musicianship with the circle of 5ths,cadences, flat key signatures, and the three forms of the minor scale.The use of octaves, arpeggios, and dynamic playing across the range ofthe keyboard develops pianistic skills. Contents include: Autumn Ballad Ballade (Burgmuller) Blue Etude Carillon Fantasia   The Chase(Burgmuller) Coral Reef Etude Fanfare on America Hot Pursuit Jazz Reflection ...
  • Major and minor pentascales; intervals through the 6th; C. G, and Fmajor scales. Contents include: Almost Like a Dream • America • AmericanFiddle Tune • Beach Party • Beethoven's Fifth Symphony Theme • BluesTrain • The Boogie Machine • Brahms' Lullaby • Can-Can • CathedralChimes • Chord Jumps • Classical Dance • Cross-Hand Arpeggios • ElMatado.
  • Adult Piano Adventures All-in-One Lesson Book 2 - Softcover
    Item # QKM203574
    | Mfg # 420246
    | UPC # 674398211166
    Book 2 offers carefully sequenced instruction in notereading, musictheory and piano technique for the adult student. Students explorepieces arranged in the keys of D and F Major, as well as D and E Minor.Keyboard harmony is taught using “lead sheets” with chord accompaniment patterns.Contents include: Cathedral Chimes ‘O Sole Mio! Sloop John Brahms' Lullaby The Lion Sleeps Tonight Hava Nagila Give MyRegards...
  • Piano Adventures - Level 5 – Performance Book
    Item # QKM140350
    | Mfg # 420188
    | UPC # 674398201457
    This book provides a collection of effective pieces to beused in conjunction with the Lesson Book. However, teachers will findthat the creative, appealing pieces in this book make an idealsupplement with many other piano methods as well. Contents include:Allegro in A major • Appalachian Trail • Bearcat Boogie • Come Back toSorrento • The Danube Waves • Gypsy Prayer • Mazurka in G Minor • PoeticTheme and Variatio...
  • Contents include: African Celebration Club Jazz Down by the Riverside Everybody Ought to Know Gallop on the Moor German Dance Holiday Fanfare Mysterious Cavern Niagra Falls ‘O Sole Mio! Pale Moon Serenade Peppermint Rag Prelude in F Prince of Denmark's March Ride of Paul Revere The Snow Castle “Surprise” Symphony Theme Tambourin The Time Machine Waltz in D Major.
  • Accelerated Theory Book 2 is divided into fifteen units, correlatingwith the fifteen units of Lesson Book 2. Each unit provides valuablereinforcement of basic theory concepts through writing, sightreading,and ear-training activities.
  • Piano Adventures - Level 3B – Technique & Artistry Book
    Item # QKM189049
    | Mfg # 420240
    | UPC # 674398207725
    The integration of technique and artistry in this course gives studentsthe tools of expressive performance. Students will build a technicalfoundation with the purpose of artistic playing through the use of“Technique Secrets,” “Artistry Magic” pages, and an appendix of scalesand triads.
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