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  • Zildjian T3906 Mouse Pad
    Item # MB9303906
    | Mfg # T3906
    | UPC # 642388118573
    Zildjian T3906 Mouse Pad
  • Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition Graphing Calculator
    Item # CEP84PLECTBL1L1
    | Mfg # 84PLECTBL1L1
    | UPC # 033317205691
    Customize your learning with TI-84 Plus C graphing calculator applications. The addition of applications extends the functionality of your calculator, allowing you to perform specific math and science functions and deepen your understanding of concepts. InformationOperations/Functionality:Matrix, Polynomial, Root Finder, Rectangular Function, Parametric Expression, Polar Expression, Recursively-defined Sequence, Integral Derivative Probability, T...
  • Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition Pink
    Item # CEP84PLECTBLS
    | Mfg # 84PLECTBLS
    | UPC # 033317205882
    Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition PINK 2425 Graphing Calculator has all the functionality of the TI84 Plus Silver but with color and more powerful features. Includes Full-color, backlit display; Familiar TI-84 Plus functionality that's easy to learn; TI Rechargeable Battery; Importing of color images - even your own photos; Customization with color slide cases and faceplates. The TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition supports the following imag...
  • Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus Silver Edition Graphic Calculator
    Item # CEP84PL2VSCCBX1
    | Mfg # 84PL2VSCCBX1L
    | UPC # 033317191888
    Technical Information Operations/Functionality: Rectangular functions Parametric expressions Polar expressions Probability distributions Recursively-defined sequences Interactive graphical analysis including numerical derivatives and integrals Advanced statistics functions, including hypothesis testing and calculation of confidence intervals Financial functions: (time-value-of-money, cash flow calculations and...
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