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  • Standard Of Excellence: Trombone - Book 1
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    Method books 1 and 2 combine a strong performance-centered approach with music theory, music history, ear training, listening composition, improvisation, and interdisciplinary and multicultural studies. The result is the most complete band method available anywhere. Each method book features full color drawings and color-coding of important text and music motivate and inform, three starting systems help ensure positive results in any beginning...
  • Standard Of Excellence: Trombone - Book 3
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    Standard of Excellence Book 3 is a continuation of the strong performance-centered curriculum of Books 1 and 2. It is also an intermediate level band method book that introduces students to Western Music History. Students play music from the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods, plus the 20th Century; they learn performance and technical skills within the appropriate historical context. Students are given a complete m...
  • Concert Favorites Vol. 1 - Trombone Songbook
    Item # QIC224164
    | Mfg # 860130
    | UPC # 073999448504
    Includes: Let's Rock, Majestic March, When The Saints Go Marching In, Mickey Mouse March, Power Rock, Farandole, Jus' Plain Blues, My Heart Will Go On, Rainbow Connection, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Drums of Corona, Laredo (Concert March), Pomp and Circumstance, Stratford March and Do-Re-Mi. Series: Essential Elements Band Folios Arranger: John Higgins Arranger: Michael Sweeney Arranger: Paul Lavender Composer: Various Band ...
  • Rubank Advanced Method: Trombone-Baritone - Volume I
    Item # QIU171788
    | Mfg # 4470350
    | UPC # 073999703504
    An outlined course of study designed to follow up any of the various elementary and intermediate methods. Length: 76 pages
  • Rubank Intermediate Method: Trombone-Baritone (Skornicka-Boltz)
    Item # QIU171496
    | Mfg # 4470190
    | UPC # 073999701906
    A follow up course for individual or like-instrument class instruction. Length: 48 pages
  • A Rhythm a Week for Band - Trombone Method Book
    Item # QIU195800
    | Mfg # ELM01032
    | UPC # 654979024682
    Dr. Anne Witt has developed an effective tool to encourage the mastery of common rhythms for today's band student. Based on Igor Hudadoff's A Rhythm a Day, Witt's method targets the specific rhythmic problems and focuses on learning isolated rhythmic examples with 52 rhythm units in unison using major and minor scales. No band musician's folder should be without this invaluable resource! Based on A Rhythm a Day by Igor Hudadoff By Anne C. Wi...
  • Concert Favorites Vol. 2 - Trombone Songbook
    Item # QIC235260
    | Mfg # 860172
    | UPC # 073999932737
    Includes: Gallant March, High Adventure, The "Hey" Song, Beethoven's Ninth, Bandroom Boogie, Amazing Grace, Infinity Concert March, Latin Fire, Linus and Lucy, Star Trek Generations, American Spirit March, Gathering in the Glen, The Loco-Motion, Scarborough Fair, and Royal Fireworks Music. Series: Essential Elements Band Folios Arranger: James Curnow Arranger: John Higgins Arranger: John Moss Arranger: Michael Sweeney Arran...
  • Do It! Play Trombone - Book 2 and CD
    Item # QIU195965
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    Artist performers set musical standards in sound with more than 80 great performances on CD for every instrument, and one CD lasts for the entire book! Professional studio backgrounds capture the rich diversity of American music culture with a repertoire of American, Latin American, African, European, and Far Eastern styles. Music of other times includes 12th-century conductus, 15th-century Dance of the Bouffons, 16th-century French branle, 18th-...
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  • Rubank Elementary Method: Trombone-Baritone (Long)
    Item # QIU171479
    | Mfg # 4470020
    | UPC # 073999700206
    A fundamental beginning course for individual or like-instrument class instruction. Length: 52 pages
  • Film Favorites - Trombone Songbook
    Item # QIC229458
    | Mfg # 860151
    | UPC # 073999778953
    As a follow up to the popular Movie Favorites, this eagerly awaited collection features the hottest movie themes arranged for full band or individual soloists (with optional accompaniment CD). In the student books, each song includes a page for the full band arrangement as well as a separate page for solo use. Includes: Pirates of the Caribbean, Mission: Impossible Theme, My Heart Will Go On, Zorro's Theme, Music from Shrek, May It Be, You'll ...
  • Yamaha Band Student - Trombone Book 3
    Item # QIU76747
    | Mfg # 5226
    | UPC # 038081009612
    Yamaha Band Studentwill appeal to teachers looking for a well-paced lesson sequence thatkeeps students motivated to continue past the first critical year. It isaffordably priced, attractively presented and meets the needs oftoday's students and educators. Each level includes numerous songs,duets, trios and four full-band arrangements right in the methoditself---perfect for first-year concerts.
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  • • Grade 1 concert band music.• Playable with only 1 flute, 2 clarinets, 1 alto saxophone, 2 cornets/trumpets and percussion, up to full instrumentation.• Full, complete sound, even without bass clef instruments. The bass clef part in octaves is optional.• Both clarinet parts stay below the break.• Optional F Horn and Tenor Saxophone parts are written in their best ranges.• Bell part for teaching melodic percussion.Ti...
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