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  • Foundations For Superior Performance, Tuba Book
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    | Mfg # W32BS
    | UPC # 9780849770166
    This method book helps to organize the daily rehearsal and improve the overall performance level of the ensemble. From as little as five minutes a day to forty-five minutes a day, this book offers the flexibility and options to fit any particular band situation for year two throughout high school. It also provides the director with the resources to meet each student on his or her own level while challenging them to reach the next level. Found...
  • Standard Of Excellence: F Horn - Book 2
    Item # QIU80033
    | Mfg # W22HF
    | UPC # 9780849759611
    Method books 1 and 2 combine a strong performance-centered approach with music theory, music history, ear training, listening composition, improvisation, and interdisciplinary and multicultural studies. The result is the most complete band method available anywhere. Each method book features full color drawings and color-coding of important text and music motivate and inform, three starting systems help ensure positive results in any beginning...
  • Student Instrumental Course: Trombone Student, Level II - Trombone Method Book
    Item # QIU201134
    | Mfg # BIC00256A
    | UPC # 654979193739
    The Belwin Student Instrumental Course is a course for individual instruction and class instruction of like instruments, at three levels, for all band instruments. Each book is complete in itself, but all books are correlated with each other. Although each book can be used separately, all supplementary books should be used as companion books with the method.
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  • First Place for Jazz 1st & 2nd Trombone - Introductory Method Book
    Item # QIU328369
    | Mfg # W75TB
    | UPC # 9780849771057
    By: Dean Sorenson10-digit ISBN Number: 0849771056 13-digit ISBN Number: 9780849771057Media: Music BooksLevel or Grade: 1Series: First Place for JazzEdition Number: W75TB
  • First Place for Jazz 1st & 2nd Trumpet - Introductory Method Book
    Item # QIU328367
    | Mfg # W75TP
    | UPC # 9780849771040
    By: Dean Sorenson10-digit ISBN Number: 0849771048 13-digit ISBN Number: 9780849771040Media: Music BooksLevel or Grade: 1Series: First Place for JazzEdition Number: W75TP
  • For the teacher of instrumental music classes, individual differences among students are inevitable.Unfortunately, the lack of flexible materials frequently forces teachers to adopt a quasi-instructional procedure best described as lockstep, where all students in the class rehearse each exercise until the slow members of the class succeed or until the teacher gives up.The Individualized Instructor was designed with the expectation that students a...
  • Standard of Excellence: First Performance - Baritone TC Book
    Item # QIU190022
    | Mfg # W26TC
    | UPC # 9780849706622
    First Performance is a collection of 13 Very Easy/Easy (Grade ½ - Grade 1) pieces for beginning band. The variety of styles including marches, folk songs Latin, rock, blues, transcriptions, and holiday music provide fun and exciting repertoire for beginning bands from the very first concert and throughout the year. Each selection is composed to ensure student success with extensive cross-cueing, limited ranges, and interesting parts for al...
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  • A Rhythm a Week for Band - Trombone Method Book
    Item # QIU195800
    | Mfg # ELM01032
    | UPC # 654979024682
    Dr. Anne Witt has developed an effective tool to encourage the mastery of common rhythms for today's band student. Based on Igor Hudadoff's A Rhythm a Day, Witt's method targets the specific rhythmic problems and focuses on learning isolated rhythmic examples with 52 rhythm units in unison using major and minor scales. No band musician's folder should be without this invaluable resource! Based on A Rhythm a Day by Igor Hudadoff By Anne C. Wi...
  • Concert Favorites Vol. 1 - Tuba Songbook
    Item # QIC224239
    | Mfg # 860133
    | UPC # 073999070996
    Includes: Let's Rock, Majestic March, When The Saints Go Marching In, Mickey Mouse March, Power Rock, Farandole, Jus' Plain Blues, My Heart Will Go On, Rainbow Connection, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Drums of Corona, Laredo (Concert March), Pomp and Circumstance, Stratford March and Do-Re-Mi. Series: Essential Elements Band Folios Arranger: John Higgins Arranger: Michael Sweeney Arranger: Paul Lavender Composer: Various Band ...
  • Ensemble Concepts for Band - Fundamental Level - Trumpet Method Book
    Item # QIU250676
    | Mfg # 960120
    | UPC # 073999337532
    The highly acclaimed ensemble method by Eddie Green, John Benzer and David Bertman is now available for beginning and intermediate musicians. Ensemble Concepts ? Fundamental Level is designed to help young ensembles to acquire solid performance skills while also learning overall musicianship. The exercises fit easily into your warm-up routine, so you don't have to sacrifice musicianship for the sake of the "nuts and bolts" learning all young musi...
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  • (Essential Elements for Band and Essential Elements Interactive are fully compatible with Essential Elements 2000)Essential Elements for Band offers beginning students sound pedagogy and engaging music, all carefully paced to successfully start young players on their musical journey. EE features both familiar songs and specially designed exercises, created and arranged for the classroom in a unison-learning environment, as well as instrument-spec...
  • Essential Elements for Jazz Ensemble - Trombone
    Item # QIU183562
    | Mfg # 841351
    | UPC # 073999976984
    Specifically designed to teach jazz basics to students with 1 or 2 years playing experience, but with no prior experience playing jazz. Great for individual or classroom use. Teaches the basics of swing style in a step-by-step approach using well-known songs. Improvisation is made easy starting with simple 2-measure phrases. Scales and basic theory are introduced in a simple and easy to understand approach. 2 CD's are included with recordings of ...