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  • Grover GP720 Ukulele Humidifier
    Item # GA979
    | Mfg # GP720
    | UPC # 082562088443
    The Grover Ukulele Humidifier has a unique design that allows you to keep it in place and refill without removing the sound hole cover. An easy and reliable way to keep your instrument protected from low humidity.
    $11.49 | SAVE 27%
  • Herco Guardfather Humidifier No. HE360, Case Humidifier
    Item # GA669HE360
    | Mfg # HE360
    | UPC # 710137014428
    Clay material helps prevent drying out and cracking of wooden instruments.
    $3.09 | SAVE 39%
  • Oasis OH-1 Guitar Humidifier
    Item # GA797OH1
    | Mfg # OH1
    | UPC # 898775001007
    This is the original Oasis humidifier that clearly shows when it is ready for refill. Water vapor, but not liquid water, escapes through the fabric providing the extra humidity needed when the outside humidity is between 25-40%. Humigel crystals inside the humidifier absorb the water to provide an extra layer of leak protection. A refill syringe is included with every Oasis humidifier.
    $19.95 | SAVE 9%
  • Planet Waves Acoustic Guitar Humidifier
    Item # GA018
    | Mfg # GH
    | UPC # 019954928759
    The number one cause of major guitar repairs is lack of humidification. Humidifying your guitar is an essential step in maintaining your instrument. The best selling Planet Waves Acoustic Guitar Humidifier makes it easy to properly and safely humidify your guitar. The Humidifier hangs safely in the sound hole suspend by the instruments strings so it never touches the body of the instrument. Simply moisten the sponge, install and that's it. The h...
    $6.49 | SAVE 40%
    *****5 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Kyser Dreadnought Guitar Humidifier
    Item # GU575D
    | Mfg # KLHA
    | UPC # 009265166001
    Kyser Dreadnought Guitar Humidifier
    $18.69 | SAVE 6%
  • Kyser Classical Guitar Humidifier
    Item # GU575C
    | Mfg # KLHC
    | UPC # 009265165004
    Prolonged exposure to too-dry or too-damp climates can cause loss of resonance and shorten the life of your valuable guitars. Easily installed and removed from the sound hole, Lifeguard Humidifiers regulate the humidity inside the instrument. The Lifeguards absorbs excess moisture in damp conditions, and humidifies in dry conditions. A smart, inexpensive way to protect the investment you've made in your guitars. Features: Regulates the humidit...
    $18.69 | SAVE 6%
  • Oasis OH-14 Case Plus Humidifier
    Item # GA797OH14
    | Mfg # OH14
    | UPC # 898775001250
    The Oasis Case Plus+ humidifier uses the same evaporative membrane as the Oasis Plus+ humidifier, providing 50% more daily humidity supply than the Oasis Case humidifier. This humidifier is designed for use in drier environments where the relative humidity is below 25%. The Oasis Case Plus+ humidifier, like the Oasis Case humidifier, uses two powerful small magnets, which are embedded in the seam of the humidifier, to attach to either a small st...
    $19.95 | SAVE 9%
  • OH-2 Oasis Digital Hygrometer
    Item # GA798OH2
    | Mfg # OH2
    | UPC # 898775001014
    Knowing when to use the Oasis humidifier is easy with the Oasis Digital Hygrometer. The easy-to-read display will show when the relative humidity drops below 40%. Oasis humidifiers should not be used when the humidity is above 40%. Each package comes with a case clip and double-sided tape. The hygrometer can be either clipped to the case or secured directly to the lining of the case.
    $29.95 | SAVE 14%
  • Oasis OH-18 Ukulele Humidifier
    Item # GA797OH18
    | Mfg # OH18
    | UPC # 898775001328
    Our newest humidifier is designed especially for your ukulele with two unique features:   1.) A mounting system that allows the humidifier to hang horizontally inside the ukulele rather than vertical (like the guitar humidifier).   2.) A humidity output of about 50% of the blue Oasis guitar humidifier, to accommodate the ukulele’s smaller instrument size. This also allows the humidifier to last twice as long between refi...
    $19.95 | SAVE 9%
  • OH-4 Humigel Replacement Kit
    Item # GA799OH4
    | Mfg # OH4
    | UPC # 898775001045
    Each package includes sufficient crystals for 4-6 refills, a measuring spoon, a refill syringe and instructions for use. To keep the Oasis humidifier in top performing condition, the Humigel crystals should be washed out and replaced with fresh crystals at the end of each humidification season or once per year if the humidifier is used all year long.
    $5.95 | SAVE 14%
  • Planet Waves Humidipak System Replacement Packets, 3-pack
    Item # GA683R3
    | Mfg # PWHPRP03
    | UPC # 019954964023
    3-pack of replacement packets for the Planet Waves Humidipak Humidity Control System, the first maintenance free, two-way humidity control system that preserves a constant 45%-50% relative humidity level within your instrument's case.3 replacement packs for the Planet Waves Humidipak systemAutomatic humidity control protects your instrument against warping, cracks and other damage cause by lack of humidificationNo more manual adjustments based on...
    $17.89 | SAVE 31%
  • Oasis OH-5 Plus+ Humidifier
    Item # GA797OH5
    | Mfg # OH5
    | UPC # 898775001038
    In extremely dry environments, like the desert Southwest and mountain or frigid North, where the relative humidity stays below 25%, guitars need increased humidity protection. The Oasis Plus+ humidifier is designed to produce 50% more daily humidity than the original blue Oasis to supply this additional humidification. Since the Oasis Plus+ is the same size as the regular blue Oasis, it will need to be refilled more frequently. A refill syringe i...
    $19.95 | SAVE 9%
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