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  • Ernie Ball Volume Pedal Junior 250k ohm
    Item # EFFVPJR
    | Mfg # P06180
    | UPC # 749699161806
    The Ernie Ball Volume Pedal is world renowned for its smooth, long-throw action. The new Volume Pedal Jr. features a more compact design than the standard Volume Pedal. This smaller design allows for more floor or pedal board space. The specially designed circuitry allows for a smooth response through the entire range of the pedal without changing any tonal characteristics of the sound. The potentiometer has a 250k ohm resistance suitable for the...
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  • Red Witch Lily Compact Rechargeable Boost Guitar Pedal
    Item # EFFLILY
    | Mfg # REDLILY
    | UPC # 9421901344078
    The pure sister – offering a gorgeous clean boost. Fair and just – she can deliver the gentlest of volume lifts or when crossed, unleash a colossal, amplifier melting wave of gain. Lily is simply the boost to end all boosts.Seven years in conception and finally realized in 2011, Lily’s siblings: the Seven Sisters, are a revolutionary new concept in the realm of guitar effects pedals. The world’s first rechargeable guitar p...
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  • Ernie Ball 250K Mono Volume Pedal - For Use w/ Passive Electronics
    Item # EFF6166
    | Mfg # P06166
    | UPC # 749699161660
    The potentiometer has a 250k ohm resistance suitable for the audio path of passive instruments. Behind the jack area under the footplate is a taper switch, which provides the user two distinct volume swell rates. Overall Volume Pedal dimensions: 4" W x 11" L x 2 3/4" H. The main pivot shaft is of centerless ground 1/2' diameter stainless steel, precision seated though nylon bushings at both ends. The large center shaft diameter, in addition the s...
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  • Moog - Minifooger MF Ring Pedal
    | Mfg # MFSRING01
    | UPC # 094922450067
    The MF Ring is an analog ring modulator that is based on the best selling Ring Mod in the world, the Mooger fooger MF-102.  Its unique tone voicing circuit adds a new musical dimension to ring modification, making it easy dial in everything from octaves and choral dissonance to harmonic undertones and synthesized lead lines. The expression pedal input provides hands-free control of the Freq control for sound sweeps, pitchshifting effects, an...
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  • DOD - 410 - Bifet Clean Boost Pedal
    Item # EFF410BIFET
    | Mfg # DOD41014
    | UPC # 691991202872
    Sparkly or darkly, the DOD Bifet Boost 410 (2014) has the tone and volume to boost your solos into orbit. New for the DOD Bifet Boost 410 (2014), is a selectable Buffer On/Off toggle switch. This switch affects the bypass state of the 410 Bifet Boost and gives it the flexibility to be used anywhere in your FX chain. Use it first in the chain with the buffer off so that the buffer won’t affect fuzz pedals, or put it last in the chain with th...
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  • The potentiometer has a 25k ohm resistance suitable for the audio path of active instruments or buffered effect returns. Use the A input / A output for the left channel and the B input / B output for the right channel. For use as a mono volume pedal, use the A input and A output. For use with stereo cable installations using TRS type stereo plugs use the B input and B output. Overall Volume Pedal dimensions: 4 W x 11" L x 2 3/4" H.
    $139.99 | SAVE 33%
  • Hotone Soul Press Volume/Expression/Wah-Wah Pedal
    | UPC #
    The Hotone Soul Press is a 3-in-1 pedal in a smart compact size. The unit features Wah, Volume, and Expression modes.WAH: Wah mode is for all the cry babies out there—we’re talking about the legit vocal sweep and lush harmonics of the wah's classic era.   VOL: If musicians the world over agree on one thing, it is their common hatred of the “volume sucking” quality of passive volume pedals. Soul Press’ Volum...
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  • Ernie Ball P06182 MVP Voulme Control Pedal
    Item # EFFMVP
    | Mfg # P06182
    | UPC # 749699161820
    Minimum volume control allows for the heel position to be set at zero up to 50% for any rhythm level. Gain control allows for the toe position to be set at 100% up to a boosted 20+ decibels of gain for powerful lead levels. Tuner output can be used at any volume, with any tuner, without any effect on audio signal. No high frequency loss at any volume. Works with active and passive audio signals. Can be placed anywhere in the signal chain. Improve...
    $119.00 | SAVE 33%
  • Hotone - Skyline - Lifup Clean Boost, Guitar Pedal
    | Mfg # TPSDB1
    | UPC # 888506010088
    The Hotone LIFTUP Clean Boost stomp box is the perfect way to raise your volume while maintaining the original sound of your guitar. Use the TONE control to shape your ideal clean boost, and try the WARM function button to further construct your own VOLUME UP solution. This pedal was designed with two principles in mind: "Keep the signal super clean"and "Lots of tone shaping capability." It can volume up the signal without any distortion: the se...
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  • Moog - Minifoogers MF Trem Pedal
    | Mfg # MFSTREM01
    | UPC # 094922450081
    TheMF Trem is an analog tremolo pedal based around a balanced modulatorand Sub Audio VCO. This unique design creates a wide range of tremoloeffects that are based on phase cancellation and addition. Createclassic optical and hard tremolo effects that are reactive to harmoniccontent, or push up the depth control and shift into the beginnings oflush phasing and chorus. The variable Shape control interacts directlywith Tone and Mix to craft subtle s...
    $179.00 | SAVE 5%
  • Boss FV-50L Volume Pedal
    Item # EFFFV50L
    | Mfg # FV50L
    | UPC # 761294037256
    The high-impedance FV-50H is designed to be connected before guitar effect units in the signal chain.The low-impedance FV-50L is a stereo volume pedal that can be used for a wide variety of purposes including keyboards.Features: High-impedance FV-50H designed for connection before guitar effects units Low-impedance FV-50L enables direct control of stereo keyboards and stereo effects units Minimum Volume knob lets users set minimum volume...
    $73.95 | SAVE 38%
  • Dunlop DVP3 Volume X Pedal for Guitar
    Item # EFFDVP3
    | Mfg # DVP3
    | UPC # 710137066199
    Create incredibly smooth volume swells or control your effect pedal parameters with the Dunlop DVP3 Volume X. Small and pedalboard-friendly, the DVP3 is solidly-built and ready for the road. It’s housed in an aluminum chassis with aggressive non-slip tread and comes equipped with our patent-pending Band Drive for a smooth range of motion without the fear of breakage or change in feel or range. For maximum comfort and precision, the DVP3&rsq...
    $119.99 | SAVE 30%
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