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  • Strymon - Mobius Modulation - Guitar Footswitch
    Item # EFFMOB
    | Mfg # MOB
    | UPC #
    Infinitely Organic.Some might say we're driven. When our engineers lock themselves in our sound design labs for months on end, you might say we're obsessed. We have been dedicating ourselves to forging a collection of the most organic, luscious, expressive, and versatile modulation effects ever heard. It was an enormous mission—we painstakingly studied the nuances of the legendary modulations of celebrated tremolo effects, phaser pedals, ch...
  • Passionately designed by the master engineers at BOSS in Japan, the Waza Craft BD-2W delivers a premium stomp experience that fans of customized pedal tone will love. Crafted with an ear for highly refined sound, the BD-2W takes the classic Blues Driver grit to a new level with all-discrete analog circuitry. Standard mode captures the classic BD-2 tone while Custom mode delivers new body and sustain.Features: Special edition Waza Craft pedal d...
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  • The Japanese word "waza" means art and technique, an appropriate name for BOSS's premium line of redesigned guitar effects pedals. You see, the pedal collectors here at Sweetwater have seen more than enough special-edition stompboxes that are only a paint job away from the originals, which is why we're so blown away by what BOSS has done with the Waza Craft series. Even in their Standard modes, Waza Craft pedals sound like idealized versions of t...
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  • Digitech - DOD 440 Envelope Filter Pedal
    Item # EFF440ENVELOPE
    | Mfg # DOD44017
    | UPC # 691991202889
    The DOD Envelope Filter 440 (2014) has Level and Range controls. Level controls the sensitivity of the envelope; adjust this control to tailor the triggering of the filter based upon your pick attack.  With a higher sensitivity, a lower signal will affect the envelope’s effect. In other words, with a higher sensitivity you don't have to pluck as hard to make the effect audible.  Range controls the range of movement of the envelope...
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  • Digitech - Element Guitar Multi Effects Processor
    Item # EFFELMT
    | Mfg # ELMT
    | UPC # 691991202810
    Your journey to create the perfect guitar tone starts with the new DigiTech Element guitar multi-effect pedal. The Element gives guitar players everything they need to explore guitar tones and discover their own sound. The Element has 31 different pedals, 12 amps, and 9 speaker cabinets to choose from, a guitar tuner, and dedicated headphone jack so you can play all night long without waking the neighbors. Every Element XP comes with a power supp...
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  • Dunlop - CM95 Clyde McCoy: Cry Baby Wah Wah - Guitar Footswitch
    Item # EFFCM95
    | Mfg # CM95
    | UPC # 710137041608
    The Clyde McCoy® by Cry Baby® Wah Wah is a tribute to the firstproduction wah wah ever made. This modernized classic captures thethroaty voice and expressive sweep of the original while offeringgigging players the consistency and convenience they need on the road. As heirs to the wah wah lineage and guardians of its legacy, Dunlop drewfrom decades of wah wah design and building experience to ensure thatthe CM95 faithfully represents ...
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  • Dunlop - DVP1XL Volume XL - Guitar Footswitch
    Item # EFFDVP1XL
    | Mfg # DVP1XL
    | UPC # 710137072299
    Create incredibly smooth volume swells or control your effect pedalparameters with the Dunlop DVP1XL Volume (XL). Solidly-built in analuminum chassis with aggressive non-slip tread, the DVP1XL is ready forthe road. Our patent-pending Band Drive allows for a smooth range ofmotion without the fear of breakage or change in feel or range, and formaximum comfort and precision, the DVP1XL’s rocker tension is fullyadjustable.When using the DVP1XL ...
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  • Dunlop - EP101 Echoplex Preamp - Guitar Footswitch
    Item # EFFEP101
    | Mfg # EP101
    | UPC # 710137069305
    When the Echoplex® EP-3 came out, guitar players were hooked by the wayits preamp sweetened up their sound. Soon, the EP-3 made its way ontothe records of top guitar players—from Jimmy Page to Eddie Van Halen andEric Johnson—as much for its tone conditioning ability as its tape echoeffect. Now, you can put the EP-3’s legendary secret sauce right onyour pedalboard. Dunlop’s EP101 Echoplex Preamp recreates the magic...
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  • Dunlop - MXR M264 Fet Driver - Guitar Foot Pedal
    Item # EFFM264
    | Mfg # M264
    | UPC # 710137068377
    Featuring a unique circuit design, the MXR FET Driver captures the rich,creamy sound of an overdriven tube amplifier by cascading an op-ampgain stage into a FET stage. The FET Driver thickens up lead tones withmusical, amp-like distortion and sustain without the fragility andinconsistency associated with tubes. The FET Driver features a simple but responsive set of controls. Setyour volume level with the Output control, and then use the Driv...
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  • Dunlop - MXR M68 Uni-Vibe Chorus/Vibrato - Guitar Foot Pedal
    Item # EFFM68
    | Mfg # M68
    | UPC # 710137072275
    The Uni-Vibe® Chorus/Vibrato is one of the most iconic effects in music history. Since the late ’60s, groundbreaking guitar players have used it to expand the tonal and textural palette of the electric guitar.  The MXR team has just remastered the classic effect for modern players. The MXR Chorus/Vibrato delivers the same chewy, Leslie-sounding goodness with a smaller footprint.  With its simple three-knob interface, you can d...
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  • Dunlop - MXR M81 Bass Preamp - Gutar Footswitch
    Item # EFFM81
    | Mfg # M81
    | UPC # 710137072770
    The MXR Bass Preamp combines a pristine bass preamp with astudio-quality Direct Out in a Phase 90-sized box, providing clear tonewithout hogging precious pedalboard space. Use it to add a new voice toan old passive bass, sweeten up any amp, or put some special sauce on aparticular song. Dial it in just the way you want it and send itstraight to the house—pre or post-EQ—with the built-in Direct Out. The Bass Preamp features separa...
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  • Fender 2-Button Footswitch: Channel / Reverb On/Off with 1/4" Jack
    Item # AM078
    | Mfg # 0994056000
    | UPC # 885978023523
    2-Button: Channel / Reverb On/Off with 1/4" Jack Works With: Deluxe 112, Stage 112, Blues Deluxe, Blues DeVille, Roc Pro 700, Performer 650, Champ® 25, The Twin
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