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  • Remo Kid's 8" x 22" Gathering Drum
    Item # EM513822
    | Mfg # KD582201
    | UPC # 757242136638
    The Remo Kid's Gathering Drum can be played with the hands, sticks, or mallets. Kids enjoy playing this big drum solo style but have the most fun when other kids (big kids too) join in the fun, inventing cool rhythm pattern all on there own.
    $113.98 | SAVE 42%
  • Remo Kid's 8"x14" Djembe
    Item # EM508
    | Mfg # KD060801
    | UPC # 757242135662
    The Remo Kid's Percussion Djembe is a winner of the prestigious Oppenheim Gold Seal Toy Awards for product quality. The history of the djembe originally from West Africa produces three distinct tones, deep bass tone when striking the center on the drumhead, mid tone played just of center, Rim shot played with fingers on edge of drumhead. Rhythm is the building block for all music making. Let's make music!
    $64.88 | SAVE 40%
  • Remo Kid's 6.5"x15" Konga
    Item # EM51501
    | Mfg # KD150601
    | UPC # 757242100479
    The Kids Konga is a winner of the prestigious Oppenheim Gold Seal Toy Awards for product quality. Through drumming, teamwork, coordination, discipline and self esteem is gained. Kids enjoy play this Konga standing up using the nylon shoulder strap included or just sitting and playing for pure fun.
    $55.50 | SAVE 34%
  • Remo Kid's 10"x22" Tubano
    Item # EM51401
    | Mfg # KD001001
    | UPC # 757242112281
    What better way to teach our youth the elements of life through music. Remo's Kids Tubano has for more then a decade been use as a teaching tool in schools throughout the United States. With a pre tuned drumhead pitched to sound like a conga drum it is you smartest choice for your music program. No worries of sharp metal tuning lug or balance. It cannot be knocked over very easily and won't damage the floor or your kids.
    $89.88 | SAVE 43%
  • Remo PM1832MP Crimplock Black Suede PowerMax 32" Marching Bass Drum Head
    Item # DH44432MP
    | Mfg # PM1832MP
    | UPC # 757242503324
    Remo Crimplock Black Suede PowerMax Marching Bass Drum Heads offer the ultimate in controlled articulation and sustain with a powerful, contemporary appearance.
    $68.78 | SAVE 54%
  • Remo Pro-Pack Pinstripe Marching 6,8,12,13 + FREE 10" Head Pack
    Item # DH4500120PS
    | Mfg # PP0120PS
    | UPC # 757242388068
    Chosen by the world's top drum corps and marching bands, Remo's Clear Pinstripe CrimpLock drumheads represent the latest advances in marching drumheads. Pack includes 6, 8, 12, 13 inch heads & Free 10 inch head.
    $63.88 | SAVE 53%
  • PowerMax Ultra Whites are Remo's newest marching bass head. Featuring a single ply of 10mm ultra white film with a 7.5mm underlay and a floating internal muffling ring. The PowerMax is the ultimate in Powerful bass with Maximum projection, tone and control. This is the perfect head right out of the box and onto the field. drumhead drumheads drum head heads
    $58.88 | SAVE 53%
  • Remo PM-1432-MP Ebony Powermax 32" Bass Drum Head
    Item # DH46032B
    | Mfg # PM1432MP
    | UPC # 757242502303
    Featuring a single-ply 10-mil Ebony® Mylar®film, the PowerMax has a free-floating internal muffling ring to focus attack, pitch and lower frequencies. With a 7.5-mil dampening underlay and a CS dot applied underneath for added strength, the PowerMax is the ultimate in Powerful bass with Maximum projection, tone and control. Discover what champion drum corps, indoor drumlines and top high school and college marching bands have in common: P...
    $68.78 | SAVE 54%
  • Along with knowing that a portion of your purchase price went towards a deserving cause, you'll get the quality and innovation you expect from Remo.  This Warriors in Pink graphic head is 22". A donation of $10will be made automatically to the Susan G. Komen Foundation when you purchase this graphic head.  The 22” Powerstroke® 3 bass resonant heads feature a 10-mil film and a 10-mil inlay ring for overtone control. Both Graphi...
    $89.98 | SAVE 16%
  • Remo 28" Ebony Pinstripe Bass Drum Head
    Item # DH01828B
    | Mfg # ES1628PS
    | UPC # 757242210628
    The Ebony® Pinstripe® heads are made with two (10- & 5-mil) Mylar® plies with a measured layer of a ring reducing agent applied between them at the outer edge of their trademark stripe to dampen high frequency overtones for warm resonance. Ebony® Pinstripe®'s quick decay makes them ideal heads for the "fat" sounds of Rock and R&B and for those who want more low end sounds with moderate attack and response cha...
    $61.68 | SAVE 47%
  • Remo ET-4514-81 14" x 4.5" Deep Shell Irish Bodhran
    Item # DRSET451481
    | Mfg # ET451481
    | UPC # 757242499788
    Remo's new deep shell Irish Bodhrans are available in 14" and 16" diameter and are designed with a 4.5" deep Acousticon® shell. Each drum is fashioned with an internal tuning system and a synthetic Bahia Bass drumhead. The Bahia Bass drumhead produces a soft attack and deep bass tones and is pliable to produce pitch bending notes. Remo's Irish Bodhran's include a hex tuning key and tipper drumstick. The Bodhran is the historic ...
    $145.00 | SAVE 43%
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  • Remo M71175F6 Tucked 11 3/4" FiberSkyn 3 Conga Head
    Item # DH3881175
    | Mfg # M71175F6
    | UPC # 757242442098
    A major breakthrough! The perfect blend of traditional tone quality and high tech durability. The Fiberskyn drumheads provide a superb, authentic drum sound when used on world percussion instruments. In fact, they are the world's most widely recorded synthetic world percussion heads.
    $59.28 | SAVE 47%
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