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  • Pearl PBC507 Primero Box Gypsy Brown Cajon w/ Tunable Snares
    Item # DRSPBC507
    | Mfg # PBC507
    | UPC # 633816379178
    The Pearl Primero Box Cajon is made from Asiatic Pine and finished in Gypsy Brown matte lacquer, the PBC507 has depth and presence for a versatile overall sound. This drum has multiple playing surfaces, allowing for a variety of sounds. The front plate is designed for maximum bass and super-sensitive snare response. 
    $139.00 | SAVE 43%
  • Pearl Primero Jingle Box Cajon - Gypsy Brown
    Item # DRSPBC507JC
    | Mfg # PBC507JC
    | UPC # 633816423109
    The Primero Jingle is a wood version of the Jingle Cajon and features built in Platinela and tambourine jingles that allow you to sound like an entire percussion section. The Primero Box Cajon in constructed from Asiatic Pine and finished in Gypsy Brown matte laquer.
    $169.00 | SAVE 49%
  • Pearl Percussion Boom Box Cajon
    Item # DRSPCJ633BB
    | Mfg # PCJ633BB
    | UPC # 633816433993
    Pearl's new Boom Box Cajon is creates never-before-heard low-end frequencies from a Fiberglass cajon! This cajon features the high-quality construction you expect from Pearl, with a fixed snare system and a built-in bass port for subsonic frequencies you have to hear to believe! Finished in a rich Artisan Red Mahogany, this is a perfect addition to any drummer or percussionists' rig.
    $179.00 | SAVE 46%
  • Pearl Sonic Boom Buzz Cajon
    Item # DRSPBC1914SBS
    | Mfg # PBC1914SBS
    | UPC # 633816515057
    Sister to the popular Sonic Boom Cajon, the Buzz adds fixed snares and a resonant Artisan Walnut front plate. This beautiful cajon really has the deep bass and punchy snare crack you need to emulate a drum set.  Birch body & Walnut front plate Add the amazing new Sonic Buzz Cajon to your percussion arsenal today!
    $289.00 | SAVE 48%
    *****4 of 5 (1 Reviews)
  • Pearl Brush Beat Boom Box Cajon
    Item # DRSPCJ633BT
    | Mfg # PCJ633BT
    | UPC # 633816495960
    This fiberglass constructed cajon features new textured playing surfaces which speak remarkably with brushes and other implements. The front and sides of the cajon feature large textured areas which fade to a smooth feel towards the top of the cajon. The Brush Beat Cajon is modeled after Pearl’s Boom Box Cajon, which features a fixed-snare system, as well as a built-in bass port that magnifies the cajon’s subsonic frequencies for a d...
    $199.00 | SAVE 50%
    *****3.5 of 5 (2 Reviews)
  • Pearl PCA14FC 13"-16" Folkloric Traditional Bamboo Cata Percussion
    Item # PB915PCA14FC
    | Mfg # PCA14FC
    | UPC # 633816320491
    Pearl now offers Folkloric percussion accessories to complete the traditional Afro-Cuban line-up. The Cata is a bamboo instrument played with sticks, and comes with a mount that can be housed on any 3/8" rod.
    $41.68 | SAVE 31%
  • Pearl Club Cajon - Sheer Black
    Item # DRSPBC512CC
    | Mfg # PBC512CC
    | UPC # 633816517518
    The Club Cajon features all wood construction with fixed snares and a rear facing bass port that deepens the lows. Made with an Asiatic Pine shell in sheer Black finish.
    $109.00 | SAVE 42%
  • Pearl PBC1914FT Sonic Boom Flame Thrower Cajon
    Item # DRSPBC1914FT
    | Mfg # PBC1914FT
    | UPC # 633816617041
    Made In The USA. Features a Flame Maple faceplate that adds a new voice to the Sonic Boom family. Two strategically placed base ports are located at the top on the back to increase snare projection. Fiery Red and Natural Finish.
    $279.00 | SAVE 44%
  • Pearl PBC1914M3 Mach 3 Cajon
    Item # DRSPBC1914M3
    | Mfg # PBC1914M3
    | UPC # 633816538414
    The Pearl PBC1914M3 Mach 3 Cajon is the newest addition to the Sonic Boom cajon family and features a 100% Birch body with three isolated playing zones that simulate snare, bass and tom sounds. Internal chambers isolate these playing zones and prevent any cross-talk. Each chamber has a designated port on the rear of the cajon with one additional port for increased bass. Like other cajons in the Sonic Boom family, the Mach 3 Cajon features a backw...
    $379.00 | SAVE 50%
  • Pearl PBC511ABC Afterburner Cajon
    Item # DRSPBC511ABC
    | Mfg # PBC511ABC
    | UPC # 633816538407
    The Pearl PBC511ABC Afterburner Cajon is proudly made in the U.S.A. and features dual rear-firing ports that resemble the exhaust on a classic hot rod - hence the "Afterburner" name! Just like a hot rod, this cajon delivers the same low end rumble. This Cajon has a fixed snare and is composed 100% out of Birch and the body has a premium grain natural finish.
    $209.00 | SAVE 49%
  • Pearl PBC53D 3D Cajon
    Item # DRSPBC53D
    | Mfg # PBC53D
    | UPC # 633816617010
    The 3D Cajon features 3D, CNC-cut graphics on the sides of the hardwood body. Internal snares are raised to create a larger bass strike zone. Inside the faceplate is coated with clear lacquer for a crispy snare response.
    $299.00 | SAVE 43%
  • Pearl PBCSBJ Sambajon Cajon
    Item # DRSPCJSBJ
    | Mfg # PCJSBJ
    | UPC # 633816617027
    This Fiberglass cajon has two playing surfaces: a traditional hardwood front faceplate and a padded, cloth covered side that produces a Brazilian Surdo / “808” style bass tone. Perfect for use with any cajon pedal.
    $279.00 | SAVE 44%
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