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  • Innovative Percussion IP1 General Concert Snare Drumsticks
    Item # SM228IP1
    | Mfg # IP1
    | UPC # 819148000649
    The IP-1 is designed for general concert snare drum use. This stick is constructed of heartwood resulting in a denser and slightly heavier stick weight. The IP-1 is designed slightly thicker and longer for increased control and balance. The elongated oval bead creates a darker sound, while the short taper increases the tip weight for better response at lower dynamic levels. The IP-1 is an excellent multipurpose concert snare drum stick.
    $8.28 | SAVE 49%
  • Innovative Percussion Bret Kuhn Indoor Hickory Marching Snare Drum Sticks
    Item # SM193ASBK
    | Mfg # ASBK
    | UPC # 819148003381
    The Bret Kuhn Arena Series Marching Snare Stick is a smaller version of the popular field series drumstick designed to the exact specification of Bret Kuhn, caption head and arranger for the world champion Cavalier Drum and Bugle Corps. The AS-BK is the newest drumstick in the Arena Series, designed specifically for the indoor marching percussion environment. Bret's stick is constructed of heartwood hickory and features a long taper and elonga...
    $9.58 | SAVE 47%
  • These mallets are designed to the specifications of leading marching percussion specialist Jim Casella. This series has been designed to meet the demands of both the indoor and outdoor marching percussion ensemble. This extensive line of specially designed indoor/outdoor mallets, offers the marching percussion ensemble the one most extensive variety of timbres available today. Jim Casella Series Marimba Mallets feature highly polished birch handl...
    $30.08 | SAVE 38%
  • Innovative Percussion is pleased to introduce the BB-2 Robert Breithaupt signature combo model. This stick features the same profile as the existing BB-1 model but is constructed in white hickory for increased durability in heavier playing situations. Both models feature a quick taper and a teardrop bead for full drum and cymbal sounds. Length: 16 1/8" Diameter: .570"
    $8.28 | SAVE 49%
  • Designed to the exacting specifications of Christopher Lamb, Principal Percussionist with the New York Philharmonic, this series has been created specifically for the orchestral snare drummer. The CL-1 is constructed of high quality maple and features a long taper for a great feel and quick response. The bullet shaped bead creates a full dark sound at pianissimo to mezzo forte volume levels. The CL-1L offers the same design as the CL-1, but it is...
    $9.58 | SAVE 47%
  • Innovative Percussion Combo Hickory Hybrid Drumsticks
    Item # SM344HB
    | Mfg # IPHB
    | UPC # 081914800573
    Introducing the newest addition to the growing line of combo series drumsticks, the IPHB "Hybrid" model. The IPHB is constructed of white hickory with a thickness sized in between a 5A and 5B. The "Hybrid" features a small round bead for clarity and articulation on drums and cymbals, and is perfect for fusion or electric jazz. Features: Small round bead Length: 16" Thickness: .580"
    $7.68 | SAVE 49%
  • Innovative Percussion IP-3AN Combo Series 3A Nylon Tip Drumsticks
    Item # SM3443AN
    | Mfg # IP3AN
    | UPC # 081914800672
    The IP-3A(N) is between a 5A and a 5B, and features a medium taper and acorn bead. This very versatile stick is appropriate in a wide variety of genres and playing situations, and is available with either an acorn style tip or nylon bead.
    $8.28 | SAVE 49%
  • Innovative Percussion IP5A Combo Series 5A Wood Tip Hickory Drumsticks
    Item # SM3445A
    | Mfg # IP5A
    | UPC # 819148004111
    Innovative Percussion is excited to announce the newest additions to their line of combo models with the introduction of 5A, 5B, and 2B models. These models feature a medium taper with an acorn tip and will provide the cornerstone for future combo models. Length: 16 1/8" Diameter: .565"
    $7.98 | SAVE 47%
  • Innovative Percussion IP5ALN Combo Series 5A Long Nylon Tip Drumsticks
    Item # SM3445ALN
    | Mfg # IP5ALN
    | UPC # 819148006740
    This is a longer version of our current 5A, and is available with either wood or nylon tips. Innovative Percussion Combo Series Drumsticks are designed to meet the needs of any drumset player from small jazz combo to rock and roll.
    $8.28 | SAVE 49%
  • Innovative Percussion IPCR Combo Series Cool Ride Wood Tip Drumsticks
    Item # SM344CR
    | Mfg # IPCR
    | UPC # 819148006771
    The IP-CR Cool Ride features a quick taper and a small round bead, giving a very defined cymbal sound. Great for an electric jazz or fusion setting.
    $7.68 | SAVE 49%
  • Innovative Percussion IPSR Combo Series Smooth Ride Wood Tip Drumsticks
    Item # SM344SR
    | Mfg # IPSR
    | UPC # 819148006788
    The IP-SR Smooth Ride features a quick taper and an extra small round tip, providing for extreme clarity on cymbals. Perfect for a light jazz setting.
    $7.68 | SAVE 49%
  • Innovative Percussion Tim Jackson Model #2 Multi-Tom Sticks
    Item # SM230TSTJ2
    | Mfg # TSTJ2
    | UPC # 819148006542
    The Field Series Multi-tom Mallets feature a unique design and unsurpassed balance, making them an essential tool for today's marching percussionist. They are available with heads of either hard synthetic, hard felt, or soft fleece covered felt. The TS-TJ2 tenor stick is the second model designed by Innovative Percussion artist Tim Jackson. This model features a diamond shaped nylon tip that is mounted on a true drumstick profile, giving ...
    $16.48 | SAVE 45%
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