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  • Fender Classic Celluloid 351 Shape Pickpacks - Medium, 12-Pack, White
    Item # GU554M
    | Mfg # 0980351880
    | UPC # 717669500207
    A handy re-seable clamshell of 12 picks.Fender Classic Celluloid picks are the standard in the guitar industry. These are the go-to picks for many guitar players. The hard pick offers an articulate feel and great sound, a great pick for lead work or for someone who desires maximum response. Fender Classic Celluloid picks are available in a variety of colors.
    $4.98 | SAVE 16%
  • Fender Jimi Hendrix Peace Sign T-Shirt - Extra-Large
    Item # MD032JHPCXL
    | Mfg # 9101348606
    | UPC # 885978523924
    With optimal comfort and a classic screen-printed graphic, this all-purpose tee is a great way to celebrate your Fender fandom and our favorite guitarist of all time. Features: Classic black short-sleeve design Full-sized screen-printed graphic Tagless collar for optimal comfort 100% cotton Machine wash cold, Dry on low heat
  • Fender Moto Guitar Picks 351 Shape 12-Pack (Heavy), Red
    Item # GA178909
    | Mfg # 0980351909
    | UPC # 717669134310
    Fender celluloid picks are the go-to picks for many guitar players. These 12-packs come in a variety of stunning colors.
    $4.99 | SAVE 16%
  • Fender Moto Guitar Picks 351 Shape 12-Pack (Medium), Black
    Item # GA178843
    | Mfg # 0980351843
    | UPC # 717669134242
    Fender celluloid picks are the go-to picks for many guitar players. These 12-packs come in a variety of stunning colors.
    $4.99 | SAVE 16%
  • Delrin, created by DuPont, is strong, resilient and extremely durable. These picks are die cut and tumbled for a smooth, rounded edge resistant to chipping. Matte finish improves grip, even after hours of playing.
    $4.99 | SAVE 16%
  • Fender Steel Guitar Picks - Pack of 4 - Heavy
    Item # GA868H
    | Mfg # 0982351900
    | UPC # 717669305390
    New Fender® Steel Picks are composed of a specially formulated stainless steel material that provides the flexibility of a traditional pick, but the exceptional brightness and clarity of a metal pick. The classic Fender 351 shape has polished edges for a smooth feel that will be gentle on your strings, while textured ridges on both sides allow for an excellent grip.
    $4.99 | SAVE 37%
  • Whether you know it or not, chances are you've tried these strings and liked them time after time. Nickel-plated Steel Super 250s are installed at the Fender factory on all U.S. and Mexico non-tremolo electric guitars as original equipment! If you want to keep your guitar factory fresh, look no further!Gauges 09-11-16-24-32-42.
    $4.90 | SAVE 55%
  • Fender 60XL Phosphor Bronze Extra Light Acoustic Guitar Strings Set
    Item # GS1671048
    | Mfg # 0730060402
    | UPC # 717669851507
    Gauge: .010"-.048" Fender phosphor bronze acoustic guitar strings provide rich, full, warm, acoustic tone with brilliant highs and ringing clarity. Fender phosphor bronze strings provide the player with an excellent balance of tone and long life that can only be found with the signature Fender formula. Fender phosphor bronze strings are everything a player could want in an acoustic string. Please note: We ship Fender® products ...
    $7.79 | SAVE 42%
  • Fender Amp and Guitar Car Window Decals
    Item # MD110DECALS
    | Mfg # 9100252000
    | UPC # 885978595730
    Harken back to the good old days of Fender guitars and amps with asticker in honor of our esteemed West Coast upbringing. With a brightyellow circle graphic and the time-honored red Fender logo that made usfamous, this simple and subtle sticker set is a great way to celebrateyour favorite brand with panache.
  • Fender Classic Celluloid, (355 Shape, 1/2 Gross) Shell, Thin
    Item # GU723T
    | Mfg # 0980355100
    | UPC # 717669494957
    Fender's® large triangle pick, the 355, provides three sides for picking and the largest body of any Fender pick. If you want a large pick to hold on to, this is the one for you. Celluloid is the premier pick material. Celluloid picks give the traditional feel, with a smooth striking surface and a warm, round musical tone.
    $33.10 | SAVE 8%
  • Fender Jimi Hendrix Kiss the Sky Mug
    Item # MD028JHKS
    | Mfg # 9100282000
    | UPC # 885978596027
    Commemorate one of the most revered Fender players in history with this nostalgic and spirited rock 'n' roll mug. Featuring one of the most celebrated Jimi Hendrix images, this ceramic mug combines the likeness of this celebrated musical legend alongside the historic insignia of Fender guitars.
  • Fender Moto Guitar Picks 351 Shape 12-Pack (Medium), Purple
    Item # GA178876
    | Mfg # 0980351876
    | UPC # 885978167715
    Fender celluloid picks are the go-to picks for many guitar players. These 12-packs come in a variety of stunning colors.
    $4.99 | SAVE 16%