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  • Fender 150XL Original 150 Electric Guitar Strings Set
    Item # GS165940
    | Mfg # 0730150402
    | UPC # 717669310004
    Gauge: .009"-.040" Nothing beats an original. Fender Original 150 strings are built to recapture the sound of pure nickel wound strings. Nothing brings out the beautiful warm tone of a guitar like pure nickel wound guitar strings. Just be prepared for the rich, full sound found only in Fender Original 150s. Please note: We ship Fender® products only within the US. We encourage you to use Fender's product registration program.
    $6.04 | SAVE 53%
  • Fender 351 Premium Celluloid Picks - 12 Pack - Medium - Green Moto
    Item # GA178871
    | Mfg # 0980351871
    | UPC # 885978167708
    You cannot go wrong with the classics. In this case, we are talking about the Fender 351 Premium Celluloid Guitar Pick. Classic shape, medium weight, Fender Premium Celluloid picks combine the traditional tone and feel of celluloid, with beautiful and unique colors. Celluloid is one of the best pick materials. Ever. It gives you traditional feel, a smooth striking surface and a warm tone.Classic sound with a wider body and a rounded tip.Fender Pr...
    $4.99 | SAVE 16%
  • Fender 70-12L 80/20 Bronze 12-String Light Acoustic Guitar Strings Set
    Item # GS186104812
    | Mfg # 0730070423
    | UPC # 717669851491
    Gauge: .010"-.048" 12-String Fender 80/20 bronze strings deliver bright tone and great feel. 80/20 bronze acoustic guitar strings are a perfect fit for darker sounding guitars, because they naturally deliver a crisp, brilliant tone. Made from 80% copper and 20% zinc, Fender 80/20 bronze acoustic guitar strings are certain to bring any dull sounding acoustic to life. Perfect for any player looking for a great long lasting string with cl...
    $7.25 | SAVE 39%
  • Fender 7250HM Super 7250 Heavy Medium Electric Bass Guitar Strings Set
    Item # GS18850105
    | Mfg # 0737250408
    | UPC # 717669852993
    Gauge: .050"-.105" Scale Length: 34" Fender Super 7250s are installed on every Fender Mexican and American made bass with a string-thru-bridge right from the factory. Nickel-plated steel is the most versatile combination for strings out today. The steel adds strength to the string allowing for a longer string life, and the nickel-plating provides great warmth and smooth tone to the string. This combination is great for any style o...
    $17.49 | SAVE 56%
  • Fender 8250M Medium Electric Bass Guitar Strings Set
    Item # GS17545110
    | Mfg # 0738250406
    | UPC # 717669852948
    Gauge: .045"-.110" Scale Length: 34" Fender 8250s electric bass guitar strings provide great intonation and balance. These unique bass strings from Fender are wound on a round core with a tapered winding on the E and B strings. These great strings are perfect for string-thru-body basses. The taper winding allows for great string longevity without sacrificing any of that amazing tone. Please note: We ship Fender® products o...
    $24.59 | SAVE 47%
  • Fender Classic Celluloid, (355 Shape, 1/2 Gross) Shell, Thin
    Item # GU723T
    | Mfg # 0980355100
    | UPC # 717669494957
    Fender's® large triangle pick, the 355, provides three sides for picking and the largest body of any Fender pick. If you want a large pick to hold on to, this is the one for you. Celluloid is the premier pick material. Celluloid picks give the traditional feel, with a smooth striking surface and a warm, round musical tone.
    $33.10 | SAVE 8%
  • Fender Custom Shop Performance Series Instrument Cable - 10 Foot - Tweed
    Item # CD0990820028
    | Mfg # 0990820028
    | UPC # 885978133543
    Fender Custom Shop cables are designed specifically for live performance—engineered to avoid twisting, kinking and any "physical memory." These meticulously constructed cables deliver the best sonic balance between your performance and your equipment. Custom-designed, ultra-quiet commercial-grade connectors Extra-thick braided jacket for ultimate durability Flexible construction to alleviate kinking 95% copper coverage shield fo...
  • Fender Jimi Hendrix Peace Sign Magnet
    Item # MD110MGHDXPC
    | Mfg # 9100277000
    | UPC # 885978596010
    Legendary Décor for Music FansCommemorate one of the most revered Fender players in history with this nostalgic and spirited rock 'n' roll magnet. Featuring one of the most celebrated Jimi Hendrix images, this circular magnet combines the likeness of this celebrated musical legend alongside the historic insignia of Fender guitars.
  • Fender Moto Guitar Picks 351 Shape 12-Pack (Heavy), Blue
    Item # GA178902
    | Mfg # 0980351902
    | UPC # 717669134280
    Fender celluloid picks are the go-to picks for many guitar players. These 12-packs come in a variety of stunning colors.
    $4.99 | SAVE 16%
  • Fender Moto Guitar Picks 351 Shape 12-Pack (Thin), White
    Item # GA178705
    | Mfg # 0980351705
    | UPC # 717669134136
    Fender celluloid picks are the go-to picks for many guitar players. These 12-packs come in a variety of stunning colors.
    $4.99 | SAVE 16%
  • Delrin, created by DuPont, is strong, resilient and extremely durable. These picks are die cut and tumbled for a smooth, rounded edge resistant to chipping. Matte finish improves grip, even after hours of playing.
    $4.99 | SAVE 16%
  • Fender Rumble 25 Bass Combo Amplifier - 1x10", 25-watt
    Item # AMP2370200000
    | Mfg # 2370200000
    | UPC # 885978287932
    Rumble Series combos have the tones and features demanded by pro players, yet are affordable enough for beginning bassists. The Rumble 25 combo has 25 watts of power and a Fender Special Design 10 in. speaker, the most popular sized speaker of professional bassists! The on-board Effects Loop (Preamp out/Power amp in) serves multiple functions. First, the Preamp out allows you to send your signal directly out into a recording device (no microphon...