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  • Alpine Plug-IT UF Foam Earplugs offer excellent noise protection (SNR 33 (European Standard estimated to be equivalent to a 30 NRR) & terrific comfort!Features: Special music filters offering outstanding sound quality Very comfortable Very compact and hardly visible in the ear The Classic model contains 2 filters and 1 pair of earplugs. Hygenic storage and travel box ensures that the earplugs are protected and always carried wi...
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  • Alpine MusicSafe Classic Natural Sound Ear Plugs for Musicians
    Item # SQ136MSC
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    MusicSafe Classic natural sound ear plugs from Alpine Hearing Protection offer the same great features as the MusicSafe Pro, except that the Classic version has two sets of interchangeable acoustic filters instead of three. The set of filters that is omitted in the Classic are the white filters, which offer the lowest attenuation. For professional singers and those using their MusicSafe ear plugs in environments where you need just a little atten...
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  • Alpine MusicSafe Professional Ear Plugs for Musicians
    Item # SQ136MSP
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    MusicSafe Pro natural sound ear plugs were created for professional musicians, but we have found these exceptional ear plugs are ideal for a wide variety of applications found in everyday life.MusicSafe Pro Natural Sound ear plugs from Alpine Hearing Protection are the top-selling specialty ear plugs all across the European Union. Now these world-class high-tech ear plugs are available through Ear Plug Superstore to our customers in the US and th...
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  • Alpine PartyPlug Music and Concert Ear Plugs
    Item # SQ136PP
    | Mfg # PARTYPLUG
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    PartyPlug Ear Plugs from Alpine Hearing Protection are natural sound musician's earplugs intended for the concert and events visitor. PartyPlugs are ideal for music listening wherever you do not have control over the volume: at Concerts, Clubs, Events, Dance Parties, even when riding with friends!Alpine PartyPlug Ear Plugs feature the unique thermo-reactive double-flanged Alpine earplug design for exceptional comfort and effectiveness. Each Party...
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