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PreSonus Studio One 2.0 Producer Software Site License for 20 Machines

Overview of Studio One 2.0 Producer

A complete multitrack audio-production environment with a single-window interface.

StudioOne is an integrated approach to recording music, from tracking tomixing to mastering and distribution. It’s a creative environment builtfor intuitive use, speed, and efficiency–and yet it’s robust enough forthe most complex productions.

Studio One employs astate-of-the-art audio engine that delivers incredibly clear, accuratesound. Studio One Professional features a 64-bit floating-point versionof this audio engine that automatically switches between 64- and 32-bitoperation on the fly to accommodate 32-bit plug-ins. This means youalways get the highest possible sound quality and blazing speed. StudioOne Artist and Studio One Producer feature the same audio engine but italways operates in 32-bit mode.

Studio One 2.0 Producer

StudioOne Producer has all of the robust features of Studio One Artist, andmore. This producers version of Studio One add the support of ReWire andAU/VST plug-ins which will add a huge enhancement options by allowingyou to integrate your favorite VST and ReWire instruments to yourproductions. This version also ads the ability to import and export MP3files, which will save you time converting tracks after bouncing them.This is the next step up in the Studio One software line, and it’s astep in the right direction.

Here are a few highlights from the hundreds of new features and enhancements in Studio One 2.0.

Integrated Melodyne Pitch Correction (trial)
Celemony’sMelodyne is the most sought-after pitch-correction solution in themarket, and it has been the model for proprietary solutions in severalDAWs. Studio One 2 seamlessly integrates Melodyne so tightly that, forpractical purposes, Melodyne is simply a part of Studio One.

UsingMelodyne in other DAWs can be very slow due to the long-winded transferfrom the track to Melodyne and the fact that Melodyne knows nothingabout edits in the arrangement after this transfer.

In contrast,Studio One 2 seamlessly integrates Melodyne so tightly that, forpractical purposes, Melodyne is simply a part of Studio One. With oneclick, your audio opens in the Editor with the familiar Melodyneinterface and capabilities. Hear your Melodyne edits in context with therest of the arrangement, and when finished editing, easily render theaudio in place—no track transfer or manual rendering! Furthermore, editsmade in the arrangement are seamlessly synced in Melodyne. Want to goback to where you were in Melodyne? No problem: It takes one click. Noother DAW can do this.

Studio One Professional includes a fullylicensed copy of Melodyne Essential. Studio One Artist and Producer comewith the Melodyne trial version. However, if you already own a copy ofMelodyne Essential, Assistant, or Editor version 1.3 (a free upgradefrom Celemony) or later, you can use it with Studio One Artist,Producer, or Professional and it will integrate perfectly, with all ofthe capability of your Melodyne version intact (including the DirectNote Access technology in Melodyne Editor).

Transient Detection, Editing, and Groove Extraction
Sure,you can do transient detection and editing in other DAWs—but it’s slow,and you often have to make a lot of decisions along the way. In StudioOne, you can quantize multitrack drums in two steps: group the tracks,then quantize.

Studio One does the analysis and phase-coherentquantization for you—with great-sounding results! Want to quantize audioto other existing audio? Drag-and-drop audio into the Groove panel,then quantize. Groove extraction is as simple as drag-and-drop; extract agroove from any audio and apply it to any other audio in seconds!

Multitrack Coping Done Right
Singleand multitrack comping are quick and easy in Studio One—and faster thanwith most DAWs! No tool-switching is needed, and crossfading betweentakes is automated, although you can edit the fades. Auditioning takesis as simple as holding Alt and clicking on a take—no more manuallysoloing entire lanes, as in other DAWs.

Stay Organized

Keepingeverything organized can be critical to an efficient workflow, which isa breeze with the new Folder Tracks and Track List. Collapse all ofyour drum tracks to a single drum-track folder, and then expand it whenyou need to see the individual drum tracks. Group and bus your FolderTracks with the click of a button—an exclusive Studio One feature. Thiscan save a lot of time when working with large track counts, and ithelps keep your work environment nice and clean, supporting a quickworkflow.

Track List
The Track List provides awell-organized overview of all existing Tracks in the arrangement,including Folder Track hierarchy, automation envelopes, and layers.Configurations of shown and hidden Tracks can be stored as Presets,making it possible to quickly focus on any desired Tracks in an instant.Additionally, the Track List can be synced to the Mix Banks panel sothat any Tracks hidden or shown in the Track List have their relatedAudio Channels hidden or shown in the Mix Console, and vice versa.

Find It Quickly!

StudioOne’s Browser offers quick access to instruments, effects, sounds,files, and more. In version 2, you can search within any location in theBrowser, making it even faster and easier to find the resources youwant.

Typing text into the search field will immediately beginthe search, and only results matching the search text will be displayed.Then the found content can be used directly. Choose Show in Context orShow in Explorer/Finder to quickly access other content that’s stored inthe same location. Now it’s easier than ever to find what you want anddrag-and-drop it where you want it quickly, while your creativity isstill flowing.

Edit Multiple Instrument Tracks Simultaneously
StudioOne’s editing features for musical-performance data have significantlyincreased in version 2. Now you can view and edit more than oneinstrument track at a time in the Music Editor, select multiple parts ondifferent color-coded Tracks in the Arrangement and edit them together.

A Great Plug-in Collection Just Got Better
StudioOne’s Native Effects plug-ins have drawn rave reviews from the media.But PreSonus is never satisfied. PreSonus’s popular Ampire guitar-ampmodeler is now Ampire XT and features new amp models, a newconvolution-based cabinet-modeling section with some of the most reveredcabinets ever, and a full-featured effects section.

Track Transform and Event-Based Effects
StudioOne now features an innovative Track Transform feature, as well asevent-based effects. Audio and instrument tracks feature the newTransform feature, which you can think of as a very flexible alternativeto “freezing.” An entire audio track can be rendered in place with oneclick, removing any inserted effects plug-ins and conserving CPU powerwhile still allowing normal editing. One click restores the originalaudio events and any inserted effects.

One click can alsotransform an instrument track into an audio track, and the audio canthen be edited normally. (Notes are displayed as a clear indication thatthe audio has been transformed from an instrument.) This conserves alot of CPU power with today’s advanced virtual instruments, and it opensmany creative possibilities that were too bothersome to attempt beforenow. And, as you might guess, one click brings the instrument trackright back.

Furthermore, every audio event in the arrangement hasits own insert device rack, where any number of effects can beinserted, just like the insert device rack found on all mixer channels.When the desired sound is achieved, these effects can be rendered with asingle click, removing the effects plug-in and conserving CPU power.And of course, one click can restore the effects for further editing atany time.

PreSonus Exchange
PreSonus Exchangeis a community hub for sharing user-created content. All registeredStudio One users have access and can upload to and download from theExchange. Instrument and effects presets, FX Chains, Soundsets, and muchmore are easily shared, with user ratings and comments showing the wayto the best content the community has to offer.

Best of all,there’s no need to leave Studio One to visit the Exchange. Open the FileBrowser, click on the Exchange server, and all of the content is atyour fingertips, with audio preview. When you find something great, justdrag-and-drop, and Exchange automatically downloads the resources andloads them into your Song.

Sound Set Builder

Allof the bundled content provided by PreSonus has come in the form ofSound Sets. Now, we are giving users a free tool to create their ownsound sets for distribution to all other registered users through theExchange via an extension called Sound Set Builder. This extension isnow available to all registered Studio One users for immediate downloadfrom the Exchange.

With Sound Set Builder, any folder in the filebrowser can be made into a Studio One Sound Set, complete with a name,description, icon, and URL. This is an excellent way to create and sharepackages of content, including audio loops, MIDI loops, presets, andmore. Sound Set Builder installs into Studio One quickly and easily bydrag-and-drop.

Studio One is compatible with any ASIO-, WindowsAudio-, or Core Audio-compliant audio interface, including, of course,the entire line of PreSonus interfaces.

  • Studio One 2.0 Producer
  • MP3 import and export
  • AU, VST2, VST3, and ReWire support
  • Elegant single-window work environment
  • Powerful drag-and-drop functionality
  • Unlimited audio tracks, MIDI tracks, virtual instruments, buses, and FX channels
  • Content Browser with search, user tabs and Preview Player
  • Automatic delay compensation
  • Advanced automation
  • Audio processing 32-bit
  • Easy-to-use sidechain routing
  • Stunning virtual instruments
  • User-friendly sampler
  • Most intuitive MIDI-mapping system available
  • Real-time audio timestretching and resampling
  • Compatible with any ASIO-, Windows Audio-, or Core Audio-compliant audio interface
  • Works with key commands from Pro Tools, Cubase, and Logic—or create your own key commands
  • Integrated Melodyne pitch correction (trial)
  • Single and multitrack comping
  • Folder tracks with grouping and busing
  • Track List with presets and mixing Console link
  • Transient detection and editing
  • Drag-and-drop groove extraction
  • Multitrack MIDI editing
  • Track Transform (advanced freezing capability)
  • Event-based Effects
  • Studio One 2.0 Producer Native Effects Plug-Ins
  • Ampire XT Amplifier-Modeling
  • Analog Delay Tape-Delay Emulation
  • Auto Filter Envelope Filter
  • Beat Delay Tempo-Synchronized Delay
  • Binaural Pan Stereo Panning Effect
  • Channel Strip Dynamics Processing and Equalizer
  • Chorus Mono/Stereo Chorus
  • Compressor Mono/Stereo Variable Compressor
  • Expander Mono/Stereo Expander
  • Flanger Mono/Stereo Flanger
  • Gate Noise Gate with MIDI Trigger
  • Level Meter Sizable Peak/RMS Meter
  • Limiter Mono/Stereo Limiter
  • Mixtool Phase and MS Utility
  • MixVerb Mono/Stereo Reverb
  • Phase Meter Phase-Correlation Analysis
  • Pro EQ 7-band Parametric EQ
  • Red Light Dist Distortion Processor
  • Room Reverb Mono/Stereo Room Reverb
  • Scope Full-featured Oscilloscope with Sidechain Input
  • Spectrum Meter Frequency Analyzer
  • Tricomp 3-band Compressor
  • Tuner Chromatic Instrument Tuner
  • X-Trem Mono/Stereo Tremolo
  • Total number of 26 native effects Plug-Ins
  • Dual Pan Independent Stereo Panner
  • OpenAIR Convolution Reverb

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